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  1. Hello everybody, I have a doubt, I read here and there about all the summoning dreamer I'd capable of, but in respect to the 2nd Ed, his summon action is only once for activation. There is widow and vasilisa Which can help summoning. But I am losing some aspect? So I ask :how to summon with dreamer? Wha when where? When and if summon multiple model? My consideration Usually I try madness/stitched. Maybe a twin daydream if needed or alp. If take vasilisa or widow they are in charge of stitched, As I am with very few games played I am still trying to understand
  2. Sooo of the thing I do not have... Serena,hooded, hayreddin the grootslang the bandersnatch, the wisp/adze all of the fae and savage kw. Plus all the non released item of course. It was a big lot from 2nd Ed. I think for now I will focus on dreamy Pandora and try out Zoraida and Nekima. I'll buy for sure Serena and will see what other pieces I may absolutely need. Thanks a lot!
  3. Ooohh thanks I always used it the other way 😱😱 well now I understood the thing, yes I know that in the scenario presented it would be very rare to ping misery 18 times, but it was just to understand the timing. Well well now time to experiment! And list building!!
  4. Maybe I am not using the misery correctly. If me and an opponent have 3 model each I use woe with misery, how many time I can ping with misery? Once for each model activation ( so theoretically each of my model can activate misery 6 times each, once for each model activation or only once for the entire activation phase so I can use misery just 3 time each turn in this scenario??
  5. I'll start to thank you all. Of what you advise me need to buy Serena hooded rider and the second mature. Then for starting Titania a good start may be the box, rougarou and killjoy then?
  6. Hello everyone. Short story: Collected models during m2e but played very few games. Following m3e wanna start play again, just needed few advice on the master survived of my collection  I have still valid: Nekima Zoraida Pandora Dreamer Wich of the pieces not included in the starters do you feel is best to have for each keyword? Can you suggest the best 3 model "extra starter" you feel is required for those 4 masters? And maybe the 3 best universal nb models to have? Was already released the pig totem of Nekima? I have also the feeling to expand with Titania and Euripedes crew, also there Wich are the best 3 instant buy beyond the starter (at least for Titania, as I intended Euripedes crew is still not released) For Titania I thought of starter and rougarou, then maybe bultungin. Thanks in advance Daniel
  7. Just curious to Know what happened to him. Where I can find some info?
  8. And i am right Reading that a tot can grow in hayreddin? The most interesting thing Will Be playng vs resser eating their corpse marker but wait, the nekima totem Is.... A pig?
  9. Not yet played her ( i Will, with dreamy and Pandora) so wondering, the new grow system and disponibility of the models ( twin twin ) let me wonder how Easy Is to grow models. First i am sad i can't see any way to create terror tot and only be' able to hire Just 3. Then i have a Wide selection of tot growings ( lelu lilitu Young and even shaman i understood?) But then, i May only have 2 mature on the field. Is this right? Or i have missed something? Is grow list viable or growing Is an added bonus and not a main tactic with nekima?
  10. I repeat, i have faith that not soon, maybe, but se will see the "excluded ones" again. Even in m2e base book there were all the m1 masters
  11. By the way, nothing says nobody returns later in m3, Like they did for mk1 master returned later, i was not there but i understood that at launch only three master for faction were updated And in the ma in book. Collodi may return, And ad BG goes on nobody can say that, maybe, Hoffman frees some beardy guy or that a good girl go bad ad broke free from her prison while healing for now. And what mean death to a resurrectionist? I hope for good twist in the story...
  12. Well but depressione give the possibility to get the right trigger for sure, helping with wp test on pandy...
  13. Yes maybe is a bad plan but I thought then to use summoned models like lelu lilitu or stitched to outright kill enemy scoring models so to leave relatively safe my starting crew while gaining some extra activation ( especially stitched) while with sleep cycles I can get more mileage out of chain activation. That way should be legit
  14. OH shit didn't see that well i I can always try to kill his model with summoned models and score with my original models but instead models like young/mature or silurids "evolved" doesn't count too?
  15. The first three strategy are public execution, ply for information and ours! for the first two Pandora voices with fugue state can be really hard to counter. The third is controlling quarter with ss value of models. So I thought very valuable a summoning dreamer. What about it?
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