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  1. I would say no, because saying ignoring "Line of Sight" for some reason doesn't ignore rules requiring the player to draw "Sight Lines" (for example, with terrain), seems like we're hedging our definitions overmuch. I would agree with Adran that there's going to be no solid answer until a FAQ is released.
  2. What? With Molly's card draw if you can't find a high crow you're doing something wrong. And Night Terror + Rabble Riser is 12SS; he's almost half that.
  3. Into the Breach is indeed very good, but still not Malifaux. ...but that's as good as it gets. Malifaux is in a league of its own. Most developers haven't discovered that objectives are far more compelling and offer a wider design space than simply clearing a board. They're also a lot harder to design around.
  4. Pg 13. "Measurement is almost always done horizontally from the closest point on the base of the object in question. If a player is measuring to an object, they measure to the closest point on the base of the target. If there is a vertical element, that distance is added to the distance, minus the lower object’s Size or Height (to a minimum of 0)."
  5. Just one more point: at no point does Undying state it is causing damage. So your friend's argument is wrong regardless.
  6. Hey all! Last week I wrote up and distributed a scenario for use in the local scene. There aren't many playable multiplayer scenarios out there, so I thought I'd fill a void. It was pretty fun so I thought I'd share it. Obviously not a ton of playtesting went into this, so if you run into issues, let me know and I'll get it hammered out. FOUR CORNERS All Malifaux Rules are in effect, unless otherwise noted. Encounter Setup: a. Encounter Size is 15 or 20SS for 4 or 3 players. b. Place and Define Terrain c. Divide the table into Quarters. Take a Scheme Marker from each player. There is only one Strategy for this scenario. d. Do not generate Schemes. This scenario has a set of specific Schemes. e. Choose Faction + Leader. f. Hire Crew. g. Reveal Crews. h. Randomly draw a Scheme Marker from those taken from the players in Step C. The owning player places the Scheme Marker in the center of a Table Quarter. Then, that player openly chooses a Scheme that no other player has chosen. Repeat this step until all Scheme Markers have been placed. i. Deployment. The player with the lowest-valued Scheme chosen deploys their whole crew within 4” of their Scheme Marker, then removes that Scheme Marker. Repeat for each next-highest Scheme, until all players have deployed. j. Game Starts Strategy: Four Corners At the End of the Turn, each player scores 1 VP if the number of table quarters with a friendly scheme marker totally inside it is greater than the number of VP that player has scored from the Strategy. Scheme Selection & Modification 1. Deliver a Message During its Activation, a friendly non-Leader model within 1” of an enemy Leader that is not in this crew’s starting Table Quarter can take the Interact action to score 1 VP. 2. Dig Their Graves After killing an enemy model within 1” of a friendly scheme marker, remove that marker and score 1 VP. 3. Breakthrough At the end of the turn, if you have a model within 1” of the center of a Table Quarter that was not this crew’s starting Table Quarter, score 1 VP. 4. Assassinate At the end of a friendly model’s Activation, if they caused damage to an enemy Leader and that Leader has half its maximum health or less, score 1 VP. If that model caused damage to an enemy Leader and that Leader was Killed, score 2 VP, instead. 5. Take Prisoner At the end of the Turn, if you have a friendly model engaging an enemy model and there are no enemy models within 2” of either model, score 1 VP. 6. Claim Jump At the end of the Turn, if you have a friendly non-Leader model within 2” of the centerpoint and there are no enemy models engaging it, score 1 VP. Special Rules - All Upgrades attached to models after summoning lose Plentiful. All summoning Actions, Abilities, and Triggers that do not attach an upgrade are considered blank. Exception: The Guilty’s upgrade is a valid method of summoning. - Initiative Order is not flipped, instead, it is according to the value of the scheme held by the player, from lowest-to-highest, at the point when Initiative is usually determined. It does not change if the player’s Scheme is switched. - There is a pool of the 6 schemes that are considered Available. If a player has chosen a Scheme, it is unavailable and cannot be chosen by another player. - Whenever a player earns VP from a Scheme, they immediately choose an Available Scheme. The Scheme they just scored becomes Available. - Scoring may occur on Turn 1. The Game ends after 4 Turns.
  7. Seems pretty clear to me that trying to say that "engagement range" doesn't rely on LoS but "engagement" does is obtuse and needlessly pedantic.
  8. In this case, moving behind the wall would cause them to leave the model's engagement range, so no, they couldn't do that. Engagement isn't determined by distance alone, it's also determined by LoS, which this "trick" is dependent on. So you couldn't walk to leave LoS either.
  9. Oh, yeah, I forgot the heal! Duh. Personally I still think that they're too squishy; being a healer in a crew full of tanks puts a target on your back. I'd still rather the Undergrad or a Necropunk, but I see their potential. Edit: I think the trick with Val is to sick her on the right targets. I'm not looking to attack my opponent's big, hardy stuff. I don't hit stuff with high Df or a lot of tech unless I soften it up with Injured or something else. I'm looking to hit something squishy and valuable behind their front with a Df of 5.
  10. That's a lot of "if" on a 6SS model that could go to something like an Undergrad with more consistent damage, extra attacks, and the ability to warp around the board, and an overall better utility for the crew. The only other reason to take them is that corpse markers count as Schemes at the end of the game, and corpse markers can already be turned into Schemes by most of Transmortis (for card draw, might I add). And a Transmortis model that kills an enemy model is already dropping schemes, anyway. Whisper lets you draw a card if you kill an enemy model, and Val should be killing enemy models. Plus, with Whisper, while she's focused you can stack the high card with a low card to get it out of the deck for the turn. Why is focus letting her draw 2 cards? Once per Activation effects aren't global, they're per model. So you can draw off attack and defense. Undergrads that are summoned (which is a place) from Academic Zeal can make an attack and draw from it, even after taking a card from the activating model, for example. And an opponent tossing resources to deny me getting more sounds like a very good deal to me. Regardless, I'll often do the same with my own low cards. Don't forget that Undergrads force suits onto models that activate near them. It isn't unusual for me to get anywhere from 4-6 extra cards into hand on Turns 2 and 3, before considering card cycling, from this crew.
