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  1. I personally think that loosing the suit would've sufficed. For me it's also a hint towards the way Wyrd intended Tara to be played. Seems like they lean towards the "taking more risks to get fast on enemy models"-style than the "outactivating your opponent and then nuking his best model without fear of retaliation"-style.

    Like people have said - it can still be done but it will eat more ressources. The raised TN also makes it a little too unreliable for my taste.


    3 hours ago, Zebo said:

    I also think that Von Schill's gun could perfectly became weak 3 again, his trigger is quite bad, and reports in the beta (at least those I saw in my group) didn't said he was broken in any way.

    They obviously want him to play more of a supporting role with the option to fight with his very solid attacks if it becomes necessary. Upping his guns min dmg to 3 will just make him a very tough gun plattform for a lot of people. I don't think that's the direction they wanted go go.

    Apart from that he might still get a title card at some point that makes him more of a straight fighting beast.

  3. 6 hours ago, KID55 said:

    Yes, but they are still Blade Masters, maybe they cannot effectively hit some unnatural stuff (like incorporeal), but they must can effectively hit common defences. I suggest give them :+flipon attack. And maybe ignore armor/HtK/shielded.

    That would be laughably over the top. Even if Viks had a "ignore armor trigger" even on min dmg it would only do more dmg against armor +2 models and you still have to get that trigger first. In every other case you'd still profit more from just getting in those extra attack with the trigger (that you can equally stone for just like the imaginary ignore armor trigger). I think it was a design choice to encourage players even more to keep them close. For me it's a clear choice of gameplay over fluff and it strengthens the Viks theme.

    Additionally if you fight a heavily armoured opponent get a Ronin in there and your Vik practically does ignore armor.

    The Viks beeing very squishy for their prefered strategies might be a problem but I have yet to decide. On paper it definitely looks like that but on the table you can often either pick off a spread out opponent or if they bubble up and you jump them end-of turn you're are right in the middle of the action and it actually becomes kinda hard to bring down a Vik between shielded +2, soulstones and the heal on kill that they share with Vanessa. They will have to kill the Viks in one go or risk them healing huge amounts in just one or two (chain)activations.

  4. You are copy/pasting a pile of models you fancy into every remotely relevant sub and expect feedback on specific models? Without any further information the only constructive thing anyone could point out on that list are probably absolute shit tier models that are generally unplayable. I for one have not come across one of those yet so there is not much I can add.

    If you have read up on the forums, listened to podcasts and watched batreps you know that Malifaux is a very player skill, match-up and scheme-pool dependent game. 

    So if you are serious about this, then you could crop the list according to the sub you're posting in and actually provide context in form of match-ups , local meta, scheme pools etc. That way all the experienced players here can give you actual constructive feedback instead of validating a random buylist.

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  5. I'm not sure what your question is exactly?

    You played in 2e so does that mean part of that list is what you already own? Are you looking to buy all those? If that's the case I would downscale that list a little. You might spent a lot of money for models or crews whose playstyle you don't enjoy.

    Malifaux imho is a game of mind over money. Of course you'll get some advantage out of throwing money at Wyrd and owning a huge selection of models but the diminishing returns set in rather quickly and you'll be stuck with a lot of models that you can't or don't want to play. The win-percentages added by additional owned models doesn't even come close to other factors like familiarity with the rules and models, knowledge of match-ups, a gut feeling for schemes and so on and so forth. Your experience with those things will come much faster when sticking with a selected few crews. 

    My advice would be to scale down to maybe 2-3 masters. One of them a dual master or maybe a second faction with some overlap in models. Start to get a feel for those and after a few games you will get a very good idea how you wanna expand your collection. 

  6. 6 hours ago, Zebo said:

    Release the Kraken xD

    - Chief Engineer

    - Sergeant/Officer

    - The Lone Scout 

    - Assault Korps

    That reads like some tasty upgrades to Freikorp models. No matter how sweet some of those sound though (Love the forage and the obeying friendly models military style) - I'd guess that they are too close in concept to the existing range of Freikorp models which might be a nono.


  7. I'm actually a little suprised by how many people struggle to find any use for the Desperate Mercenaries. A completely agree that they are one of the worse models in keyword and their use is limited but they are also not as bad as some here make them out to be.

    They are Mv 5"-6" (depending on how often you move) unchargable 4ss significant minions with a 14" peashooter that can potentially fire thrice, or move 6" and fire twice. It is also in keyword in a crew that is pretty much the definition of a melee wall of death. Just keep them at max range, pling everything that is not engage and move up behind the rest of the crew to do scheming work.

    With a 14" range and disguised you are practically immune against melee as long as you kite. If your opponent actually commits and runs at your Desperate Mercenaries to kill them you still get a card and a enemy model that is probably woefully out of position.

