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  1. Hello. Last Breath action: What happens if Swordsman uses it multiple times targeting the same model? Do effects (, damage to himself, gaining soulstones from killing) stack? What section of rulebook describes such situations?
  2. What confused me (I am not perfect in English grammar), as I understand, the common word order is Subject + Verb + Object + Adverbial modifier. So the way Solkan reads it, the wording rather should be "After resolving an Action in which another friendly model suffered damage within 3, ...". Or the word order doesn't change meaning in this case?
  3. Sun Quiang's ability: Does the model need to be within aura after resolving the action or when she takes damage? For example, model stands within aura, suffers damage and gets pushed out of it by attack action. Or vice versa, model stands outside the aura, then suffers damage and gets pushed in it. In which of these cases does the ability work?
  4. What will happen if both models stay inside the same Concealing terrain? They both can't ignore it when targeting each other (distance between them is unnecessary)?
  5. Will it work if initial marker was a Pit Trap? (Wong counts it as a Scrap, removes and drops the next turn)
  6. In the 2nd edition it was able to leave models engagement without disengage strike by breaking LoS without leaving engagement range (e.g. Incorporeal model moves through the wall). Does this trick still work in the 3rd edition?
  7. Saw an interesting combination during our last tournament. Bayou player took Wong and Sparks. Sparks' ability says: Wong's Launch into Space action: He interpreted it as he can remove scrap marker and then drop a Pit Trap Marker (50mm Destructible, Severe, Hazardous Damage 1, Injured +1) instead. Does it really work this way?
  8. I can't understand this wording. Does it mean model can ignore concealment while standing inside of terrain and 1" or less from its closest border? Or just 1" from any side? In which cases on this image model A can ignore Concealment?
  9. Concealment warding: Does it affect only attack actions or all actions other then attacks? Do tactical actions modify by Concealment?
  10. Does Misaki herself consider activated for the purpose of From Shadow ability? For example, Ototo activates, then Misaki starts her activation. How many models was activated, one or two?
  11. hollow1351


    Hi. Question regarding Honeypot's auras Hold 'em and The Party Never Ends. Do they work multiple times if enemy model cheats fate multiple times during the same action? E.g. to pass Terrify, attack flip and damage flip.
  12. Agree, it seems pretty strong at the moment + can be attached to Neverborn's masters. I'd rather say it should have some cost to be used, maybe discard a card.
  13. Strategy: Turf War, Standard Deployment. Schemes: Hold Up Their Forces, Power Ritual, Outflank, Deliver a Message. Total Time Played: 2.5 hours. Rounds Played: 3. Score: 3(Youko) - 8(Euripides). Youko's crew: Master+totem Bill Algren Hinamatsu Mr. Tannen Kabuki Warrior Kunoichi Geisha 7 stones Euripides' crew: Master+totem Thoon 2x Geryon with Inhuman Reflexes 3x Gigant 3 stones I didn't record all the actions in detail, just brief summary of turns and overall impressions. Turn 1: Youko's Crew claim 2 markers on their half. Primordial Magic gives incorporeal to Euripides and moves to the strategy marker. Geisha moves forward and lures Kabuki Warrior (to lure totem next activation). Geryon blocks LoS to the totem. Warrior moves and lures Geryon with trigger for free attack, deals 3 damage only, Geryon moves back with Butterfly Jump. Gigants make some shots to the Warrior using ability to ignore cover. Bill heals Warrior. Youko's crew moves forward. Euripides makes double move and summons two pillars. Youko moves forward and puts Distracted +2 on Euripides. Turn 2: Youko cheats initiative. Hinamatsu tries to lure Euripides, he cheats 13 and burns some cards from Youko's hand with Wp trigger. Then I made a huge mistake and tried to lure him again. He uses that 13 from discard and completely destroys my hand (1 card left). Euripides doesn't care about Distracted on him and keeps spamming pillars, dealing damage to opponent's crew. He also had a streak of high cards that his crew will reuse to the end of the turn. Youko's crew try to retreat, suffering some additional damage from pillars and Gigants (their attacks ignore friendly fire and cover). At the end of a turn Kabuki Warrior is dead, Youko loses 1 strategy marker, scores 1 VP from strategy, Deliver a Message and Hold Up Their Forces. Euripides claims one marker and scores 1 from strategy. At the end of a day, not the worst outcome for Youko. Turn 3: Youko has pretty good hand. Euripides wins the initiative. Madness begins. Euripides again has a streak of high cards (11-13), adds some cards from his hand and also flips a Red Joker. Cycling those cards with The Old Ways, him and his crew make me pass a series of 18-20 Mv duels also using those cards for defense. Gigants also make a huge impact wih their shooting. At the middle of the turn I was left with Youko, Hinamatsu and Chiyo. My opponent chose Hold Up Their Forces and Deliver a Message too. I surrendered. Thoughts on the game: Really enjoyed playing Youko, she has an interesting mechanics, maybe should look for some models which can deal damage rst Wp to gain more benefit from Distraction ability. About Euripides. His mechanics are insane. If he has a streak of high cards at the start of the turn you are really in trouble. Yes, his models should suffer 1 damage to use The Old Ways, but they have enough wounds to do so and also can ignore it with Incorporeal provided by totem or just heal via Frozen Vigor and Cyclope's Frozen Runes. Having no limit on actions that makes you pass Mv duels (Glacial Shove, Arctic Pull, Shoulder Rush) is dumb. Gigants are too good for 6 stones (shooting stat 6 with blasts ignoring friendly fire, cover and LoS if you need). I'll try to take some models that can remove destructible terrain against him next time (Sidir, Obsidian Oni), but seems it will not work so nice because Euripides has multiple sources of creating pillars and can use them immediately in the same activation, so there is no ability to respond on them. In my opinion, Euripides is too strong at the moment and needs some serious rework. Especially The Old Ways, Frozen Vigor and actions that makes you pass Mv duels. What is your experience of playing against him?
  14. hollow1351


