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  1. hollow1351

    July 2018 Errata

    Good news. Hope now game designers will pay some attention to Zipp. Very annoying master, ignores almost all defensive mechanics, positioning etc.
  2. Hi. There are some mechanics of discarding and attaching upgrades in Ten Thunders (Shenlong's (0) action, Terracotta Warrior) and abilities which grant some benefit from it (Conflux of the Dawn, Kamaitachi's auras). Who is considered discarding/attaching upgrades in these cases? The model who used action to do this? For example, Shenlong discards upgrade from Yu and himself with (0) Monk of Many Styles. Can both of them heal 2 damage, or Shenlong heals 4 from The Dawn Surges (Conflux of the Dawn)? When Terracotta Warrior changes upgrade on the model, who need to be in Kamaitachi's aura (The Winds of Fortune) to draw a card, he or his target?
  3. hollow1351

    Smoke & Shadows/Smoke Grenades LoS

    Thanks. Small addition. Bombs can be placed either in base contact with each other or separately, right? When placed in base contact with each other, are both of them need to be placed in base contact with the user? I mean, the action itself has range 3, not clear why if they can be placed in btb with the user only.
  4. hollow1351

    Initiative Re-Flips

    Only player who used stone. Then second player can use stone too. It's described on page 31 of rulebook (Initiative Phase).
  5. hollow1351

    Smoke & Shadows/Smoke Grenades LoS

    Base contact only? It seems quite strong for Misaki with Deadly Dance. She can't be charged due to no LoS. If someone comes with Walk, she can discard a card, push half a millimiter away and stay within the same marker with no LoS again.
  6. Hi. Both of these upgrades place Smoke Markers which are Ht 5 Blocking Terrain. Terrain traits' wordings: Correct me if I'm mistaken. If model stands completely within Smoke Marker, there is no LoS to it from any side (unlike dense). Where should another model need to be placed to gain LoS to the noted model? In base contact with it? Within Smoke Marker, base contact not needed? Is it possible to gain LoS to such model at all?
  7. hollow1351

    Misaki's The Storm Upgrade

    Hi, addition to the question. Rulebook (pg. 58) says: In case of The Storm upgrade, does it require LoS from both, Misaki and original target, or from Misaki only to deal damage with blasts?
  8. hollow1351

    Holes in Ten Thunders

    My feelings from playing Ten Thunders for about two years: the most "elite" faction, but elite for the most part in cost values: the survival ability of models is average or below average, lack of defence mechanics; expensive support models (Yu, Yin, Lust, Sun Quiang), lack of good cheap scheme runners, outactivated in most games; lack of ability to control opponent's crew, lack of deck filtration mechanics (fixed a bit in 5th wave), no control of activations (can't skip like Nellie, can't chain activate except of few supports), no way to somehow improve the initiative flip; bad damage tracks as mentioned earlier, no versetile instrument to ignore damage reduction; weaker synergies between models in general comparing to other factions. Pros: can easily remove conditions and heal (Chiaki, Low River Monks, Shenlong's upgrade), but become less actual in current meta, because you heal only 1/2/3 or flat 2 with one action while opponent damages more, you'll slowly lose this race; fast faction in general with a lot of move tricks, but usualy determines how fast you'll be viped out from the board. Of course this is subjective, but look, Thunders are unique in that 6 of 8 our masters are duals. Are any of them considered to be tear 1 in their second faction? No. Do they play much better in TT? Not realy, except of Misaki maybe. I can remember only 4 TT players in our country + 1 buddy abroad, all of them switched to another factions or sold their armies (haven't seen their new owners on our events yet).
  9. hollow1351

    Holes in Ten Thunders

    So easily, realy? I can list most of them: Shenlong's crew (focus once per activation), Recalled Training (for stone, requires free slot, one turn only), Dragon Stone (stone, slot, once per game), Mei with burning, Kang (aura against constructs and undeads only), Emissary (1 attack only), Lynch's minions against Briliance. + Don't forget 1for damage will give you a normal flip in most cases, considering that there are less high cards in a deck then low and medium (3 to 5 to 5) you'll get low or moderate more often without cheating. I can say that other factions have as many or even more ways to gainwhen damaged (hard to wound, impossible to wound) + don't forget every master or henchman can use stone to give you additionalfor damage flip. Some Thunder's models also have ability to cheat fate even with negative modifiers (most Onies have flay, Misaki's Storm) but we don't have as many card draw mechanics to effectively use it. P.S. Oh, I forgot Crime Bosses' condition which givesfor damage, but it's not so ultimative, can be removed, model can be immune for conditions + the action itself causes only 1 damage, so you need first work on returning damage vasted by this action, then you'll probbably gain some benefit from it, or not, not sure.
  10. hollow1351

    Holes in Ten Thunders

    Yes, you can do so, but the question is why should you want to take Storm at all, cuz your opponent will position his models such a way in every game. I can remember very little amount of buffs that reqire to stay closer then 2" eg Grave Spirit. The Storm looks too situational after that nerf.
  11. hollow1351

    Holes in Ten Thunders

    Yea, whole 2 models can be blasted by Misaki if you place your models at least 2" from each other.
  12. hollow1351

    Holes in Ten Thunders

    Another blast user Rasputina attacks from 24" (Ice Mirror) and with damage track 3/5/6 with Ice Gamin. The only advantage of Misaki over these two ladies now is that she can put blasts not touching each other which can be handled easily with right positioning.
  13. hollow1351

    Holes in Ten Thunders

    Sonnia covers alot larger aria with her blasts (8" on severe), recives on damage from Papa, can increase her Ca to 9 and can attack from 14" with no risk to be hurt back. Los and cover is no problem for her with emissary. On the other hand, Misaki risks alot when diving into enemy lines to use her blasts. I think better damage track and ignoring damage redaction would be decent compensation for her.
  14. hollow1351

    Playing against swarms

    Maybe we don't even need Storm for it, can be replaced with Stalking Bisento. But not sure. I'll try both variants.
  15. hollow1351

    Playing against swarms

    Hm, you are right, it's Wp7 against Ca6. Notice that you need two 6+ cards to push with Yu + card to push with Kamaitachi + 2 high 1 average cards to cheat with Storm for double severe and moderete to kill guards with blasts. Requires too many cards. I think it can be better to concentrate on Misaki's delivery first turn and save cards to not be pushed out, maybe take defence stance. And from turn 2 try to kill Dashel. It can be even easier with Servant of 5 Dragons, but I dont see any free slot for it.