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  1. At cover rule said, that unit gain cover if one of line of sight blocked. But if you not require los - it cannot be blocked by anything. Same with titan. I think, that additional "ignore cover" was added for abilities witch will give you permanent cover at some area. At another hand, if our guns really suffer from cover - it is useless again, because at this situation it can try to hit titans and no any another target.
  2. But here is action generated by ability, not another action. If it is the same - it is cool and right, but this is really needed to be said at the faq.
  3. All units was shown except commanders (Sonia and Kirai). Somewhere was said, that starter box will be release at 4th quarter. And here is few month left for this purpose. I really hope that we will see this box at black friday, or some other close event.
  4. This is because when he died, he turned into the dust. No corps = no raise.
  5. So, models with demise "didn't drop scrap or corps marker", constracts, spirit-like units - all their are also unbalanced? No, just lore and tabletop have old discrepancy and you try to find something new at this now.
  6. This was wrote at ttb core book. They are ordinary human, but they have deep knowledge about necromancy. And can cast "aure", which make them like ghost rider. What is more interesting, that death marshals couldn't be raise up and drop the corps. But at both 2th and 3rd Malifaux it's not as described
  7. Action is named Heavy Howitzer. But howitzer is a gun which used to shoot from closed-eye positions, isn't it? Does a 6 strength look like too powerful? But rail gun has more strentgh at outcome (they have a difference of 9 between stats, what is meen that rail gun has +3 strength on trigger). And hit with 3 strentgh and piersing is good more often, than miss with 6 strength. This unit really needing los ignore. It is not normal, if unit can play only on empty table or table with elevate terrain.
  8. At this case you need cover to balance factions, on empty table British's gameplay is transforming into arcade mode. Royal corp has really high stats + tokens. We play with 50-60% table with cover. It is interesting. Maybe on demos it is not good advice for demos, but imho it is not correct to show how one team oneshot other team. May be two-three big piece of losblock terrain and 5-6 piece of low terrain for cover will be good on small table. Full table need more staff when british plays on it.
  9. Wow, it sounds powerful, but otherwise i can't think of situation when morphling has any impact. Morphling can be place only into three units. If it could copy the actions of the enemy squads, it would look much more terrible and useful. Or attach one upgrade with ignoring restrictions.
  10. Where in the rules stated that the squad can receive reinforcements only once per phase? What prevents me from getting reinforcements twice by spending one token each time?
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