    Could you please list some? Agree. But as I mentioned it's problematic to deal with models that can use stones and have some built in reduction. For example henchman with build it armor or incorporeal. I need to leave him at 1-2 wound to be sure I'll kill him with Succumb To Darkness. Also stones pool limit was increased to 10 this edition. I often see my opponents pick few durable models with some nasty auras and left 10 stones for prevention, e.g. Pandora with upgrade for Butterfly Jump + Candy + Carver. Looks like some kind of archetype in 3rd edition 🤔
  15. hollow1351


    Played Lynch this weekend. A bit disappointed of the master himself. Few thoughts about him: Succumb To Darkness is quiet weak in current version. It requires a lot of preparation and deals only 5 damage max, which is pretty average and comparable to other masters' severe damage, with no triggers and may be reduced via armor/incorporeal/shielded/stones. Let's say we attack henchman with Armor +1. With moderate prevent of 2 this attack will only deal 2 damage. My suggestion is to increase the the max damage to 7-8 or maybe remove it at all. Or make damage from it irreducible. Lack of minions to summon via Succumb To Darkness. I mean, Illuminateds are good, but since lack of ability to deal stable high damage as I described earlier, it requires about 9 brilliance on the same model to cast Succumb To Darkness twice to summon them. Beckoners are good for 5 stones, but they are only Rare(2) and if you want to play via Lure you'll probably include both of them to the crew from beginning. And if you dropped to 6 brilliance when finally killed the model, you can only summon 1 Depleted. Suggestion - let Lynch summon multiple minions with combined cost of number of tokens like other masters do, e.g. 2 Depleteds. Lack of some filler/support action Lynch can use at any time. Now he has weak attack, attack with which is sensitive to friendly fire and Succumb To Darkness which requires a lot of preparation. So in situations when enemy models went into engagement with your models and there are no enough tokens on them, the only thing you can do is to get Concentrate and shoot them with Hidden Pistol (2/3/4 damage only). Suggestion - make Hidden Pistol insensible to Friendly Fire or at least increase its severe damage to 5-6.
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