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  1. Fine, I will admit the summoning nerfs are too far, if you admit restricting Kent summons is something that will also won't be considered. The company will not allow such a popular new piece to be detracted in such a way that it could reduce sales.
  2. I don't understand why you can't concede the value of the experiment since it is what the community is talking about. Or are you only interested in making mean comments? (DERPDERPDERP for example?!}
  3. Now you are making a faulty premise. All the models I had to tie up were actually in the mid-field, and all had heavy ranged attacks. I never got into the opposing back field. By disregarding the nerfs you are not adding anything to the discussion. I know how Nico works, I've played him for 3 years, I don't need you to educate me on his abilities. I played a game where someone played a good counter to Nico using a ranged crew. I used my summons to counter his range, and the nerfs to the summoning and card draw slowed me down so much that I wasn't able to summon in a way to target my objectives or get an offensive advantages. The game ended up very low score and nico's typical summoning was now at 50 to 60 percent its speed even with the accelerated corpse making. I did this double nerf to see what the result would be from the combined calls of the community to reduce card draw and summoning on Nico would be. Taking the Kents away from Nico isn't going to happen either, as that would just be a bad business decision in general in my view. Now, let's see you try this combo of nerfs out and post your results, and actually add to the discussion.
  4. I think you may want to go back and re-read my post. You seem to have missed many details in your response. As I stated, my opponent was using ranged attacks on me, so the bubble around Nico was mostly his support pieces while I had to use my summons to move out and tie up his range pieces. This meant summoning, healing and making Fast every turn to get off the move and attacks. Only things I had at my disposal that coudl reach that far were Kentatori and Shikome. Kents summon natively at a 12crow, and Shikome at 11crow. With the nerfs I had, when the highest I had in my hand was an 11, I needed a 13 to summon the Kent. That meant two sacs of corpses to raise casting by 2, one more sac to summon with only 1 wound, and 1 more to bring him to 5 wounds. Without the nerfs he could have been brought in with nearly full wounds with only 3 corpse. I was out of points to Take Undead Crowning, nor would it have helped since I couldn't get anyone into my bubble until turn 5. All spare corpses that were generated were well outside Nico's reach, so I could only rely on what Mort and Asura could make. Phillip sand my card draw each turn was just not doing it for the cycling, by turn 5 I pulled no crows and had no stones. this proved to me that nerfing is going to make it that Nico will need to run with full stones again. As for not summoning 11 and up card summons, with the nerfs I had over half of his summon list was now 11+, so your assessment there was off, and everything left would need a 9 or 10 with nothing in there that was particularly speedy or killy at range. This is what left me with only getting off 4 summons all game, compounding things by making zombies with Maniacal Laughter a waste of time since I had to sac all of them in a turn to counter act the nerfs. My opponent was smart enough/lucky enough to not have to attack any undead inside Nico's bubble, so They never got to benefit from his pulse flips or he benefit from the card draw, so its easy to counter that bubble and always has been unless you just flood the board with belles. I was unable to summon enough belles because of the situation facing a lot of range attacks, so I got very little chance to Lure. The nerfed summoning would have meant If I had proprieties on belles I would have had not much in good health/Fast to melee with. Also, keep in mind I was now struggling to have enough corpse markers in that situation due to how spread out I had to fight. If I was facing Neverborn or constructs, it would have been the same there as well as much of their pieces don't drop corpses. My conclusion after that test is that nerfs to Nico's summoning is not needed. Nerfing out card draw off the peons may re-balance him enough by itself.
  5. I thought so too. Yet these combined nerfs seem to be what the most of the community is calling for. If they have their way is will destroy Nico.
  6. I just did yesterday major play testing with Nico using one of the nerfs that are suggested all over, I didn't allow myself to draw cards from peon deaths and sacrifices. I also with the direction of my Henchman tried increasing the summon cost by 1 for all models, and only bringing them in on one health, to see if that would balance summoning. This completely gutted the power of the summoning. I had to use Patchwork with every summon just to have anything that wouldn't get destroyed from range attacks off the bat. And when I had nothing higher then an 11 in my hand I had to use 4 corpse markers to make one 5 wound Kentatori. It felt like I was playing without enough corpse markers all game. The nerf to I Can Use That made it completely useless as I only got one card draw off it all game as the opponent only attacked living models near Nico and undead outside his bubble. The Zombies were pointless because I never had any after Nico went, so Asura's translated attack was pointless. All said and done I never got more then one summon off a turn and felt like I could have played without Manical Laughter that entire game. The only Zombies that actually were of use were the ones Asura put down up the board to tie up enemies. I would say nerfing the summoning in any way takes out Nico's prime advantage. If you take out the card draw you make summoning slow down to something akin to Molly or Kirai, but both of them will actually have faster when you take into consideration Take Back the Night. Nico still needs such a massive points spend on his support models now that reductions in summoning will gut him to a level not as strong as other summoners. I find it has to be one or the other in nerfing card draw or summoning, and not both on whatever tweaks are going to be made. If both get made he comes to the board without a single key advantage as you are fighting to just summon to survive instead of using the summons to win the game. I know because that is what I ended up doing all game myself. You remove Mort, Phillip, or Asura from the mix you now loose twice as much in resource generating, thus you are forced to take all those models now or be a very slow summoner.
  7. Yes, I meant in-universe fluff stories. Thanks for confirming they are yet to be any.
  8. Neither of those people have anything to do with what I'm asking about.
  9. Does anyone know where any materials talking about the two new alternates for Ressers this year might be? I'm curious to find some literature or explanations as to who Ameila Bathory and Rowan Nilsson are.
  10. Yes. That is the Junkie I'm looking for. Thanks!
  11. Yeah, I tried clicking the name and it did nothing. I have no idea what that henchman's forum name. I'm trying to get in touch with Junkie.
  12. Could anyone tell me how to get a hold of a particular Henchman? He goes to my regular hangout for the last week but I can never seem to catch him. Is there a way to reach out to them via the forums or email?