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  1. Having thought about it for the better part of the evening, I think I'm probably gonna roll out with this list for the blind deployment mission of the Divergent paths this week, what do ya'll think? Misaki -- 2ss +Cutpurse - 1ss +Disguise - 2ss +Survivalist - 1ss Freikorps Librarian - 7ss Jorogumo - 9ss Jorogumo - 9ss Jorogumo - 9ss Ronin - 6ss Ronin - 6ss
  2. Hey everyone so for the divergent paths game this week I'm really thinking about playing misaki with a bunch of tanky heavy hitters since I plan on going with the trickster and its blind deployment. Jorogumo are definitely gonna be in the list, and I've been thinking heavily about a ronin or two. But I've also been thinking about grimwell and bishop in the list, grimwell with I pay better and oathkeeper to make him hit like a truck, and bishop with oathkeeper do to the damage he can dish out. what do you guys normally recommend for outcast misaki when it isn't a smoke and shadows sort of crew? What are some other cool things I might think about adding?
  3. It seems like Schill is the likely candidate, But I feel he would be more of "They died because they weren't prepared and that's their fault" sort of guys. That said if they were still alive he'd brobably tear his shirt off and start beating them with his belt like a drunken father.
  4. Outcasts are gettin it bad in the rewards. Getting stolen from, shot in the back or both in the case of the trickster.
  5. Decided to cast myself in with you lot for the duration of the event. Will give me an excuse to work on my outcasts for a bit and learn them better (considering I own the entire faction sans Barrows)
  6. Ah I see, that helps take the sting out of it a bit.
  7. I suspect not, the which is why I worry about things like my meta all going neverborn for the duration of the event. Putting it into smaller numbers if a playgroup is like 20 people and 10 of them choose a single faction and it only factors in wins then even if the neverborn players play themselves if the other 6 factions are represented it's going to appear that NB have a higher success rate overall when that may not be the case. just my 2 cents.
  8. I've been going full speed into other factions since learning the game. <spoiler>I blame the dual factions making crossover relatively painless and simple.</spoiler> With my most recent foray being into 10T with Asami. I'm also thinking about breaking out the Outcasts though, as they don't see much love around here and I've got lots of Stuff for them I could paint.
  9. Ah fair enough, I'd still be interested in seeing the spread before it really starts kicking off. I see this a lot, but I find it strange considering my meta currently has 5 10T players in it. maybe we're the exception rather than the rule. Don't get me wrong I love my neverborn, I played a grow list last week with the intention of playing it again sunday, but When I see a bunch of people queuing up to represent one faction I kinda want to play something different.
  10. I'm kind of interested in the Spread of the Factions ATM, (still trying to decide who I want to represent) My local meta seems to have jumped aboard the Neverborn train with little intention of getting off it. But also Seems to thing 10T will be the underrepresented faction overall.
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