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  1. It was a blast! 45 minute rounds go by quicker than you think. No one else at the tournament had seen the starter crews played before, except for my sparring partners. They were impressed with Dr. Grimwell's crew and I have a better grasp of its strengths so I chose to run it over Angel Eyes' crew. I used Dr. Grimwell's Research Grant upgrade. The total was 19 points.
  2. My local group brought this up and we figured that being of such a special rank in the Guild the Executioners would have someone assigned as a caretaker. Or they would have the pull to order someone to do the job. Both pieces of character art are great. The latter in particular would make an excellent miniature on the table top.
  3. We played a Henchman Hardcore and Enforcer Brawl Tournament in San Antonio this past weekend. Dr. Grimwell's crew performed very well. Special note: both starter set crews meet the requirements for a Henchman Hardcore crew. In the Hardcore rounds I got 4th place. Game 1 versus a motley crew of gremlins I won on Turf War VP. Game 2 versus Barbaros and 3 Young Nephilim was different. I should have sat back and let them come to me, but I decided to charge in. Their flying abilities let them split my crew up and I got picked apart. Game 3 was a tense match against Ten Thunders. Jorogumo charged early and killed the Dr. Nurse Heartsbane and an Orderly managed to kill Jorogumo (with Heartsbane doing most of the work.) She then charged at Sidir and had him on the ropes at the end of the round. Game 4 found me fighting Arcanists, the Firestarter, an Oxfordian mage, Willie and a Gunsmith. I charged Willie early with Dr. Grimwell and Orderlies who could survive his fiery demise. Nurse Heartsbane ran interference on the FIrestarter and Mage (whom she killed). Dr. Grimwell and a lone order got Firestarter to 1 WD when the round was called. Game 4 ended in a 3-3 tie on VP. If I'd killed Firestarter I'd have earned 3rd place. In the Enforcer Brawl Nurse Heartsbane pulled out an impressive (and shocking) 3rd place finish against the likes of Cojo, The Whiskey Golem, Bishop, Bete and a Mature Nephilim. Highlights include a one-turn kill on the Whiskey Golem and leaving Bishop with 1 WD in an attempt to get 2nd place. Summary: Dr. Grimwell's crew is tanky. Very tanky. They can also do serious damage very quickly. Good tactical decisions and card management will make them a serious contender in just about any matchup. Even crews with a lot of Black Blood models can be shocked as Dr. Grimwell's crew heals the burns at the end of the turn.
  4. Kimberly, Thank you for the quick reply. I will keep that in mind.
  5. That is a great looking model! Does our total have to be at least $65 before or after sales tax is included?
  6. Wow, thanks for the breakdown. I have a better idea how it all works. AFAIK its a small group, 3-4 players. No idea how strict it is. At least 1-2 games a week. I think half of us are playing gremlins, one Kin and myself Tri-Chi.
  7. Hello, other wyrdlings! A local store is starting a campaign and I decided to jump in. I have never played Malifaux before. Ever. (But there's a first time for everything!) My question is, as the campaign progresses what pace can I expect my arsenal to grow and change? How far ahead do I need to plan my crew purchases? I picked up Closing Time and The Bushwhackers so I can pick a master once I've played a few games. But I like to plan ahead and with all of the crew options its daunting, especially being a new player. Thanks, Allwillbemine
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