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  1. I don't disagree with the fact that the change was justified (although the reasoning was mostly due to the power level of another model), the changes that they made though was terrible. Especially since there were plenty of Obey-like actions in the game at that time, that wasn't broken (I.e: Only one attack per Obey etc.)
  2. Ever since Colette got her Promt nerfed in M2E, she has continuously gotten worse and worse IMO. For me it truly feels discouraging to merely give the opponent negative conditions, while they're slowly remove all your models.
  3. It might also be worth noting that the Duet have a Tactical Action Cassandra will likely borrow. The rest of the Tactical Actions within the Performer theme seems rather meh. - Colette doesn't even have one anymore (so much for theme, but I guess redesigning was more important)
  4. For whatever reason you keep arguing against disclosing a certain date. Never mind though. Clearly people prefer the uncertainty - I guess you have a very active meta. If I can, I'll delete this post in some hours. Edit: Can't - a moderator has to
  5. I fully understand, but currently there isn't any information about when the Open Beta is over, is there? It's not that I'm complaining about the process itself, I imagine there are loads of things that needs attention, and plenty I don't know anything about. I am, more than anything else, asking that some information is given - a bit of the secrecy removed.
  6. Hello Wyrdos, The playtesting of the new version is in full swing. The discussions I've taken part in, have been sobering and informative. With that being said, I would like to make a plea that some additional information about M3E and its release got unveiled. Currently changes are implemented each week. which hopefully makes each faction and the overall rulebook even more crisp and balanced at launch. - Is it possible to get some information about when the launch is planned for? I realize it's impossible to give a specific date, but simply knowing which quarter of the year (it is planned for) would be great. Currently there are rumors stating it's planned for GenCon - which is 7 months out. Can this really be true? Are the models potentially undergoing 28 changes before they are done? I know that 28 changes are an exaggeration, and that each model probably wont undergo that many changes - nevertheless it can be somewhat hard to motivate oneself to play the game, when you have it in your back-mind that half of your selected models might be a lot different in the coming week. Obviously, I can't speak for everyone - and I may be the only Malifaux player who thinks like this - which is also partly the reason why I made this post. Am I the only one who finds it somewhat frustrating not knowing if the launch is a week or a year into the future? This is intended as constructive critique not a call to arms
  7. I am aware. I just don't get why the Electrical Creation has to go? The Puke Worm was redesigned so it suddenly became a totem of an yet to be released master. I get that Ramos is gone, and so is his totem - Removing the Electrical Creation (especially after Arcanist got Hoffman) doesn't really seem to make much sense to me. (I.e why bother making rules for unreleased models and throw aside old ones?) - But yea, I think my point got across, and I don't want to sound more sour than necessary. Yea, after looking at 'em again, I think the pricing seems okay. I just can't understand why the leap is valued so much higher than, say armor 2. But that's just me.
  8. I'm honestly really sad to see the changes that's come to Colette. The interact queen of Malifaux seems a little meh when it comes to interacting. I realize that Don't Mind Me seemingly is more potent in M3e, but I don't get why she couldn't have something similar to Sandeep, where she enable friendly performers to take an interact action as a bonus action (like he grants concentration bonus actions). A way to make sure this effect doesn't get too powerful could be that when using her 'Fade Away' she also had to discard a scheme marker within 5" (or something like that). The gamins - I take it, it's intentional that there is such a difference in the gamins? Not sure if I agree on the pricing though (Wind Gamin for 6, Poison/Metal Gamin for 5, Fire/Ice Gamin for 4). Do people think the Metal Gamin is better than the ones for 4SS or even on par with the Poison? It seems to me that some of the prices for these models could be adjusted slightly. With that being said - I'd like to hear others and their opinion - I would just prefer seeing 5 different good options, rather than having one gamin be the only one in Sandeeps arsenal. Not that I'm that familiar with Mei Feng and her playstyle, but it seems to me that thematically the Medical Automatons also ought to have the Foundry keyword. Also - although it might be too late to point out, but why is it that the Electrical Creation can't exist anymore? I realize what happened with Ramos and all that, but his totem was the spider after all? I imagine fluff-wise that Hoffman ought to do some alterations that doesn't render the model completely useless.
  9. Im not stating that i wont buy any models, i like the game and also the fact that they do an errata. Im saying that my initiative to cheat fate and buy the le models in the future is weak. I do not understand why they wont update the cards, in my mind its just a matter of adding one line to a pdf. But i could be (and most likely is) wrong. All official cards seems to get an update, which in my mind make them more likely to get. Thats just a pity, but in no way a dealbreaker.
  10. So - no plans to update the le model cards? I just find that unfortunate as i see no point in buying le models in the future, as they may get changed through future errata, Sad.
  11. Ill try again; Any news on LE models? Do they get an updated card?
  12. By the way - couldnt see anyone commenting on this. But will the updated cards also come to the LE models? Like Colette will there also be a dr. Cooper card?
  13. Hmm. The new miner rules seems great although i dont quite understand them. If the miner uses false claim twice, and none of them are removed - do you then discard two or one of the four? And for instance if Colette prompt one miner, and at the end of the turn five is active - how many do you discard then?
  14. Sorry mate, but it's more than 3 years they released 2ndE. I doubt you can find a lot of miniature game that still runs on that old rules / rulebook- that's still in dev. With that being said, you can either borrow a book and scan it or purchase the wave boxes. - If it all comes down to you checking whether or not you still like it, why not just play with the rules written on a piece of paper. Printing out cards etc just for one game seems like a hazzle. (Sorry if it came out harsh, really not meant to - it's just if you applied this logic to anything else.....)
  15. Hi guys, I'm assuming that a lot of us have occasionally set on a battle report on YouTube whilst painting. Personally I consume those quite fast, so I was just wondering if any of you knew any other channels I ought to know about? I was thinking this thread also could be used as a service for those who might not be familiar with the respective channels. Personally I like (and know of) these channels. - Rough Rider Wargaming - Mostly Malifaux, with battle reports and tactica. Long videos. - Wargaming for Fun - Were active for a while, been silent for some time though. Long videos. - Mo11usq - Battle reports and tactica. Short videos. - Encounter Wargaming - Recently started. Have one report, some painting building tutorials. Long video - Guerilla Wargaming - Occasionally a report on fridays, although it's been quite a while since the last. Long videos. - Btbplays - Haven't been active for two months, but have a lot of battle reports. Long and short videos. If you happen to know anyone I've neclected, please let me know and I will add them asap! /Slarti
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