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  1. Box to Tabletop (Ep. 1 Pt. 4): Painting Black Hair (Domador de Cadaveres by Wyrd) enjoy!
  2. I've been making tutorial videos on how to build and paint models. The first three are live. I'd love some feedback in the YouTube comments! Box to Tabletop Video Tutorials
  3. Filmed and being edited - still shooting to have it out this month!
  4. Thank you! We should have our second one out in August/September!
  5. Thank you! Looking to have the next one out in August.
  6. We are very excited to share Third Floor War's first video battle report. Please spend 90 minutes watching as we showcase a battle between Alex Schmid and James Molini. We look forward to making more and want to hear what you liked and what you'd love to see in future episodes of Battleground Broadcast. Like the video and subscribe to the channel to stay updated! Hats off to Ray Flynn for all of the hard work pushing Malifaux battle reports to the next level. Battleground Broadcast - A Malifaux Battle Report
  7. hofzinser

    The Jury

    She has one of the best ML attacks in the game right now. If you are just using her as a support piece you are doing it wrong. Being able to get the juice from her attack before damaging is huge.
  8. Not only are the models painted perfectly but you even airbrushed a background? WOW!
  9. Huh? You can only bring it with her. Not worth anything without her. I'm confused.
  10. Not a charge so you get the + from the sword and from the zero. Ouch.
  11. It will become stapled to her card. Couple it with Vengeance. Zero to name your target, do the first place, crush and hit (stone for the repeat if needed), resolve all the repeat hits then get away in a nice defensive stance waiting to reposte anyone willing to come at her.
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