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  1. Thanks for the comments, friends! I'm really happy that you appreciated my work The next stern guy
  2. Thanks friends! I'm very happy that you liked my work! As promised - the next figure
  3. Thank you, my friend, I am very glad that my work inspires you! Yes, dozens of layers of paint ... It was amazing to work with this figure, I really liked it
  4. Another figure from the set "The Mercy of Death" - Shieldbearer 1 "Redhead". 32mm plastic.Tomorrow I will continue to publish figures from this wonderful set;)
  5. Hello friends! I completely completed the set of The Mercy of Death During this week, I'll post all the work Enjoy viewing
  6. Thank you, guys! I'm glad that you liked the work! I hope I will have the opportunity to paint the rest
  7. Hi guys! A whole month of complicated work has passed! I hope you will like the result! Lucky Emissary.
  8. Thank you very much, guys, I'm very glad that you all liked my work! Coming soon The new figures are already in the process of painting!
  9. Hi guys. It is time to break the silence The figure completed yesterday morning, but forces on the photograph was not, because I hasten to share creations now Mysterious Emissary Painted specially commissioned - Wyrd Games, 32mm (actually 70mm) More photos
  10. Hi guys! I returned from a short vacation I am very glad that you like my work I hope I can soon work with Wyrd Games and their wonderful figures. Silent Ones. More photos from different angles on my Facebook page (link below).
  11. Large Arachnids My new miniatures specifically for Word Games Detailed photos of work on my Facebook page (link below).
  12. Hello, friends! I began to publish a series of my painting miniatures specifically for Word Games. In the coming days I will put some more work Detailed photos of work on my Facebook page (link below).
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