    Comparing them to Hans does nothing for me. When I pick Hans I want either long distance debuffer or a dedicated hunter for terrifying/manipulative models. In most cases I want him to use each of his abilities once - Field Guide to discard a crow, the rifle to do a bit of dmg and slow and then his warning shot to distract, stun and push. Against terrifying and manipulative I mostly just discard rams and double shoot. In both cases I want him to stand still and shoot twice.
    The two Desperate mercenaries that I get for one Hans can move and shoot easily and it is much less devastating if they don't connect. They can cover different ends of the board and I don't have the urge to position them in a central spot to reach as much as possible of the table like Hans.

    I have the suspicion that much of the dislike comes from either not trying them at all or just playing them half-hearted to confirm a preconceived notion. Or, you know, your mileage may just vary.


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  8. 3 hours ago, Jesy Blue said:

    I'd like a nice sneaky stealthy interact action/scheme manipulator saboteur ranger type of model.  something  outside the straight up damage & healing that they keyword is focused on.  a little more subtle.

    Isn't a radio operator stepping on Dashel's toes?


    I like the idea but it might be too similar to the scout to justify it's own model. Also with the uniform Freikorp attire you'd need something unique to make it stand out.

    Regarding the Dashel similarities of a radio operator. I'm not too familiar with Dashels fluff but ruleswise they would be very different. I'd imagind the radio operator more as coordinating the other Freikorp (movement tricks) and buffing them due to shared information (focus?)

    1 hour ago, Jafar said:

    What new Freikorp model I want?

    From look perspective:
    - Some kind of mortar / heavy weapon
    - Quartermaster with all new Freikorps upgrades equipment included in model: like riot shield in hands, rocket launcher on back, mines as part of base etc.

    From rules perspective:
    - card draw, for example when you discard, this model takes one dmg and you draw new one
    - better scheme runner -cheaper + focused only on move / schemes, no need for armour etc.

    My first idea was a mortal too but I'm pretty confident that Lazarus is that kind of mobile mortal weapon already.

    Quartermaster would be an absolute flavour win and you could either make him give out equipment, trade it in for alternative effects ('Inspection') or give him something like an 'equipment training' bubble. Or any combination of those.

    15 minutes ago, TheJoyInGaming said:

    I want a Rambo-esq figure dual wielding flamethrowers.

    I immediatly thought of those hulking dual-flamethrower Hydra soldiers in Captain America 1.

  9. Oh boy I'd love a new original Freikorp model and once all first wave 3e boxes are done we might even get one.

    I would like to see some kind of cavalry unit like a dragoon with a steampunk horse and an optional horse-gasmask that could take the role of a fast beater or a tough scheme runner.

    Alternatively I could see a Freikorp radio operator providing synergies and buffs for other freikorp members  or disrupt enemy synergies and interact actions.

    What would you guys want to from a new Freikorp model?

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  10. 3 hours ago, Zebo said:

    I would say any tough crew. Ironically, in this edition Mercenary (and viks) struggles versus armored crews.

    I've played the Viks into my own VS crew and I never felt like armor was a big problem - maybe with the exception of mass armor 2 like in Hoffmanns crew.  I almost always play 2 Ronin and with flurry they alone can often finish off armored foes by themselves. If I'm playing against lots of armor I usually pair each of them with a Vik and stone for the :mask-trigger on the Vik to get more armor-ignoring attacks out of the Ronin.

    Mind dmg of 3 on the Viks is in itself not too bad against armor +1 and you can always stagger and slow tough targets with Bishop until you're ready to overwhelm them with numbers.

    I also hold the not too popular opinion that Deperate Mercenaries are not too shabby, ESPECIALLY against armor crews. Just pling them to death with a potential 3 shots per activation and if you get lucky with the dmg the moderate of 3 makes it not for nought against armor +1.

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  11. On 9/21/2019 at 1:56 PM, $UpAhOTTÿ_69 said:

    What do people think?

    I gave it a try. The leader description is copypasta from the official page as a stand-in.


    Von Schill

    Keyword: Freikorp

    Signature ability: armor, equipment upgrades

    Master Rundown: The leader of the hardened Freikorps mercenary group has spent his time between editions restocking on weapons. In addition to being a fierce combatant, Von Schill is also capable of handing out Equipment Upgrades to his followers, granting them access to powerful rocket launchers, hidden mines, and other deadly weapons. 

    Crew Rundown: The Freikorps, still provide some of the most versatile playstyles, easily adapting to any situation on the fly, while sticking to their hardened playstyle with incredibly durable models and characters.

    Strong in: Turf War and Reckoning because of their incredible toughness, mutual support and healing capabilities it is a real challenge to kill any of the Freikorp models.

    Weak in: None really. The are extremely adaptable and therefore have no glaring weaknesses when it comes to strategies. Some more movement or interact-heavy schemes can cause them problems though.

