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  1. ... this trigger is garbage.
  2. In rules i find only 2 sentences about "away" movement and they don’t really clarify the situation. Formally, such a movement is possible while 2 points are being executed:
  3. Hi guys. Please tell me, will the “Under Pressure” trigger work if Lucius applies the command on his own? And if it works, then how?
  4. In this case, what does the aura affect? On the model? No - there’s a 3 "distance wording, not an aura. To the marker? Also no - the game state of the marker does not change.
  5. Guys, do I understand correctly that 2 investigators, after false evidence, can theoretically push the model 4 times?
  6. Hi guys. In connection with the release of GG0, an important question arose about corrupted idols. Now, idols markers are created, not dropped, and the explanation about how to place them if the location is blocked by another marker has disappeared. In this regard, a problem arises - for example, Kaeris can fill the center line with its pyre markers and strategy markers cannot be placed at all. The question is - is this just what was intended or is it just a mistake in the rules?
  7. I agree with almost everything that was written above. However, it seems to me that we forgot about the main thing that needs to be changed - these are guild upgrades. Obviously, compared to upgrades from other fractions, our weakest ones are in terms of variability, and Expert Marksman upgrade is not needed at all at the moment.
  8. In this case, another question arises: Do models with a gunfighter have any engaging?
  9. Hi guys. I recently acquired Nellie and played one game for her, after which I had a discussion with my opponent. The situation was as follows: Parker has a "gunfighter" ability, the Journalist is next to him at 1", and Nelly targets Parker with the action “One more question.” The question is - Parker engaging the Journalist? The opponent say that since there is a word "may" in the description of the ability, he himself chooses whether he is engaging model at any given moment or not. But it seems to me somewhat wrong, because then it turns out that he can keep models in the engaging, but at t
  10. All scavengers must be handicapped with mechanical prostheses - this would be themed and consistent with the model card, since they have the "clockwork arm" action, and of the 3 scavengers, only one girl has such device.
  11. Hi guys, i have "One more question!" question. We have enemy model with Slow condition. This model targeted by action "One more question!" with trigger "Prey of nothingness". How are the effects worked out in this case? Slow condtition from action applies before triggering or after? Ie, can we remove the current Slow condition on the trigger, and then put it again at the expense of the current action?
  12. Ok. Then what is "controling crew"?
  13. Greetings gentlemen. I had a dispute with my comrades on the subject of some moments related to the control of enemy models. I have my position on these issues, but I decided to ask a question here in order to either confirm it or refute it. So: 1. If I use Obey on an enemy model and it does an interact action to drop a scheme marker - will this marker be enemy or friendly to my crew? 2. If I use Obey on an enemy model and it does an interact action to change alignment of a neutral strategy marker in Turf War's strategy, will the marker become friendly or enemy to my crew? 3. If
  14. Okay, guys, I have one stupid question - should the model's base be completely in the shadow to block LoS to it, or is it only enough to have a partial location?
  15. It's just 1 action per model with lower stat and 4 SS cost...doubtful. And in Neverborns they look better than in the Guild, since there are practically no other tactical actions for copying in our faction.
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