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  1. Update for August - Finally received my Demo event ID so submitted a bunch of demos i've done since M3E release. Players - Find me at GG Cannington every Wednesday evening or PM me to line me up for a demo with yourself or a friend anywhere in Perth. Matt
  2. Hey Wyrdos I'm always available for demo games in Perth. I can meet Tuesdays at Outpost, Wednesdays at Good Games Cannington and Friday nights at Krags so long as we pre-arrange it. Feel free to message me to line something up. Matt
  3. Hey Hey! I will be hosting a Malifaux Release Party at Good Games Cannington in Perth, Western Australia. It is scheduled for the 24th of August, at has a soft cap of 12, perhaps up to 16 if we can source enough materials. Please PM me or leave a comment or chase me down on FB if you're interested in more details and I will get in touch with you asap. Kind regards, Matthew Overton.
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