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  1. And i am right Reading that a tot can grow in hayreddin? The most interesting thing Will Be playng vs resser eating their corpse marker but wait, the nekima totem Is.... A pig?
  2. Not yet played her ( i Will, with dreamy and Pandora) so wondering, the new grow system and disponibility of the models ( twin twin ) let me wonder how Easy Is to grow models. First i am sad i can't see any way to create terror tot and only be' able to hire Just 3. Then i have a Wide selection of tot growings ( lelu lilitu Young and even shaman i understood?) But then, i May only have 2 mature on the field. Is this right? Or i have missed something? Is grow list viable or growing Is an added bonus and not a main tactic with nekima?
  3. I repeat, i have faith that not soon, maybe, but se will see the "excluded ones" again. Even in m2e base book there were all the m1 masters
  4. By the way, nothing says nobody returns later in m3, Like they did for mk1 master returned later, i was not there but i understood that at launch only three master for faction were updated And in the ma in book. Collodi may return, And ad BG goes on nobody can say that, maybe, Hoffman frees some beardy guy or that a good girl go bad ad broke free from her prison while healing for now. And what mean death to a resurrectionist? I hope for good twist in the story...
  5. Well but depressione give the possibility to get the right trigger for sure, helping with wp test on pandy...
  6. Yes maybe is a bad plan but I thought then to use summoned models like lelu lilitu or stitched to outright kill enemy scoring models so to leave relatively safe my starting crew while gaining some extra activation ( especially stitched) while with sleep cycles I can get more mileage out of chain activation. That way should be legit
  7. OH shit didn't see that well i I can always try to kill his model with summoned models and score with my original models but instead models like young/mature or silurids "evolved" doesn't count too?
  8. The first three strategy are public execution, ply for information and ours! for the first two Pandora voices with fugue state can be really hard to counter. The third is controlling quarter with ss value of models. So I thought very valuable a summoning dreamer. What about it?
  9. I'm wondering, why not summoning dreamer on ours? He can generate more models to contest a quarter....
  10. Well' I think it is easier to find the best 2 master for each scenario, the better one for the strategy and a "backup" master IF...
  11. Pandora,dreamer,collodi,zoraida,lilith. I have those 5 masters, wich one do you advice TO take for the gg18 scenarios for march? Didnt play those scenario, but i feel that a Pandora can be a pain in the Ass for AT least a pair scenario ( voices Pandora with fugue state) . What do you advice ?
  12. second game: Headhunter, Claim jump, Eliminate the leadrship, Dig their graves, Covert breakthrough e Hunting party I choose dig graves and hunting. he choose dig graves and covert breakthrough. again arcanist he choose ironsides the captain the showgirl henchmen 2x ironsomething pistoleers' 2x soulstone miner I choose Pandora 6 stone voices,depression,fugue state primordial magic lelu satisfyng punishment lilitu,doppleganger,teddy 🐻, one sorrow, one terror tot. I start well luring one gunsmith with three lure from doppelganger and lilitu two , between a pouncy lelu and teddy.. Dead, first head for me. from here I start to lose track, he pull with captain the terror tot where is finished from the gunsmith , and its head recovered by a soulstone miner. we exchange many shots and blow, but aside from a few wound here and there nobody else die . With the last soulminer by the end of the third turn, he score three points of undercover entourage, so the game ends . Maybe I was more conservative here in regards of lelu that did nothing, basically, I killed the gunsmith first turn so no point and teddy, Pandora , double misery can't kill a captain or miner... Ironsides was afraid to gets amidst my group so stayed lot of time away from Los. Didn't considered very well the schemes here, probably. Third game ressers with...reva vs dreamer summoner!
  13. yes it was more proficient to reach range and incite with Pandora. Should have tried better but totally forgot about the coryphée duet that can activate AND charge the same turn it is summoned and I lose lelu, I was really under luck won very few duels in general in this game... But hey its fate!
  14. soooo thanks you all For the advice! I had keep advantage or draw for the majority of the games but lost due to a bit of unluck and a lot of inexperience at the end of the game... first game First turn: Turf war, Claim jump, Accusation, Dig their graves, Show of force e A quick murder I took Pandora box, aether connection 2x sorrow 2x madness lelu satisfyng punishment lilitu, doppleganger, primordial magic. I chose claim jump and dig the graves. he play mei Feng arcanist, performer, 2x coryphee, the guy w two mechanicals arms and axe, and a m&Su hechmen with a hammer. The two henchmen had some warding rune, and an upgrade that can be discarded to draw card and to gain fast. Mei Feng got one to get a positive on initiative, one for an extra card in hand and something else. I won the first initiative , choose to go second, and advance on the center for turf war, lelu very forward with his pounce . He advance with everything but I forgot that coryphee can form the duet... And this move and charge lelu killing him. with my three remaining activation I can't win a WP duel over the coryphée ( doppleganger, Pandora,lilitu ) over 7 duels I won initiative, the duet is into 3 misery auras, I activate Pandora but. can't win one over three duels, he activate it and run away to hit the madness on the right. The one on the left drop a scheme middleline on extreme left. the rest of the army advance but can't win over WP duels due to the twice vent steam over meifeng. he score turf wars and show of force. I score turf. third turn Pandora gets attacked but wins defence and pulls in the middle of meifeng and two henchmen. Incite three times , only three damage on one henchman for a single WP duel failed ok we go on but he score another sof and a turf point, I can get a turf and a claim jump thanks to pukey on the extreme right. Final result 3-7 for him. This game I got extremely unluky. Most of the time targets were under double negative from the steam vent action of mei Feng, but won one just over 12-15 WP clean duels.... I could have kept more distance from the centerline with right madness, to deploy the scheme marker and score one additional claim jump, and I should had be more cautious with lelu ( completely forgot of the duet summon wich can be activated, mea culpa) ..... the rest coming soon
  15. i did pandora pandora dreamer, won wooden spoon! Look out For br!
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