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  1. Australia is suffering through a national disaster with the fires destroying lives and homes with the situation only getting worse. I'm running this event on the 25th of January with all profits going toward the Redcross Disaster relief. https://www.redcross.org.au/campaigns/disaster-relief-and-recovery-donate The event can be found on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/780491222434299/ Please come along and support the cause.
  2. The Badlands Crusade is a 4 round event but run over a series of fortnights kind of like a combination of a league/tournament. Starting early January - contact me for more details and a players pack
  3. Huge success- 18 person turn out. Heaps of fun.
  4. Wow- 14 tickets sold a month in advance- capacity is sadly only 16 so move fast. Should be an awesome event.
  5. I am not aware of the ongoing stock issues with cards in your jurisdiction - but I'm in Australia - a country that is notoriously slow to stock and we have had surplus card packs since the second wave which was many weeks ago now and as far as I can tell as a Henchman running events here we have as much M3E interest as anywhere else. You must have a very unique card stocking issue in Europe. My guess is the second wave, despite being 3 times larger iirc was still insufficient to cover demand in the UK? In that case the reception was underestimated again - but this would obviously have been well in excess of the first batch - which in that case brings us back to point one - it WAS a niche game, but transition out of this would require enormous internal structural overhaul... these are all problems i agree but they're problems cause by hugely positive reception. Honestly the alternative was that M3E was released as a sub-par game - in the long term this will all be worth it.
  6. I find it painful only because A- the game is incredible B- people LOVE the new sculpts are awesome and C - the reception and uptake has sky rocketed. I refresh the upcoming page daily and harrass my LGS for shipping updates. While these teething issues are a hastle its on the back of an amazing game, company and asthetic (minis, fluff ect) I am sure Wyrd are painfully aware of this predicament but at the end of the day release is sluggish because its overwhelming success. You cannot blame a small company from not ??tripling?? an investment on the back of a hope it would do well - breathe, let them catch up - all will be well - and stick it out because lets face it, you'll be back anyway...
  7. Yeah but at that point the condition removal is so inefficient. Its 1 ap, for one conditon on a 2 cost upgrade, with opposed duals so no guarantee. I get that enemy conditions can hurt but the upgrade is painfully inefficient - situations which make this upgrade valuable exist but they are incredibly specific for example if you know you're fighting a fire golem. You're in a much better place teching to manage the effect of most conditions rather than trying to strip single enemy conditions with AP - Further if you're putting it on a garbage minion how are you getting close enough to effectually do this without being deleted due to the obvious intent of the piece - if the condition is so signficant that you take this piece then its obviously going to be a priority for your opponent. It just isn't a good upgrade.
  8. Just pay the extra 6 stones and take Serena- she's excellent.
  9. Really surprised how much love Eldrich Magic is getting. I recon its straight up garbage. 😕
  10. His utility range is huge so his speed is less relevant. 8 on his fast and 10 on his heal.
  11. Stat 7 makes it very reliable and studied opponent is super good for card draw.
  12. You realise you should be hard flipping 2/3rds of those cards on average and you just cheat those you fail. You also stone the upgrade crow if you don't have it. That's hardly luck having that all go off. Also I personally take sloth to fast valley not schtook.
  13. Lead the way twice from 2 seperate undergrads is exactly how I do it. And 2 inch hardly stings when the undergrad moves as well. I usually ping Anna, Schtook and Valley twice. It also doesn't even matter that they're slowed because they just BYS turn 2. The threat I'm personally discussing is. 2x LTW = 8, Schtook 2. 10 before activation. With fast and +1 speed she can walk + charge which makes her threat with 3 attacks 23 inches.
  14. I'm really surprised people don't love necropunks. Def 4 sucks but arm 1 hard to wound and 6 wounds for that cost and built in leap. They're one of the best scheme runners in the game. Have studied opponent and entropy- both super relevant. And in a pinch stat 5 with 2 super good attack triggers to finish stuff off. I hire 2 most games. Last game killed a peacekeeper with entropy and game before i killed izamu with onslaughts. What do people expect for 5 points seriously 🤣🤣
  15. It's not luck if you're keeping the cards you need and with those kinds of threat ranges you're going after a piece you're really comfortable killing. She's so consistent- and you can stone for puncture to insure it works. Luck rarely matters for the play.
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