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  1. ChoriQueso


    Thanks everyone! It's been fun but my Wyrd days at least for now are over!
  2. You're all 100% right and I hope that you find these debates very rewarding and conclusive.
  3. You're all 100% right and I hope that you find these debates very rewarding and conclusive.
  4. Real painters do it with the sprue on.
  5. It just takes practice and experience with Wyrds models to get into the flow of things. You're not alone, my first few Malifaux models looked like TRASH with all the globs of glue where I kept trying to reposition shit or couldn't keep a piece to stick right. I learned over time that it was definitely me not taking my time, focusing, using the right glue, etc... now they're my favorite to assemble. As far as replacements, keep an eye on Ebay. You can find singles or dirt cheap crews on there frequently. I usually try to assemble based on the box pictures alone and will only look up the diagram if I am truly stumped. Don't get me wrong they have some SERIOUSLY advanced models in their lineup but as long as the actual parts match up correctly (*cough* The Wild Ones) you'd be shocked how well they sit in place. They're some of the best minis out there.
  6. I have spent MANY nights laying on my dusty hairy wood floors with my brightest flashlights scanning every inch of my living room for bits that inexplicably launch into space for no reason. Good times indeed. 🤬
  7. So many great ideas here! I think I will keep some of my first character cards as memberberries. I am definitely borrowing the wanted poster idea with a few other cards. I might save some that aren't laminated for cardhalla and toss the rest! Thanks!!! 🚮
  8. That's funny, I JUST did the same thing to fit my magnets in but my grout texture was just slightly too thin and the bit nearly went through. Fortunately it just looks like a slight lump on the ground.
  9. I have all these M2E stat/scheme/strategy/reference cards that I feel compelled to toss in the trash to make way for all my M3E stuff. Can you guys think of any reason why this would be a bad idea? Thanks!!!
  10. These were a breeze to assemble and they look awesome. Just gotta add color!
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