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  1. So... where do I sign up for this beta rule book? I would happily report any game breaking issues leading up to 3E's release. Better than watching my models get dusty and forgotten on a shelf.
  2. Huh? That's so weird. I just matched up all my gibbering hordes models and sure enough there are three Morphlings as well. Where did you find that info? Everywhere I look (including retail listings) it suggests that there is only 1 model in the box. Well damn I guess I didn't get extras! lol
  3. Kickstarter The interaction with backers was abysmal. It's behind us now so w/e. I wish Wyrd had more of an online presence outside of their website. I'm not talking about updates here and there directed to those of us playing already. I'm saying... where's the cheerleaders pushing TOS to the masses? There's a wealth of websites & Youtube channels that would be happy to do a TOS spotlight or battle report sponsored by Wyrd or featuring a Wyrd staff member/henchman to explain how to play! Word of mouth wont be enough without strong online promotion and interaction. Packaging The packaging was OK. Only a few boxes were shrink wrapped and the cards were not secure within the boxes, this caused the cards to slide right out of the box. I noticed some minor damage and warping to some of the cards (I believe this was caused by the loose packaging) but I laminate everything so it's no issue for me. Models Details - Some were what I expected, much better than something like Zombicide but not as good as Malifaux. I'm actually shocked at how detailed and well sculpted some of these are for pre-assembled minis! Quality - I have a couple with actual assembly errors but besides that, the gap filling and trimming required is pretty damn reasonable considering we're not having to assemble these ourselves! HOWEVER, the mold release residue on these is the worst I've seen on any miniature. I did a test spray on one with my airbrush... it was like spraying water directly on wax, after a cascade bath they were much more manageable as expected. Durability - All I can say is that I accidentally stepped on one with all my weight and it didn't break! Watch out around heat though, I used hot tap water in the cascade bath and they all turned into rubber. VERY easy to melt it seems. Accessories Bases - I really like the simplicity of the bases a lot. The logo on the bottom is a nice touch and I appreciate that the movement trays are included as a part of the game mechanic. There are other "workshops" in our hobby that would milk that for every $$$$$$$... Tokens - LOVE the plastic tokens, those are very high quality. I hope to see more of those as an option as the game develops. The cardboard ones are fine and are what I would expect. ______________ All I got for now! Can't wait to play! I have a ton of photos I hope to get posted soon!
  4. Can anyone say for sure if Bayou Bash can be played on a custom 3x3 board? I am making a pretty intricate dirt track for Gaslands and would love to be able to play Bash on it too!
  5. With Origins around the corner I've been compiling my shopping list to achieve maximum debt. Will the Malifaux June releases be available at Origins? I really want the Guild Investigators and Big Brain Brin.
  6. Am I completely losing my mind or are there not assembly instructions for the Banjonistas? Nothing is coming up when I try to search them by name.
  7. Oh wow, so we've been doing it pretty badly wrong then haha. So if both of our initial flips + stats were OVER the TN, would it instantly mean highest duel total wins? Or would there still be a cheating phase and THEN the highest total wins? Thanks!!!
  8. Hello people, I've tried like hell to figure this out on my own but have failed hard... I will demonstrate what we are currently doing in hope of exposing our mistake to anyone who can explain this more clearly than the book cause it's really holding our games up. Mah Tucket attacking random model with "Horrible Hollerin". Step 1 - I flip and add the card # to CA5. Step 2 - If the card + CA5 = MORE than the TN11, my cast was successful. Step 3 - The defender then flips and adds their card # to their WP. Step 4 - If the defenders card + WP = MORE than the TN11 they blocked it. None of us feel like this is the correct interpretation of the rule but is what we agreed on for now. I thought simple duels were always you against the number, not you and your opponent both against the number. Thanks for your time!!!
  9. Is it too soon to ask if Wyrd will be at Origins Game Fair 2018???
  10. Thank you for clarifying! I just found the backerkit link in my email. Fantastic!!! TYTYTYTYTY
  11. Hello people, My first experience using Kickstarter has been to support TOS, so I am clueless about the process here and was hoping some of you would help me understand... 1. I was charged 300.00 by Kickstarter.com on 01/21/2017. When shipping charges are announced, will the shipping transaction also be completed through Kickstarter? 2. How can I look at the selections I made when I received the original backerkit email? It seems like I can look through TOS options in the backerkit but am unable to see my account or the actual selections I made. Should I have a backerkit account I can log into? 3. When a goal is reached and an item is unlocked, does that mean unlocked for purchase? Or are these items being added in addition to what I am guaranteed at my pledge level? I don't want to buy something that otherwise would have already been included for free... Is there any way to see a list of the physical items I'll be receiving so that this doesn't happen? Thanks!
  12. Does Wyrd reach out to gaming stores in targeted areas? Or is it up to the shop to actively seek out and order Wyrd products? I have one shop near by that is listed as a Wyrd merchant but all they carry is TTB and my next closest shop doesn't carry Wyrd at all... I always have to drive 2 hours out of town to the nearest shop that has Malifaux models. I am all for trimming back online sales if there will be an injection of Wyrd products in more gaming stores. Also, how often does Wyrd update their retailer list? There are two stores in Cincinnati Ohio (Art of War and Yottaquest) that haven't been a thing for a while now.
  13. Again, I was joking about the aisle blocking. I understand the very mature adult seriousness involved in the blocking of walkways and all the risks and dangers involved in obstructing the flow of pedestrian traffic. So... I hope, within the safety policies, rules and guidelines presented to Wyrd at the time of their contract signing, that Wyrd presents a stimulating (but not too stimulating) display of their manufactured items in a way that provokes the mind to take interest in their game and encourages the buying of their products. Of course in a safe and orderly manner without any unruly or inappropriate outbursts of excitement. I will certainly think twice before being goofy here again.
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