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  1. really like the glow color effect you have on your Lady Justice crew
  2. so many great looking August entries! I would like to like to throw my hat in for September, coming back to the game and hobby after a break (just couldn't devote the time I would have liked to it) I have my Torch and Blade crew box, and want to pick the 3 witchlihg stalkers from it for my September offerings!
  3. really digging those crooligans , nice work !
  4. hello everyone , my name is Rich , and I was huge into playing Malifaux for awhile until my LGS went under and due to the difficulty of getting games in I kinda put Malifaux on the back burner. However really been getting the itch to play again and wanting to jump in again. so anywho I wanted to take the time introduce myself and say hello to everyone!
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