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  1. Another question for future listbuilding: Is it practical to hire no belles in the list itself because Seamus can summon them in-game anyway?
  2. Yep, I'm definitely planning to commit to (re)learning some good ole fundamentals. That's why I'm looking more into some scheme runners I can seemingly fit into any Resser list in the near future, for the first models I'm adding to the collection. Good call on that Molly box, even if I don't plan to play the master (trying to avoid summoners 'coz of all the extra models needed) I've someone I can split the box with. Yin and the Emissary...not the first time they've been recommended, hmm. The Tara list's more a side project than anything, heh. I like me some big fat threats on the board and she's just a future project for a change of pace from Seamus' gameplay. Can't thank everyone enough for the advice!
  3. Yep, I learned pretty early on that between Seamus, Madame and the Copycat I've all the stopping power I need...now multiplied with Corpse Bloat and dogs for easy Back Alley getaways. My priority buys are Crooligans and Necropunks so I've got a good scheme-running utility belt, before I start considering how to further specialize the list.
  4. Alright, playing around with this some more... Killjoy as the lone bomb with the Madame and some objective-grabbing Belles + Crooligans (or dogs?). Taking advantage of Dead of Winter to field a buncha dudes...though at this point why not just field her as Outcast? Wacky version: Both Killjoy and Nothing Beast, with Unnverving Aura to take advantage of that Melee Range 3. Yeah I think I should listen to that podcast.
  5. Interesting. So this leaves Killjoy as the sole bomb for Tara to fling at high-value targets while the rest of her crew runs around and mops up objectives?
  6. Get Tara in their face ASAP and wreck things by unburying huge threats. Probably a more efficient (or logical) way to play this kinda list though.
  7. That...helps a ton, whoa. I was just thinking about "what to buy next" but here's some detailed scenario and piloting tips. Thanks a ton! Rules question: Are the "NPC" markers (i.e. the trickster, kid, etc.) affected by the Belles' Lure and similar movement shenanigans?
  8. I've been going over the Pull My Finger pages and I'm really interested in trying out the "Beastie Bomb" list described in the Tactics section. Just looking for some suggestions on specifically which models to get to it, a.k.a. what the full list's gonna look like. So far I've got just a rough idea on how this is gonna go down. Help?
  9. So I went away from the game for a year or so (playing starter-only 35ss games at the time) and now I'm back for Divergent Paths, with a few new models added to my collection. Here's the Seamus list I'm currently running. I've been told I should up the damage potential (The Hanged?) though for some reason I feel like getting better objective-grabbers i.e. Necropunks or Crooligans, maybe a Dead Doxy to compliment a Belle. My current collection's literally just the Redchapel box, Bete Noire and two dogs but I may or may not be able to acquire more before the event ends. Suggestions?
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