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  1. I am afraid you could be right with the cost increase. Still, I hope they stay like this, I just loves the models too much for NOT taking them into every crew
  2. Looking at the discussion about Lynch's Inner Glow it seems necessary for Lynch to spread a little more Brilliance on his own models to make it work. If Lynch would be less stingy and grant his little brilliance heads a treat from time to time he could dwell even more in the drug pushing kingpin theme and become a little more useful. So, my suggestion: Another trigger on "This Round's on Me!" Something along the line of: Grant a Fix: Discard up to three cards. X friendly models in range get a Brilliance Token, where X is the number of discarded cards.
  3. Utilising the Rig The Deck +X ability, do I need to put back the exactly drawn amount of cards onto the deck? Or is the "may" also counting for the number of cards and I can discard any unwanted if I would have more than six after putting back?
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