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  1. H4ml3t

    Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    The Magpie Syndrome is real. On the plus side your models are looking great. Looking forward to the finished versions.
  2. H4ml3t

    Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    Finished the Autumn Knights which combined with the 2 Will o'Wisps I finished previously brings me to 27ss this month. Also finished my Femme Fatale entry but those pics and points will have to wait. With some travel coming up this may be all of my hobby progress for the month but hopefully I can get at least a little time in.
  3. H4ml3t

    Charlottesville VA 50 SS Tournament

    You should list the date. 😜
  4. H4ml3t

    Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    @Viruk As usual, your work blows me away. Little Viruk continues to be in my thoughts--hoping for the best.
  5. H4ml3t

    Hello from Upstate of SC

    The OP might also check out the Southeastern Malifaux players group on Facebook. I see occasional posts from SC players and Henchmen. Additionally there's several metas in NC.
  6. H4ml3t

    Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    I did quick jobs on 2 Translucent Will o' Wisps for 6ss so far this month. To keep the translucent effect but bring out some detail I left the wings entirely alone and did a light glaze of color-shift purple over the rest of the models. Other than that it was just a little bit of work on their faces and some quick basing. Also have the Autumn Knights ready for paint: Almost posted a WIP of my Femme Fatale entry. You'll have to wait on that.
  7. H4ml3t

    Obsidian Gate Results

    I'm starting Act II tonight lol. It took 2 sessions to get through Act I (we're new and there are a lot of time constraints) but we're having a great time.
  8. H4ml3t

    Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    Moving into July I'm pledging the Autumn Knights, 2x Will o' Wisps and a secret model for Femme Fatale which will bring me to 27ss + ? when done. Looking forward to seeing everyone's work this month.
  9. H4ml3t

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    Proof that I'm back in action: Pandora, Ashes and Dust, and a Nurse for 35ss.
  10. H4ml3t

    A glimmer of hope?

    I think you're right and I've seen it at coventions before. This year they had a table dedicated to demos which was new. I suspect we'll be seeing something new for the game before too long but again I'm just speculating.
  11. H4ml3t

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    After 4 weeks off of painting anything and 7 weeks off of painting Malifaux I got back to it this week and I've been hitting it with renewed interest and energy. So far I've finished Ashes and Dust, Pandora and a Nurse. Pics coming soon and might possibly complete more before the month is out.
  12. H4ml3t

    A glimmer of hope?

    They were selling it at Origins this year which makes me think they have continued plans for it. That's just speculation of course...
  13. I haven't completed the full Tournament Pack for the Origins Game Fair Malifaux Tournament but here are the basics: Saturday June 16 10am-9pm 32 Players Max 50ss Single Faction Tournament using the GG18 rules. 3 or 4 Rounds depending on the number of Players Round 1. Extraction/Standard Deployment Surround Them Dig Their Graves Undercover Entourage Show of Force Recover Evidence Round 2. Ply for Information/Flank Deployment Surround Them Hold Up Their Forces Search the Ruins Recover Evidence Vendetta Round 3. Headhunter/Close Deployment Guarded Treasure Covert Breakthrough Inescapable Trap Take Prisoner Public Demonstration Round 4. Supply Wagons/Standard Guarded Treasure Set Up Inescapable Trap Take One for the Team Vendetta Feel free to post here or message me with questions. Full pack should be up tomorrow.
  14. H4ml3t

    Origins Game Fair 2018 tournament packet?

    I've been buried in work and other boring adult stuff so I haven't finished the packet and details for Origins yet. I'm off work Thursday so I will have everything posted by then for sure. Thanks for your patience.