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  1. Now 26. I’m guessing you’ve hit some limit of number of episodes and it’s erasing the earlier ones.
  2. The Breachside Broadcast seems to start at episode 25 on Spotify. Easy enough to find what was missing elsewhere but thought it worth reporting.
  3. As a Lucius player in 2nd, I'm entirely without even announced model support. Has there been any indication when Lucius/Dashel are coming? They aren't on the upcoming list at all.
  4. As a Lucius player who didn't play with the beta stuff (which now seems to be gone), who is Alan Reid, is he part Lucius' new Elite thing? And what was Dashel's totem?
  5. Any does not mean one. any ˈɛni/ determiner & pronoun 1. used to refer to one or some of a thing or number of things, no matter how much or how many.
  6. Bumping this as I independently came to the same question and it would be good to have FAQ clarification. Whilst I believe the intent is probably one, it is definitely able to be read multiple ways. 'A model' 'any one model', 'any modelS' would all be much clearer!
  7. I think the main advantage of the Lucius 'when you're ahead on VP' upgrade is it is a great tool to influence your opponent's scheme choice. Its power level will be very pool and opposing crew dependant.
  8. Oh my stars! More than I had dared to dream!
  9. Moving to Sunday evenings from September 2017. Still playing Malifaux!
  10. I like. What did these guys generally do again? Playtest rules have been removed.
  11. Lucius doing some guardsman/mimic summoning seems like it would be very thematic. Otherwise not sure what I expect for him having only just received some nice new toys in the errata. Excited at the possibilities though!
  12. It went pretty well! I fairly handily scored max so only needed to deny a couple of points for the win. The Guardian and the Thrall were great at just standing by the stash markers and refusing to die and The Watcher as a last minute swap in for the Changeling was an excellent choice for swooping in at the last minute if a push or pull had left a stash unguarded. Turns out Lucius' handing out push and interact is great for removing accusations as well as handing them out. I still love the flexibility he gives, where as long as he hasn't activated almost every single model of yours is still a potential threat. All this despite managing to have Lucius paralyse himself with horror via a terribly timed black joker, and my opponent's end of turn one hand looking like this:
  13. First Malifaux game for ages on Tuesday. Pretty excited so I've been list building already. Deployment: Standard Deployment (2) Strategy: Guard the Stash (Crows) Schemes: * Claim Jump (Always) * Dig Their Graves (Crows) * Accusation! (Masks) * Recover Evidence (6) * Tail 'em (10) And I know my opponent is trying his new Jakob Lynch crew. I've gone for: Lucius - Suprisingly Loyal Scribe Witchling Thrall Lawyer Austringer Sanctioned Spellcaster Terracotta Warrior Field Reporter Changeling Guardian Schemes to be Tail' em and Accusation! Plan being to pretty much stubbornly hold on and refuse to die while sitting on the objectives and tagging accusations/spotted all over. Thrall, Lawyer, Guardian and Terracotta Warrior for stubborn refusal to die. Austringer for push + interacts for accusing. Spellcaster to counter lures from Beckoners with his (0) action. Field Reporter to hoover up any enemy scheme markers if he goes for those schemes. Changeling to be a cheap extra pair of hands and maybe turn the Illumminated's brilliance back on them by stealing their bonus damage. Reporter and Changelings also manipulative so stick with the hard to attack theme.
  14. From Lucius' encounter with Titania in RoF, it's pretty clear to me that though Lucius may be Neverborn by species, his loyalties begin and end with improving the lot of a certain Mr. Lucius Matheson and everyone else can go hang. He personally does very well out of Malifaux being a swirling hotbed of conflicting factions and schemes and will do whatever it takes to maintain the status quo with him on top. I don't think Nelie is Lucius but I firmly believe he is behind her recruitment.
  15. If taking them I usually take 2 with Lucius and Dashel and aim to get at least one Gatling cannon death star turn and wipe out something big. I find attempts to protect them rarely work and you're better planning to be positioned for a nice counter attack at whatever has just charged them. If you're expecting them to be in melee next turn then pretty much write them off as dead and don't forget you can get one more volley out them before they croak by the lethal re-activation Dashel can hand out. Lucius specific plan, but being able to freely shoot into a combat that contains a friendly Doppelganger can catch people by surprise.
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