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  1. The Perth Malifaux Masters is an invitational qualifier event to be held December of this year. The event will be an 8 person 3 round, single masters 50 soulstone event using the gaining grounds 2 pack. Over the year there will be 3 qualifying events where first and second placings will receive an invitation to the event. If a player would be awarded a second invitation, it will be awarded via count back. The final 2 tickets will be wild card invitations which will be awarded for other contributions to the Malifaux community, which could be painting, sportsmanship ect. Jo
  2. Crusade Through the Badlands is a 4 round Malifaux tournament played over a series of 2 week rounds through May and June. Think of it exactly like a tournament with seeded pairings but you have a 2 week period to play your allocated opponent. Lots more details on the Facebook event page: https://fb.me/e/2506Cddqb
  3. Hey Wyrdos!! In order to properly welcome in the new Explorers Society I am hosting an explorers themed tournament at Good Games Canningto in Perth Western Australia! A fun themed event which will have plenty of unique twists and introduce the new rules and background of the true adventurers of Malifaux. The event will be a 42 stone event because I am sure plenty of people will be breaking out their new explorers pieces. Hosting the event 6 weeks from posting to ensure we can get some of the new explorers sets on the table! 10-5pm - April 3rd See you there
  4. Some conditions have a value.. if a model with such a condition "gains another instance of that same condition" the value is added... It doesn't say "would gain". To me this one is not ambiguous and you definitely count as gaining a stackable condition even when you already had that condition.
  5. This one felt like it was gain from reading the rulebook.
  6. If you've got a non stackable condition such as stunned and an ability would apply it again. Do you still count as having "gained" the condition even though you cannot have multiple instances of those type conditions.
  7. The counter is you need to alpha his crew harder than you do most other masters. If you're speaking competitively its on you to appreciate hamelin is weaker in the earlier game and much too strong if you allow him to reach later turns with his substantive force. You must win the attrition game early.
  8. I was just indicating that these posts are alot more credible when you've appreciated not only the power but the limitations of these pieces. In substance and In particular here, you said nothing of the incremental nature of blight, it is much weaker early game and then to balance that it is exceptional late game. Without this context sure, 7 damage for 1 ap is excessive, but its meaningless when you're not factoring the investment that takes into it.
  9. This is a classic example of everything being assessed from the perspective of the hamelin player playing perfectly and the opponent being a numpty. Its incredibly resource intensive to have happen those extreme end scenarios you've spoken about. Like when you say the model suffers 7 damage, yes but how many sub-par ap were used to reach that number, where were your resources spent that allowed that to happen. It's what turn 3 when this is possible on a consistent basis, you've had 3 turns to mitigate this stack on that particular model and manage the bleeding disease models. Any master
  10. Hey Perth Malifaux Fans The Annual Wyrd Christmas will be the 19th of December at Good Games Cannington running from 10am till 5pm (perhaps 6pm, currently twisting some arms). An absolute smash hit and fan favourite last year with heaps of prizes and a big turn out so join in again for another holiday round out. Details to be formalised Join the FB event: https://fb.me/e/cmGVgbyEn Your Henchman - Matt
  11. I really wish they could do an incremental increase to get extras. Like 100+ gets you one and for every 200 extra or something. Its really hard to get group orders together when everyone wants the crazy cool alt sculpt.
  12. So can I confirm for those international customers like us here in Australia regarding the prohibitive cost in postage by placing orders individually. Will we recieve multiple of these for those in group orders? Even if not in $100 increments it would be really nice if there were some way you could facilitate at least a few. Individual orders can mean a 50% increase in the cost just on postage alone. Last year our local group order was about 1000usd but with people having to order individually to get this fantastic model it means lots of other people won't be able to order at all.
  13. Hey Wyrdos. Perth is open again! Coming out of isolation we're wasting no time! Kicking off with a 16 person event at Goodgames Cannington. Find details on the FB Malifaux Perth page. There's already only 4 tickets left so hurry on in! New players welcome and encouraged to sign up. Matt
  14. Hey Guys, been a bit quiet on the forums here but still plenty of Malifaux going down at Good Games Cannington Perth - please come along for a chat and join in.
  15. This event was a big success. Huge thanks to Wyrd for sending an AMAZING prize pack to support the cause. We raised $400 profit donated to the Red Cross for the recovery efforts. Thanks for all who attended and those who donated.
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