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    Pandora Tactica

    I am wanting to come back to Pandora for a while and wanted to play the brawler style. Not optimal i know but i find it fun. Whats the latest take on the must haves for brawler Pandora? if possible i want to take Kade and a Teddy just because, i want not lose every game but am happy to not be optimised and go with theme instead. Pandy, Kade, Teddy, Poltergoost, 3 sorrows, iggy, what else?
  2. Saucy Jack

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Malifaux child is so boring. Too efficient and appears everywhere
  3. As if the cache ever balanced them anyway. Competitive players will make their choices on number crunching and others will still choose the masters they enjoy playing, subpar or not.
  4. Saucy Jack

    Whiskey golem with Mah?

    As an alt beater is the golem ok with mah? I’m trying to avoid the usual Francois/ Burt thing (I know they are a thing for good reason)
  5. Saucy Jack

    Ressers Keywords M3E

    Well Von Schtook is supposedly a necromancer as well as academic so he is going to need keyword to raise! Molly will get all the content of her box and i can see the the other horrors as well, it says she is leaving summoning behind and becoming a control master so she is going to need a good sized pool to hire. Seamus is obviously going to get Belles of all types in his pool. Reva i think will get maybe draugr and her box stuff. Kirai spirits Mcmourning will get his box set stuff plus probably any other abomination style like kentauroi etc Question is what kind of keyword will the various henchmen like Asura and Mortimer get?
  6. Saucy Jack

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Bigger crads are fine by me Im 47 and my eyes are going so i find it harder and harder to read the small text.
  7. Saucy Jack

    Super buggy since update...

    works on ios when you skip the totem until the end then it locks it up. Thank for the tip
  8. Saucy Jack

    m3e faction announce

    Looking forward to it...Gremmm...err Bayou will probably become my main faction now as my other favourite faction lost my favourite master in Nicodem.
  9. Saucy Jack

    Nicodem Players - Dealing with the nerf

    I’m still excited to play but it takes the gloss off is all.
  10. Saucy Jack

    Nicodem Players - Dealing with the nerf

    Yeah I find it disappointing. Nico and Ramos are my favourite masters.
  11. Saucy Jack

    Nicodemus M3E?

    This just sucks. He is my main master and the reason I got in Malifaux. I played him before he became the flavour of the month and have been playing him since the cuddle. If the reason is they plan to release a new version of Nico as a liche lord seeing as he is now dead then I can accept that 😁
  12. Saucy Jack

    Manos looks awesome.

    Ooooooh interesting, sounds good.
  13. Saucy Jack

    The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp

    Great thread keep it up. Reva is on my painting table so I’m interested in your bat reps
  14. Ressers are my main but my gremlins are close behind. I have an old metal pandora crew I’d like to try and Collodi really interests me. Always wanted to play Sonnia but no other masters in guild interest me and I prefer at least two masters in a faction. I have a Ramos crew but again I can decide on a second master in the faction. I have no real interest in any of outcasts masters. Ten thunders I believe I am about to become the owner of a nice painted collection with Shen long and Asami as the masters.
  15. Saucy Jack

    Nicodem Players - Dealing with the nerf

    Here is what I do now. A usual list for me is Nico with necrotic king, undertaker and reaper grin. Then asura roten bête noire and a beater like Izamu. 3 rotten belles. I usually activate asura first to get a zombie. Then I’ll activate nico and pop the undead crowning which gives the belles positive flips on their lures. I raise a punk zombie or kentauroi and then decay him to heal or make fast. Then the belles pick an enemy model and lure him all the way over so Izamu, bête and punk can kill it. One of them usually lures nico up or kentauroi moves him so everyone is in the bubble. Works well. I normally take crews apart piece by piece. If I need to be more schemes I go with necropunks instead of bête and use nico positive ca flips to get their first leap off easier.
  16. Saucy Jack

    How to differentiate war pigs?

    I have two war pigs to put together and I am wondering how to differentiate them. Has anyone some to show?
  17. Saucy Jack

    How to differentiate war pigs?

    Bit more sculpting to do to make it flow better
  18. Saucy Jack

    How to differentiate war pigs?

    think i solved it....meet Conan the war pig
  19. Greetings, I find it hard to find a a good use for Anna. is there a particular crew she is good with? What is she good for?
  20. Saucy Jack

    Sandeep experiences so far?

    I put my Sandeep crew together today and undercoated them. So whats the verdict thus far? What does his crew look like normally? What is the theoryfaux at the moment about him? Im thinking about a gunline of oxfordian mages with the captain and some wind gamin to run schemes. I would be very interested to hear others ideas
  21. Saucy Jack

    Speeding up game play

    Hmm tricky....all you can do is play your activations as fast as you can...if you feel an opponent is going too slow you can always have a chat to the TO....
  22. Saucy Jack

    Somers many styles?

    What styles of crew can Somer play and what do these crews comprise of? I know he can play summon and gun line but what else?
  23. Saucy Jack

    Nicodem woes.

    Having some troubles with Nicodem at the moment. I get a bit flustered and cant work out what to buy in the crew to start with and when to summon what. I find i am trying to summon hanged early but am i better waiting? I also feel like my positioning is wrong. Where do you put your Nico and how does the crew look like on setup? Is it worth hiring in some condition removal? he is my first and most loved master so i would like to take him as much as i can.
  24. Playing around with my lists and I thought about the fact that I always look to get a henchman in. is it necessary? can you survive with just and enforcer? Whats your experience been? I dropped Mortimer from my Nico crew and have been playing competitively and enjoying it. I have been using Sybelle with some Belles but in all honesty I could do without her and thought maybe a couple of enforcers would be better....
  25. Saucy Jack

    Nicodem woes.

    @Kadeton @Vorschlag @DefyingReality @LordZombie Ran the crew today in a small 3 game touney and won it! First game- Had a very schemey pool against gremlins first game. Took Nico with necrotic king, maniacal laugh and undertaker. Sybelle and her two upgrades. Bête noire 3 belles and 2 necro punks Somer summoned gremlins and I lured them over to me to get some corpse markers. Summoned hanged and whispers somer. Then lure him over and finished with punk zombie. Got detonate and leave your mark with necros and extraction was easy bête took Burt Jebsen out in one flurry. 10 -3 to me 2nd game-against Reva. Headhunter and show of force and quick murder. Replaced the necropunks with killjoy. Big bash up in the middle I kept meuhaha corpse markers so Reva couldn't do as much Killed the budgie early with bête kept getting show of force and headhunter was pretty good but very close. Last game against Lucius with blind deployment. Ran out of time with collect the bounty, marked for death and neutralise the leader. Only got to turn 3 but Lucius was almost dead....killed dashel turn 2 so got a few points. Overall fun and I'm enjoying my crew. Still lots to learn