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  1. Let me be the first to say that what you guys did with the Nicodem vs Lady J story was ballsey and awesome! Killing off main characters is never easy, but it makes for the best kind of storytelling. Keep up the amazing work! ps. Roll on Master Morty 😆
  2. Digitally? I don't think so. Only the digital book and physical cards. Allll most time for that PDF.
  3. Whaaat?! Why is no one speaking about this?! Awesome news though, can't wait!!!
  4. Hey guys, Seeing as Broken Promises is officially out this month, I was wondering how long it would take before we could get our hands on the digital version? It was my understanding that they were always released at the same time?
  5. Hey guys, Has anyone had success with three Wokou Raiders? The idea is to move them all together by using the built-in 'Drop It!' to trigger 'Ever Changing Wind' and leap-frog each raider up 3" at a time. Seems a good way to keep them all in combat, where they're relatively safer.
  6. It's like $10 a faction? If it means getting an app that is polished and regularly updated then I'm happy to pay.
  7. Can't wait for this! War Room sparked a renaissance for Privateer and I think this app has the power to the same.
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