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  1. unhallowedicarus

    New league starting soon!

    I'm am going to be starting a league at secret door games located at 215 S. main Elkhart Indiana. The league will be a Bi-Weekly meet up on saturdays starting at 6:00 Pm. This saturday march 18th will be the 1st meet up. Hope to see you there!
  2. unhallowedicarus

    Demo during our Halloween party

    I will be demoing Malifaux at secret door games from 4-6 during there Halloween party on the 29th. Secret Door Games is located at 215 S. Main elkhart indiana 46514
  3. unhallowedicarus


    Miss Fire model from Wyrd Miniatures for the Rotten Harvest competition.
  4. unhallowedicarus


    All it takes is one bite from these disease filled pests to start the spread of the a new black plague .
  5. unhallowedicarus


    When the Necromancers want to get there message across nothing is more clear than the massive fist of a rotting corpse collapsing your cranial structure.
  6. unhallowedicarus

    Divergent Paths week 5&6

    Secret Door Games at 215 S. Main st Elkhart In 46514 is going to be taking part of the divergent paths week 5&6 at 1 P.M on Oct 9th. Hope to see you there!
  7. unhallowedicarus

    Questions about the henchmen app

    Thank you very much for the info. This will speed up the process of my application.
  8. Hello i have been demoing Malifaux at the tabletop game store i work at for a few months now, and i stumbled across the Henchman program and would love to join not only as an avid fan of the game but as a way to improve the experience at the store. The question i have is that under the " 2 painted crews part" would the starters be acceptable as part of the crews? Thank you for your time, Unhallowedicarus