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  1. The results of the games are now on Logfaux! Many thanks to the organizers for sharing. For those players that are already registered: I have linked your games to your profile.
  2. That's the way it works now! Strategy and scheme VPs are not required.
  3. You don't. Besides, "critical" is not a bad word in my book. I know. I have issued an open call for tournament game data, new and old. Just send them to me and I'll take care of the hard work. You are right, it would. But, as a designer, I would be painting myself in a corner doing that. The reason being that not all tournament games would be attached to a tournament. I would then have to differentiate between those that do and those that don't and expose the difference in the UI, too. Before I bore everyone any further, it doesn't fit the long-term design of Logfaux. Besides, the work-around I mentioned in the previous post requires minimal effort.
  4. As much as I'd love that, it can't be done without a re-design in one of the tools. The reason is that Logfaux requires the Master to be specified and Bag-o-Tools doesn't record Masters.
  5. What you describe is the way it's encouraged to be. However, it's not the way it has to be. You are free to create a placeholder tournament and add all of your games to it. In fact, if the TO of the events you attend will neither submit games to Logfaux nor share the data, just go ahead and do it.
  6. Yes, I would definitely be interested! As I've mentioned here, opening the data to the public is on my to-do list.
  7. At the moment, players can't submit games for the league. The person who created the league must add all games.
  8. This is taking advice with the proverbial grain of salt! Your attitude was proper, because Joel's statement stimulated your mind and imagination, instead of castrating it. The message here is that it takes two to tango and any advice given is also somehow taken. The what's and how's of giving and taking is what the blog post is about and I agree with the post's content. To add to the discussion: I want to dwell on the exploration aspect of the game. Playing to win is one thing and finding paths to victory quite another. Even if the dispensed advice is thoroughly successful in improving the recipient's performance, it has curtailed his time spent exploring - a typical trade-off situation. From personal experience, I find that new players should be formally introduced to this concept so that their choice of executing vs exploring is more conscious and less dependent on character.
  9. Rules Manual, page 48: This means that being within engagement range having LoS being engaged are three different things. The Terrifying ability specifies the first. Therefore, if you break LoS while staying in engagement range of a terrifying model, you still have to take a Horror Duel.
  10. Ha! I've had this exact same reaction from the last three people I tried to sell Malifaux to! After the argumentation was done, that is...
  11. Not true. The High Fauxdelity podcast actually does episodes about the (perceived) strongest and weakest models. Every faction has the usual top-, mid- and low-tier so no competitive player would need to buy everything. Doubles might well be required, though. Regarding the end investment itself: As a former WMH player I can say it's less than the equivalent for WMH. That has to do with competitive WMH players building for the WTC, which is a team tournament and encourages very specialized lists.
  12. "Making of" sections for models, both design and art! I'd be stoked to see the various stages e.g. Parker Barrows went through before reaching his final form. That includes the rejected drafts, too.
  13. On reading Crossroads, my impression was that the Amalgamation Charter was conceived by Lucius as a means of deploying Hoffman against the M&SU. This would be accomplished by obliging him to police their activities as a matter of duty and by denying them his skills, much coveted to be sure. The key to this plan's success was Ryle. Charles' emotional attachment to him was masterfully leveraged by Lucius to bring the former's relationship with Ramos to the desired "angle." Ripples of Fate shuffles the Guild deck mightily, by elevating the Amalgamation Charter from artifact of political power play to Department proper. Lucius' fall from grace, Hoffman's revelation regarding Ryle and Marlow's affinity for Hoffman set the stage for a Lucius comeback and, as @Corndescribed, a polarization within the Guild. I'm quite excited for both.
  14. Rules Manual, pg. 23: Heed My Voice is an Obey-type action that doesn't change the affected model's Crew allegiance. Headhunter, as you quote, is scored by Crews, not model controllers. Therefore, the correct answer is (2).
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