  11. Whisper on Val and remembering to use Studied Opponent means you're usually flush with cards.
  12. You're better off giving Academic Zeal to Val. With Stat 7, Focus, Flury, a Ram or two, and Fast, and a push (or 2) from Undergrads, and standing within 3" of the Research Assistant for a 6" Fly, she should be able to melt something on Turn 1. You're looking for an 8ss Enforcer, but in case you can't manage it, an Undergrad or Necropunk is still a good pick. The Undergrads have a Stat 5, so aren't as likely to hit, and it means you're forgoing getting Val down field. Val should be downfield because she's going to take a ton of hits (particularly if you summon the Student that can heal her), and she's going to dish out a ton of damage. Gravedigger will be useful on Turn 1 and then not be useful much, if at all, and will probably be the first thing to get targeted, making it a waste of 6SS. Mortimer or Asura are much stronger picks, and the Carrion Emissary can make Val insanely fast (7" movement with flight is stupid good). You'll probably want more than 5SS cache, as all it takes to grind Transmortis to a halt is somebody attacking Von Schtook.
  13. It doesn't say all sight lines need to be within 1" of the edge; it says "any single sight line."
  14. Our group is starting an 8 week Grow League starting August 7th. We meet every Weds night at Noble Knight Games! Our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/270992009923933/?ref=bookmarks
  15. The classic fate deck has marks in the upper right corner in the embellishments to mark severity. They're very subtle. But I'll concede your point; why not include them?
  16. I don't think any of their decks lack those indicators, save for games that don't need them. Twisted decks show lit gems to indicate severity.
  17. My last list was into Reckoning with Rogue Necro, 2x Crooligans, Archie, Rabble Riser w/ GST, P&N. Gave RR and Rogue Necro w/ GST. Got Poison up to +8 or something stupid on Rogue Necro. Usually I take Forgotten Marshal but I was playing into Wizz-Bang on Reckoning...not a great idea. P&N gave my opponent a headache, and Archie got Red Jokered and taken down before he could do anything. Crooligans kept jumping around and removing schemes, which Wizz-Bang dislikes, so they didn't last long. They can also hand out a surprising amount of damage. Thought the Rabble Riser with GST would make them survive a bit longer paired with Molly's reactivation, but he just ended up getting blasted by shockwaves from Wong. It was an OK list.
  18. Yup. His inability to Focus really hurts his damage output. Leap is the only thing that makes him worth taking in most cases.
  19. Hey just to jump on this bandwagon, lets not forget that if your target is sitting in Concealing terrain, Belles don't function at all.
  20. I don't know where you got this idea, but I own some of the M3E figures that were sold at Adepticon, and can assure you this isn't the case.
  21. Yeah, that never happens. Reliquaries weren't getting used at all because people were taking Gokudo, and Gokudo kept getting buffed to keep them alive long enough to function. They're still not getting used according to their design niche (to provide a means of returning Ancestors to the board without removing one of your other models). And now that they've been constantly buffed they're oppressive and are worth more than their SS. I complained about this in every one of my BatReps with YL.
  22. Molly mostly excels at stopping schemes from firing, but her Night Terrors can do really good work at locking down far-away objectives, and her Forgotten Marshal being able to summon them or the rabble risers can make for surprising shifts in fortune. The crooligans, too, can be a surprise when applied properly. Edit: I'd also like to add the Seamus with Assassinate will wreck an opponent's day, particularly if they rely on Serene Countenance to prevent damage.
  23. Sure. Notice that Molly is Undead? Free movement for Molly is pretty much why, but not the only reason. He's a really strong piece anyway, particularly if you're not needing his corpse markers right away and can let him activate late in the turn. Molly can remove his corpse markers to draw 2 cards, just fyi. I like to do that to insure my Forgotten Marshal is summoning, particularly on Turn 1, while Molly creeps up the board. Generally it looks like: Fresh Meat twice off a friendly to get stuff up the board, then bonus for the corpse. He also gives you a lot of flexibility if you are just running a scheme-y game; it can be pretty hard to get rid of him, particularly with Molly punishing models for attacking twice. This is compounded when you take Philip + the Nanny. There's a big 12" x 24" swath of board your opponent needs to discard to Interact in, assuming no Chatty overlap. M3E is less about how awesome a Master is and more about how awesome a Keyword is. Reva and Seamus both occupy a similar space, in terms of how one thinks about them, but their keywords function very differently. Seamus wants to get his models out and about so that they get easy successes by forcing negative twists. He's very good at getting around the board, too, which isn't something Reva can say. He does burst damage which is an absolute nightmare against players that rely on Armor or Incorp to reduce the effects of attacks. In addition, his crew can lean into handing out Distract, which increases their damage and also reduces the opponent's. Just a different style of crew, really. Reva's changed a lot since I've played her, so I can't say for certain into which Schemes + Strats I'd hire which.
  24. Since you've got Rabble Risers, Molly would be a good pick. She also really likes Morti. Seamus can readily use the Emissary, Asura, or Morti, and of course the Mourners. Seamus is mobile, Molly is for Control and good at preventing your opponent from scoring.
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