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  1. Primed Hannah limited through the breach. 160$. Drop a PM.
  2. Hi Wyrdos, Say Collodi activate, use "Strum of threads" on himself (2 wounds, gain fast), then use the Carrion condition "Horrific feast" to do a healing flip? Is that the correct activation order of those two abilitys? Thanks!
  3. Ha, yeah I know how Heores Gamble work. Just saying that it really helps you out if you are in a bad spot. Play your high cards and hope for a good second draw. It doesn’t give you more cards, that’s for soulstones. These two combined are just solid. Not that many models have armour to begin with, so the trade of between Heores Gamble and Trick Shooting are always situational. One of my problems with the Effigy is that it’s not a family model so you can’t Relocate to it (I don’t like Abuela, but you can always Shotgun Wedding it). My other problem, and this is the main problem, is that first turn I have the Fear Not The Sword and everything is just so, so sweet. But then turn two I want to activate Francisco first (so Perdita don’t move out of El Mayor range) and Companion with Perdita and all of a sudden Fear Not The Sword is not active since it’s a condition that only last until the end of turn. If Fear Not The Sword had been active until the Brutal Effigy activates (or die) it had been a huge difference. My third problem with the effigy is that you need to target Perdita, so to be within range you have to move, and move and that way you lose your scheme runner function since you have no ap left to put down a marker. And in relation to that it’s not always possible to target Perdita since you are ht1 or she is off behind a building or similar. On paper Brutal Effigy is just solid but when you hit the board my experience is that it can’t keep up with Perdita and the family logic over all, then the Brutal Effigy starts to dictate how you should play Perdita and I really don’t like that. I know when I hit the 30 encounters played with Perdita I had lost her in three games, if you have problems losing her you have to pick other upgrades, but mostly it comes down to how well you play her on the field, what other models you use to support her and resource management. And with blasts, stay 2” away from Francisco (and such) and call it to your opponent, now that 50mm blast marker should fit between (base to base) but not overlapping to Perdita.
  4. The Ortega crew box is very solid to begin with. Perdita can Relocate (family), Santiago can shoot into combat (family) you benefit from Ninos spotter ability (family). If you don't go for a Death Marshall Papa Loco really benefit from the new upgrade Numb to the world. And yeah, when in doubt go Austringer(s).
  5. If you have 6ss to spare Big Jake can help you out with this one or go McCabe with hounds. I would shy away from Show of Force. If you play Perdita you can always move up X model and push Perdita and Francisco up 6"+6", then walk with Francisco and Relocate with Perdita. Now she begins 14" up field, she should carry El Mayore and Hold this. If you can, charge something so you can benefit from Point Blank.
  6. I'm not sold, the effigy have a hard time keeping up with Perdita, and I really don't want to waste a Enslaved Nephilim push on the Effigy. I don't see how you get a lot of mileage out of him. I rather take another Watcher if I want a scheme runner; 6"+6" flying ht 1 model - hell yes! And as for card draw with Perdita Gamblers Luck 0 action and soulstones gets the job done.
  7. I also bought the nightmare edition and have been building several list and come up with this one. Interference for example Turn 1: Activate hounds and so on for board control. McCabe gives Ama No Zako Badge of speed and hits the trigger, gives the Peacekeeper Elixir of life. He then drives 7” and charge something (scheme runners and so on) with his 9” and will have plus flip with Promises. Ama No Zako activates and with her 0 action Promising Whisper makes the Peacekeeper move once more. Ama No Zako have a bonus 4” push from McCabe and can walk once more with Badge of speed. So she stand 4”+6” up the board now and have 2 ap, just make a 7” charge turn one or just walk 6”+6” for a total of 22” turn one. And now the Peackeeper activates, a bonus 4” push from McCabe, a bonus walk from Ama No Zako 5”. The Peackeeper now stand 4”+5” up the board and have 2 ap left, what about a 6” charge? Just tarpit the opponent with Ama No Zako and the Peacekeeper. The Peackeeper with armour +2 and Numb to the world will hang around for some time, also it heals up 2 wounds every round with Elixir of life. Use stones to protect Ama No Zako, with hard to wound and Terrifying (Living) 13 she will stay safe. Also, the Peacekeeper wants to stay within 6” from Ama No Zako so it can benefit from her 0 action Promising Whisper next turn aswell. I also would take a look on the Strongarm suit, Austringer and Freikorp Trapper for other kind of builds with Guild McCabe.
  8. If you want to go with Sonnia and use the Brutal Emissary I would go with this list. You can buy the Papa Loco metal version and since everyone use the limited edition Francisco I guess someone would be willing to sell the standard one, that way you don't have to pick up the Ortega family box (but you should, Perdita, so much love, love I tell you!).
  9. Hello Wyrdos! 1.) Can you focus and then take the bacon bomb action with a stuffed piglet? 2.) One punk zombie stands on the ground, 2" from ht 2 building, on top of that building stand Zoraida, can the punk zombie with 2 hit Zoraida? If no, can the punk zombie hit Zoraida if he stands right below Zoraida, in "base-to-base" so to speak, but on different hight (ground vs. ht2). Please refer to pages in the small or big rulebook. Thanks!
  10. Hello, want to buy Philip and the Nanny + baste and stat card. Drop me a PM. Thanks!
  11. Hello Wyrdos! Looking for multiplayer scenarios, three or more players. Any official scenarios on-line, story encounter boxes or home made ones you can think off?
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