    Advantage against: Crews without easy access to anti-armor/shielded or a way to work around it. Also against alpha-strike dependent crews since it is nigh impossible to kill most of the Freikorp core models in one round without the deck beeing stacked heavily against the Freikorp player.

    Disadvantage against: Crews with a lot of AOE since it heavily discourages bubbles which in turn negates a lot of the Freikorps mutual support abilities. Crews with a heavy hand-control theme or that starve a Freikorp player for cards. Also crews with the ability to manipulate the Freikorp models directly with lures and obeys or other ways to disrupt all the little interactions and setups a Freikorp crew likes to do.


  12. So zieh'n wir unter eigener Fahne,
    aus Malifaux's Toren hervor.
    Zu meiner Seite mein Kumpane,
    Wir sind das stolze Freikorp.

    Wir haben hinter uns gelassen,
    was uns daheim war wert und gut,
    und können lieben oder hassen
    aus eignem Trotz und eignem Mut.

    Der Gouverneur-General hat uns verstoßen,
    er steht in Feind's Gewalt und Macht.
    Wir sind getrennt von seinen Losen.
    Wir zieh'n in unbekannte Schlacht.

    I used an old german "Soldatenlied" - a soldiers song (those were meant to be sung without instruments) and reworked it a little so it still rhymes in german but added a few Malifaux references.

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  13. If you want to try something a lil more out-of-the-box with Jack you could hire Sloth. I've now tried him two times and I'm really warming up to him. 

    Just like Aionus he can either slow your opponents models or give most of your own fast. He can also heal undead models which is most of your crew. Heals are hard to come by in Jacks crew and healing 3 on Jack is literally worth 3 cards. That slow is inconvenient but you can always spent one action to remove it by giving the model fast.
    His sin-token mechanic is very situational and should not be depended on but him slowing everything synergizes really well with the staggered the tormented crew dishes out.

    I took him instead of Jakuna since the slow is kind of a nonbo with her hazardous aura and he can do part of Jakuna's job of keeping enemies in the ball of death while also suppressing most healing.

  14. The Obliteration crew is not that resilient in a vacuum. Even with Incorporeal and Terrifying on some models they overall lack the raw hitpoints, Shielded, defensive triggers, armor or other defensive tech to make them truly tough. That said if they're played to their strength as a denial crew they become nigh unkillable if the opponent is unable to nuke them in one activation.
    Not to mention that if you really wanted to and played your stutter time chain right the opponent would've nothing to attack anyways except for a Void Wretch. Everything else would be buried or hidden in the deployment zone.


    They are quite self-sufficient, and usually they don't benefit from their friend's actions and don't have many shenanigans. Their play is to have the Master and the Totem giving special weapons and equipment to the crew to improve their play.

    I also think this paragraph sends the wrong message. Yes, while they can operate just fine on their own that is NOT playing to their true strength. Freikorps are probably one of, if not THE most interactive crew that I'm playing. Between all the lil pushes, places, copy actions, upgrades, equipments actions, healing bursts and buffs it get's really intense how to sequence your activations. Anyways - point is even if this guide aims for beginners I think it's wrong to only point them towards the skill-floor of a specific crew.

    Thing is before going into too much details we should probably establish how expansive this "short guide" is allowed to be. Since there are not yet tacticas to the M3 crews anywhere on the interwebz the official forum would be a fitting place to start establishing those. That would obviously go far beyond the constraints of a "short guide".

  15. 16 hours ago, Zebo said:

    In the other hand, crews like Freikorp with no way to add suits, so many discarding taxes and so few card drawing, may play face to face with killy crews, or mobile crews, or summoning crews... but put them versus crews that control the cards and they will struggle.

    I feel like Freikorp actually have an insane amount of control over their suits and triggers betweens things like "siphon power" or "reference the field guide". It's the sheer amount of discard-options for beneficial effects like the mentioned  "reference the field guide" or "shouting srders" that can really starve you for cards if you go overboard. Good thing is that those effects don't care about high cards at all. Then there are those card filtering abilities, mostly on the engineer in "tools of the job" and "strengthen armor".

    They do definitely lack card draw but against crews that starve your hand you can at least stone for suits on both of you core models (Arik, Hannah) and can still hit your suits on minions with some of the beforementioned abilities. Also none of the bread-and-butter abilities (Load up, adaptive tactics, strengthern armor) of the crew need any suits to go of.

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  16. 10 hours ago, Jafar said:

    Few more games, few more things.

    - Hannah = TANK, throw prospector for SoulStones, shield upgrade or engineer buff. Of course some models can kill her easily, but mostly all attacks will be deflected.

    - You can counter many things, but mostly it depends on one of your models - for example markers and Drachen trooper

    - at high level plays, it may be too easy to counter whole keyword. Simply take things that ignore armour and can kill stuff (my crews are quite elite). But otherwise it's quite decent master.

