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  1. Nicodem’s changes are pretty disappointing. I don’t think he’s going to see a lot of play from now on. I’d love to be wrong: 1. He went from being too strong to mediocre. Three aspects of his “engine” were toned down, each compounding on the other to result in this new, much lower efficiency level. This doesn’t seem to have been considered (or at least acknowledged), and is a reckless approach to these types of adjustments to complex masters. 2. He was a bit boring to play before the errata, and is now even more boring. Amongst the Resurrectionist lineup, he’s by far the least engaging master. This can’t have been the goal of the errata.
  2. Jakob Lynch. Now that we have a nice looking alt for the Hungering Darkness, he's the worst model in the entire Malifaux range. Standing in the most generic pose possible, no pistol to be seen, very low detail, and a goofy looking skeleton friend round out a model that should not be responsibly sold by a miniatures company.
  3. I love Rafkin. He's so AP efficient: Injection from McMourning, charges for 1 AP against poisoned targets, and his 0 attack against poisoned target. I use him around the center of the board to cause havoc around the same time I've launched my attack with McMourning.
  4. Titania is a big let-down. Great model, though. Her central mechanic, from my perspective: spend 1 action to maybe do 2 damage, drop a scheme marker (if possible) that is maybe in a useful place. If that model is in the same place when it activates, it maybe takes 2 more damage if the opponent lets it through. She can heal via scheme marker placement, but not ones she drops herself (??????). I find her to be terribly boring and mediocre. I struggle to justify bringing her in for this reason. If she were boring + strong or interesting + mediocre I'd feel better. Big fat F on her design. The concept has a ton of potential, too.
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