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  1. So we've seen a change to the aura (now 8" and +3 poison) What do we think? +3 poison seems fair as it will be not be auto slow on any attack with poison +2. Looking forward to see how it translates on the table.
  2. Would still end after the activation, though I take the point that it is more admin.
  3. I am well on board with these changes, well done guys. Just a thought: could stunned stack and lower each time an action is taken, like distracted? Maybe there isn't enough stunned application for this to be viable though.
  4. It's not that simple. Actions are traded, but my 1 action for your 1 actions mean very different things when you have to take into account positioning and subsequent activations.
  5. Stick with it. Yes games are lower scoring and tighter, but much more rewarding. I had the same reservations in my first 5-10 games but now am really enjoying the challenge of trying to carve that momentary hole in my opponents defences I need to score those points.
  6. I must admit, as someone who watched this game on the table next to me Brewmaster was entirely shut out the game with Von Schtook's stunned. But that seems like an issue with how the stunned condition interacts with Brewmaster rather than Intoxication.
  7. Perhaps I over exaggerated in that statement haha. But I would not hire anything non-construct other than counterpicks. But even these would be picked sparingly.
  8. Well, as I said before, I have never hired any non-construct other than Willie because I see no reason to add that layer of awkwardness for yourself in a vent steam crew. And I don't think I ever would.
  9. Ha! Sparks heals 2 right? So: Sparks enters vent steam, takes 1 damage, then takes an action to heal a friendly model 2, taking 1 further damage. That's abysmally bad.
  10. At this point I feel like we are going in circles and over complicating something which is quite simple. I have made my point: after you consider the sheer amount of poison Brewmaster applies, even after condition removal, an 6" aura on Intoxication is too crippling. 3" is much more appropriate. I'm not suggesting a huge overhaul of his card and mechanics, just a small, simple, change that makes the game more accessible and enjoyable for the opponent.
  11. True, that is problem, but to be honest I don't think I'd ever be using the scrap for a simple stat +1 as the scrap is far more useful for other models in the crew, especially after you take into account how much your opponent is likely to tailor to include scrap removal and make it a much more sparse resource (something we are not seeing so much of at the moment as every is learning their own stuff before focusing on opponent counters). Willie is ok as non-construct, as the ranged element means he can run relatively independently, position wise, to the rest of the crew. Can't speak for Sparks but imagine its not so bad as he hangs back a fair bit as support. Neil Henry really suffers from it though. I have yet to hire any non-construct other than Willie because Vent Steam is too table controlling for your own models to be anything other than construct. I don't want to have to worry about it.
  12. No, but I'd love Neil to be a construct as that's the only reason I wouldn't hire him at the moment. I don't see the need to increase his stat. But I appreciate the problem on wanting to change the way the action works on the Rail Workers but not on Neil.
  13. In the games I've used the Rail Worker it has been underwhelming, and I have always wished I had a metal gamin instead. Agreed they are more of a beater than the gamin, but haven't been reliable when I have hired them. If the crew had more burning I'd definitely hire them for the stunned free action. I'd love to see the Rail Worker raise to 6 stones, gain a wound and change Rail Driver to: I think that would be enough to make me hire them.
  14. Would be sad to see metal gamin change, I think he's great as he is. Rail Workers and Survivors are ones to look at.
  15. Also, as seen in my game, three potential condition removals per turn was not enough. But we are getting away from the point of the thread: not that Brewmaster gives out too much poison (he should), but that the Intoxication synergy is oppressive.
  16. I think this is where the differences occur. My opponent was ensuring that my models stayed poisoned at all points during the game, rather than going for raw damage, giving huge control making my crew slow. I urge you to try this, its extremely oppressive played well.
  17. I am surprised by this. Did the Brewie player not lure your poisoned models into his aura? Did they not move Brewie into position to apply the slow? Its very easily done. The problem I had with Mei's crew is, whilst I could escape, I was using my only available AP to get away (which then could have been lured back by Brewmaster). I considered counter play heavily in my hiring pool. I deliberately hired the Arcane Effigy and Forgeling which have condition removal, Envy and Willie which have ranged damage and the rest of my crew had access to ride the rails or armour +2 which greatly reduces the effect of poison damage. I used condition removal every turn and, despite this, my opponent was still able to put extreme poison pressure on by constantly reapplying the condition through Brewmaster, splash triggers and other models in the crew. By turn 3 Brewmaster was in the middle of the board and had splashed poison, one way or another, onto the majority of my models, meaning that most of my models were slow. They had the choice between escaping by ride the rails (to a location Brewmaster could have followed up to), or standing there and trying to make good use of their 1 AP vs. a now df7 wp7 master. The 13" diameter bubble of slow was very oppressive, I don't know how you can defend this as anything otherwise. Something has got to give. I am not saying there needs to be sweeping changes or anything drastic, but a slight reduction on Intoxication gives a little more breathing space from the chokehold Brewmaster currently can have on the board. Perhaps my game showed an extreme example of what's possible, but I hired and used counterplay and it had real minimal effect.
