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  1. Hi, 1 )do incorporeal models take damage for passing true hazardous terrain during a move or push? (not ending in it) 2) if an incorporeal model is forced to push its charge towards a model does it stop when it reaches base contact? or can it push true the model? Thx for the help in advance
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    thx all
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    reva, riders in the sky

    hi, reva's upgrade riders in the sky lets you put a blast marker in contact with every corpsmarker in play , every model hit by 1 or more blastmarkers needs to make a 12 wk duel or gains burning +2. so far no prob, however on a book the trigger states; after succeeding, every model with the burning condition must pass a tn 10 horor duel. when does this horor duel happen? after all the 12 wk duels or before? kind regards
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    i was playing a new opponent today and he brought up an interesting point of view.... sebastian 's induction states: enemy models within 6' aura' that suffer damage from the poison condition suffer an aditionel 2 damage from the poison condition. so if a model was able to stone for damage prevention , and he flips a weak card, that would be enough to prevent the first poison damage and therefore the model would not suffer the aditionel 2 poison damage ... is this correct? Kind regards