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  1. There is a Free entry into the 2018 Captain Con as one of the prizes for Malifaux and the Michigan GT!
  2. Hopefully folks will come out for these events. There is also a package deal for the 2 main events.
  3. Returning for its second year, with amazing sponsors such as Wizard Widgets, Customeeple, Micro Art Studio, Secret Weapon Miniatures, Black Maria Designs and so many more! In addition to the events listed below (register at www.Michigangt.com) there will be a pro-painted Colette Crew (the original metal one) as part of the Charity Auction supporting Michigan Nature Association and Small Talk Children's Assessment Center! All attendees will automatically be eligible for the 2nd Annual Nain Rouge Painting Competition! Brawl in the Hall October 6, 7:00PM – 9:00PM 20ss henchman hardcore event! Take your favorite henchman and exactly 20ss worth of models and upgrades to face off in fast and furious 30min rds of combat to the death. Into the Breach Masters October 7, 10:00AM 50ss Gaining Ground 2017 event utilizing the 2017 schemes and the gaining ground rotation. 2hr rds with 15 mins dedicated setup time. Event will be 3-4 rounds depending on attendance. Finale Masters October 8, 10:00AM Get your last taste of the Breach with a second gaining grounds 2hr rds 15mins for set up 50ss gaining grounds using gaining grounds 2017 and 2017 schemes The incomparable Joseph Girard is our resident Henchman!
  4. Less than two weeks left until this event, there is still space. We have prizes from Widget Wizards, Broken Egg, Customeeples and more!
  5. The 4th Annual Michigan Grand Tournament has added Malifaux as a one day event this year on October 2nd. The event is taking place at the Causeway Bay Hotel in Lansing Michigan. You can find our website at www.michigangt.com or the facebook event HERE. Everyone who enters will receive a set of premium tokens from Broken Egg Games, and we have prize support from Custom Meeple, Broken Egg Games, Widget Wizards and more. Additionally all attendees will be welcome to enter our painting competition for best Single Model (25mm base and up) Best Monstrous Model (55mm base and up) Best Skirmish (3-15 models) or Best Army (for large action forces like 40k or Warmachine) with admission to the convention. This event will us the Gaining Grounds 2016 schemes and strategies. 50 ss, fixed factions lists. 4 rounds, 105 minute time limit. Guard the Stash with Corner Deployment, Turf War with Flank Deployment, Squatters rights with Close deployment, and Collect the bounty with standard deployment. Schemes will be announced at the tournament from the 2016 Gaining Grounds Document from Wyrd. Our Event Judges will be the incomparable Joseph Girard (of Cheated Fates) and Jon Fedoronko. Terrain is being supplies by Burn in Designs, so come fight over the settlement town of Rock Ridge for the Malifaux Cup at the Michigan GT!
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