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  1. It's early to say but I think most of those models will still be playable with Lynch. Beckoners and Depleted for sure.

    Over my past 2 years of playing Malifaux I've been very impressed with the way Wyrd has supported the game and the players. The move to 3e worries me somewhat but I have faith it will be a good thing. Lilith is my favorite Master, I like Lynch and haven't previously played TT, and I was about to buy Collodi. 

    For now we should eat, drink, and paint minis for tomorrow we die.

    (Also excited for TOS)

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  2. On 9/1/2018 at 6:04 AM, Burnin' Coal said:


    @Caedrusand now that Jakob Lynch (who lots of my NB models are based around - so quite a few dollars invested and a lot of hours in painting time)  is not appearing as a master in 3e then I think my road into Malifaux may well be coming to an end and will remain forever in 2e 

    Just so you know: Lynch will be fully playable in 3e. He's going to be TT only but hiring is going very thematic in 3e so he should have access to all or  most of the models you've got for him.

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  3. I can't figure out what to paint this month. I have 15 unpainted Malifaux minis but I just can't seem to get excited to paint any of them. I might go with doing some terrain or I might just pick a mini and start painting it to get the ball rolling. Maybe both.

    What do you all do to make progress when you're uninspired?

  4. 11 hours ago, Purple Mist said:

    @H4ml3t - Original basing choice! I like it! Is it a pool of blood,...or fire? Anyway it's great! congrats!

    Pool of Blood. The phone camera doesn't show it all that well.

    I didn't like that only the ball of one foot would be touching the base so I cut her off just above her knees and modeled her coming up from the blood.

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  5. Finished the Autumn Knights which combined with the 2 Will o'Wisps I finished previously brings me to 27ss this month. Also finished my Femme Fatale entry but those pics and points will have to wait. With some travel coming up this may be all of my hobby progress for the month but hopefully I can get at least a little time in.







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  6. I did quick jobs on 2 Translucent Will o' Wisps for 6ss so far this month. To keep the translucent effect but bring out some detail I left the wings entirely alone and did a light glaze of color-shift purple over the rest of the models. Other than that it was just a little bit of work on their faces and some quick basing. 



    Also have the Autumn Knights ready for paint:


    Almost posted a WIP of my Femme Fatale entry. You'll have to wait on that.



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  7. On 6/25/2018 at 5:06 AM, AmKhaibitu said:

    My group were unable to get through the entire event in time, though they're still keen to progress.
    Needing 2 or 3 sessions, running once a fortnight, means I only got to report one act.

    Dr. Watson is of course one of the chosen few.

    I'm starting Act II tonight lol. It took 2 sessions to get through Act I (we're new and there are a lot of time constraints) but we're having a great time.

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  8. On 6/19/2018 at 11:18 PM, -Loki- said:

    Don’t they normally have it at conventions?

    I think you're right and I've seen it at coventions before. This year they had a table dedicated to demos which was new. I suspect we'll be seeing something new for the game before too long but again I'm just speculating.

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  9. I haven't completed the full Tournament Pack for the Origins Game Fair Malifaux Tournament but here are the basics:

    Saturday June 16 10am-9pm
    32 Players Max
    50ss Single Faction Tournament using the GG18 rules.
    3 or 4 Rounds depending on the number of Players

    Round 1.
    Extraction/Standard Deployment
    Surround Them
    Dig Their Graves
    Undercover Entourage
    Show of Force
    Recover Evidence

    Round 2.
    Ply for Information/Flank Deployment
    Surround Them
    Hold Up Their Forces
    Search the Ruins
    Recover Evidence

    Round 3.
    Headhunter/Close Deployment
    Guarded Treasure
    Covert Breakthrough
    Inescapable Trap
    Take Prisoner
    Public Demonstration

    Round 4.
    Supply Wagons/Standard
    Guarded Treasure
    Set Up
    Inescapable Trap
    Take One for the Team

    Feel free to post here or message me with questions. Full pack should be up tomorrow.

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