    Like you said - in a vacuum there are quite a few models able to kill her in one turn but due to the support available to her and her own "adaptive tactics" you can make killing her quite the challenge. In melee you can easily get her to shielded +2 or higher with focussed (engineer buff). That alone already calls for really heavy hitters like the ice golem  and even then the opponent needs an ice pillar, slow you and discard multiple cards to even declare those trigger through counterspell.
    Against ranged she will most likely not be able to rely on counterspell but with her siphon power it's super easy to give herself shielded +2 and concealment through the engineer buff. She is far from unkillable but with just one turn of prep you should be able to weather most sotrms with Hannah.

    Von Schill is versatile but what he kinda struggles against is trickier crews with lots of obeys and hand control. The Freikorp is kinda card hungry with all the triggers you wanna hit and all the effects that need you to discard. It's also super frustrating when you give out upgrades and the opponent obeys your model to fire that shiny new rocket launcher into your own folks before you can even activate it.

    In my experience it is a lot harder to counter the Freikorp or armor specifically this edition. Afaik there is much less straight "ignore armor" even counting triggers and even then you have so much more movement tricks, heals and general shenanigans at your disposal that it is not as cut and dry like in M2.

  17. I'll be up against a Wong and a Rasputin Crew. Both beeing firsts with Von Schill in 3rd and they're giving me a bit of a headache since both crews heavily punish the bubble playstyle. Anyone here has experience facing those crews with Von Schill? I'd be very thankful for any kind of advice :)

    Just fyi - I normally build my Crew around the Von Schill/Hannah/Arik core. My go-to from there would be an engineer, a librarian and a drache trooper rounding it out with either a freikorpmann or a prospector. I only seldomly go for the scout.

  18. Has anybody tried Sloth or Pride with their Jack Daw crew? They both seem to synergize nicely with the tormented crew by either plugging holes or by enhancing their strength further.

    Sloth offers a lot of slow which in combination with staggered really slows enemy models to a crawl. Sloth also provides a great heal (worth 3 cards for jack) with a fair downside as trade-off. The ability to give a a majority of Daws crew fast if needed is extremely handy and with his sin token mechanic he counteracts enemy heals that would normally prevent the slow death's through Montresors and Jakunas death-bubbles.

    Pride on the other hand enhances Jacks hand draining game even further. Prides sin token mechanic synergizes splendidly with all the terrifying in the crew anda late in the turn "this song is all about you" is a nice way to get around armor, which is something the tormented beaters normally have a problem with. Prides "Solo" aura is just icing on the cake and always welcome.

    If you tried one or both yourself please share. I'm very interested in how they fared!

  19. 3 minutes ago, Maniacal_cackle said:

    Just to make sure, she was discarding for each trigger?

    When placing through the ice pillars, she has to be discarding to trigger the extra placement of a second pillar.

    Pretty sure he (my opponent) didn't. I know he did in the end but he probably forgot in the beginning. We're all still quite new to 3rd edition.

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  20. 3 minutes ago, Maniacal_cackle said:

    Also I'm guessing you were in Wedge or Flank deployment? Potentially start your deployment further away from them (you don't have to go to the front of the wedge).

    You may find future matchups easier, as Raspy is a slow crew. On corner or standard deployment, it'll take her forever to get close enough to ice pillar you.

    Nah it was standard deployment but since he dropped a pillar in 8" and through that placed several more (with the trigger) in 12" of the first one he practically walled a part of my army in.

  21. 2 minutes ago, Maniacal_cackle said:

    Destructible: Models within 1" of a piece of Destructible Terrain may take an Action to destroy that Destructible Terrain and remove it from the table. If a model is standing on Destructible Terrain when it is destroyed, that model falls.

    You don't have to discard a card to move to the pillar (it only applies at start of activation). If you start within 1" of the pillar, you can destroy it, so you don't have to spend the move. See above text on destructible.

    Oh wow you're absolutely right. We were both so sure it required an interact action that we didn't even check the rulebook. Well that makes the pillars a lot less punishing :)

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  22. 1 minute ago, Maniacal_cackle said:

    When multiple models are going to be affected by an ice pillar, it is almost always worth destroying the pillar (one model uses one action to destroy it, saves the rest of them a discard/action loss to slow). If you're in range to be affected by a pillar, you're in range to destroy it.

    It can be helpful to use your cheap/expendable models for this. Even insignificant ones can take down ice pillars.

    That said, yes, Raspy really punishes bubble crews, so you'll be feeling the pain from that matchup.

    I thought it's not possible for insignificant models like Ligea to destroy a ice pillar because they can't take interact actions? 

    I actually did just that - use my cheap models to destroy pillars but with two silent ones and multiple two-pillars-per-action triggers its hardly action-efficient, especially since you have to discard a card to get to move into base contact AND destroy the pillars.


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