  18. Found it. All clued up now, I agree it would be 2 dmg.
  19. Where is this clarified? I read: Forgive me but I'm sure you are more familiar with the rules set than I am and where to find these things. Where in the rulebook does it say the attack is a brand new action separate from the charge, and should be treated as such? To me, I read the moving and the taking of the attack as within the charge action, therefore only 1 dmg. Have Wyrd clarified their intent for this?
  20. Low TN Terrifying could be a thing. He only takes a couple of hits to drop once you're through it.
  21. Had loads of fun with Willie today, though my opponent took Take Prisoner on him so he had free reign. The Shockwave is amazing if you can get it within 3 or more enemy models. Would however like to see a way to apply more direct damage. The actions did feel a bit meh but I think this was because he wasn't getting in the thick of it, so couldn't make the most of Set Charge. Will probably see some playtime vs low mv crews and masters with resist triggers. Looks extremely fragile though with 7 wounds, df 5, no armour and no HTW/HTK. I'm concerned Willie needs more protection.
  22. Engaging at range seemed like the obvious counter, but when your opponent is savvy enough to get around ranged models by luring them in whilst giving them poison (even through concealment), there isnt much more you can do. I tried blocking the aura with large models as well ( I hired 4 50mms) but its too easy for brewmaster to move around it.
  23. Hi all. I've just had a game against @Mayt's Brewmaster with my Mei Feng, which was for the most part balanced, but I found the interaction of poison and Intoxication to be a real oppressive experience. I'd be curious hearing any other peoples opinion who have played vs. Brewmaster. This is not my first game vs. him, and I've watched a couple of others, but in every game Intoxication has had a real negative effect on the opponent. Here's the ability. We know Brewmaster's crew gives out poison relatively easy to enemy models, as it should. But in the game I just played, even by taking two instances of condition removal in my crew, I just got overwhelmed by the sheer amount of poison the crew gave out, and consequently slow, due to Intoxication. My models were unable to affect the game from about T3 onwards as any poison removed with condition removal was easily reapplied, and as we know only having one action is severely crippling to any model, let alone the majority of a crew. As there is no other way to remove poison I was left pretty helpless. Has anyone else had a similar experience? 6 is huge on the table, particularly on a model that is psuedo defence 7 with a low TN heal -- very hard to shift off the table. My opponent and I both agreed that had he been more familiar with 3rd as a ruleset, it would have been an absolute trouncing. Don't get me wrong, I'm delighted to see Brewmaster on the table and getting used much more reguarly than 2nd ed, and I think he is in a really good place theme and gameplay wise, but I am concerned that Intoxication is a little too good with the sheer amount of posion the crew gives out. This is the only thing I'd consider looking at. Perhaps the numbers on Intoxication could be tweaked: 3? What do you think Gremlin players, and those who have played vs. Brewmaster? Naturally I am expecting some opposition from Gremlin players 😂 but am curious to hear what the community thinks.
  24. Just played with Mei Feng and had a couple of questions about hazardous. I think most of it has been resolved after reading the forums but I just want clarification for peace of mind. How does charging interact with hazardous terrain? I assume, as the action of charge is to move and take an attack, you will only ever suffer one damage from hazardous: Charge is the action, so 1 dmg, correct? Does the same apply to triggers such as onslaught, as the onslaught trigger is still part of the first action? Or am I have M2E hangover and it should trigger again? This implies its a new action, so an onslaught trigger would suffer an additional point of hazardous terrain, correct? Also, we were wondering whether a moving aura will trigger hazardous terrain for all models in the aura? We thought not but wanted to check because, whilst not a marker, the other models could be argued as being in "base contact" with the aura. Maybe a sentence clarifying how hazardous auras interact when moving may prevent some inevitable arguments.
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