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  1. Sorry for the late notice but I'm pulling out of the event - mixture of work needing to be done for Monday and not had time to prepare for the event- think my m3e cards are about a month out of date! Good luck with the event.
  2. In the multiple games I played vs. Brewmaster I found that 2 instances of condition removal was not enough because it was far too easy for the crew to reapply it once the condition removal had activated. AoE condition removal is near essential. I have not had a chance to play vs. the aura8 poison3+ iteration though.
  3. I do sometimes have the habit of speaking in exaggerations, but I stand by the point: Ironsides' crew works, but there a couple of things on her card which are too good. I think it's mostly good to go because it does what it does very well. It's by no means an autopick crew due to its mobility for schemes, but there are definitely pools where you would hire it and do very well in. Aside from the M&SU models you can hire a couple of non-M&SU scheme runners and the crew will compete in many settings. Isn't this the point of M3E, select hiring where no one crew does everything? When I say the crew doesnt scheme run well I mean it isn't mobile enough to do them all - there are still a couple it excels at. The keyword doesn't necessarily need better mobile scheme runners than we currently have when there are decent others available for cheap out of keyword. The Union miner will do a job for many enemy related scheme marker jobbies too. The crew is ok. A couple of minor tweaks to Ironsides and we are there, in my opinion.
  4. There is some real merit in this. Aside from being the trundling ball of death, the crew doesn't do anything else. It can't spread out quickly to scheme run or score the strategy. The only reason I scored points vs Jamie was because I hired Colette as a second master. Its difficult to know what to do with M&SU. I do think something has to change with Ironsides, particularly with the resist trigger and Pumped Up, but otherwise I think the crew is in an ok place in M3E terms. Perhaps more testing is needed to prove otherwise because at the moment its mostly theory.
  5. Well we need to get our arses out of the pub and into the testing lab more often 😂
  6. We probably need a new M&SU thread to discuss the crew power if we think it's an issue. Ive found the crew does very little offensively. It is tanky as hell and extremely difficult to shift, but doesnt hasnt done much else offensively or scheme wise for me in my games.
  7. If you dont feel the Arcanist forum are playtesting to your standards, please feel free to test this crew yourself.
  8. Ok I think I may have given some people the wrong end of the stick. The issue is that her resist trigger is so good that people are not attacking her in close at all. It needs to be toned down to encourage more close attacks against her because at the moment, past the opponent's first couple of games vs her, it feels like dead mechanic.
  9. I'd rather he stayed at 5+ as cards are at a premium in the crew. Without the positive, even at stat 6, I don't think I'd hire him.
  10. @Flippin' Wyrd Jamie and I played this weekend and I used Ironsides vs his Kirai. I've had a few games with her so far but only this weekend did I really see the full effect she has when the opponent presses the right buttons. Below are the thoughts I submitted to the playtest report: I really think this trigger is too good. In all my other games my opponents have read the trigger and just blown a raspberry at the thought of hitting her with close. They aren't going to take the risk - and I agree with them. Why would you ever hit her? As the Arcanist player, I want my opponent to hit Ironsides with close as regularly as possible, but a savvy opponent will simply ignore her with their close attacks. I suppose we can use Bring It! but I'd like to see the effects of the resist trigger lowered to encourage more close attacks against Ironsides. I don't think the existence of Bring It! on her card is enough to justify the current ridiculous trigger. What do you guys think? Have your opponents been hitting her in close? Edit: Before we mention stunned, we had both considered it - but stunned does not deal with the issue that when the trigger is available, its not used unless she is hit.
  11. Vent Steam as a free action would be too powerful - in a construct heavy crew there would be no reason not to use it every turn. I wouldnt ever use Freight Train if vent was free. The player should still have to weigh up the choice of whether to use it or not. Golem already has it on a trigger, right? And the porkchop already has 2 free actions. I don't think vent steam as a free action is the way forward.
  12. I agree somewhat... every time I've declared foundry my opponent has taken ignore armour and dropped him with ease (which would always be the case), despite my best efforts to keep him safe. Ml 5+ with 3/4/6 is very good but I also agree that the inability to get additional actions through abilities and triggers like many other 10 SS beaters does leave something to be desired. He's in an ok place for sure, but just not reliable enough as a 10SS beater. I don't think flurry would work in a crew that is already stretched for cards through multiple discards and no draw. Perhaps a new free action proposed below to compete with the shielding?
  13. Howard is great. I dont know what everyone is so upset about. Played with finesse he has 10 wounds, terrifying, positive to defence flips and armor +1, with easy access to healing across the faction. He shouldn't be dying easy if you look after him and don't over extend. He has a 3/4/5 damage spread with access to 3 attacks. Trail of Gore is great, think about where your opponents scheme markers will be and position accordingly, or if your opponent isn't going to use them: don't him him! There are plenty of other M&SU or versatile models to hire in his place. He is fine as he is. He is no longer auto include out of keyword which is great design, because let's be honest opponents were sick of the sight of him, and I was sick of including him in every list becsuse it was a no brainer.
  14. Isnt that true of all your masters, Paul? 😛
  15. Personally I feel once per activation should mean exactly that, and multiple models with the same named "once per activation" ability should not be able to use it during the same activation. Its confusing snd contradictory in use of the English langauage. But that is a core rule issue rather than Lucius himself. I'll leave him to the other two who are much more clued up on him than me.
  16. He definitely used him, his Lucius list is what knocked me out of UK Masters haha
  17. 3 cards and 3 out of activation actions. Reliably you should draw 2 without cheating, and we needn't discuss the obvious usefulness of out of activation actions. Sounds pretty good to me. @Ferdat and @Flippin' Wyrd Jamie have spent a lot of time playtesting through closed and open beta, playing masters multiple times before providing feedback: highlighting areas they feel need work and praising otherwise. This is no flippant reaction.
  18. Scenario is Lucius uses Issue Command on three separate models with: The three models draw a card each. Is this intended? That multiple models with exactly the same "once per activation" ability can all make use of that ability during one models activation? It's all a bit much to get your head around, but to me the intention of an ability that is precursed with "Once per activation" should only be usable once per activation, across the crew. This is not the case with the current rules. If that is indeed intent I suggest a line that implies "once per activation" abilities should only come into effect once per activation across the whole crew. This is much clearer from a language point of view and does exactly what the line of text "once per activation" implies.
  19. Do we think this is what Wyrd intends? Having looked through the rulebook I agree with your conclusion since the ability is on three separate models, but I don't imagine this is intended and is just an unlucky interaction of the "once per" rules with multiple models with the same ability: Also, is there a scenario where a model CAN take more than one action outside it's activation, during another models activation, given obey can only target the same model once? I'll pop this in the grammar thread too.
  20. I haven't played against it so cant speak too much, but this looks insanely good on paper. Is there any reason you dont hire this on a beat-stick master? Or any master, to be honest. Interested to hear more experiences of it on the tabletop
  21. Hired her every game with Colette and she has always scored me points. She is a very efficient scheme runner.
  22. So we've seen a change to the aura (now 8" and +3 poison) What do we think? +3 poison seems fair as it will be not be auto slow on any attack with poison +2. Looking forward to see how it translates on the table.
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