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  1. Saucy Jack

    Similar masters to Reva?

    Trying to think of what it is is Im enjoying i guess its the setup and the way she does it all through the corpses but still needs to dance around and keep fluid. Hard to quantify. I like the mobility and the simplicity, there isnt a lot of choice as to what she does with her activation.
  2. Saucy Jack

    Similar masters to Reva?

    Greetings all. I have played my first two games with Reva and I am enjoying the play style. What other masters play in a similar style. Sonnia? Raspy?
  3. Saucy Jack


    Why is this so?
  4. Who is the best master to take on Pandora? I have little luck against her locking down the board and paralysing and chipping away. Any advice?
  5. Saucy Jack

    Couple of Reva questions

    Thank you for your advice. I ended up against a Collodi crew so the lampad was less useful. I won 4-3 we both failed to score any schemes! Reva died turn 3 due to poor positioning by me but the damage had been done and by turn 4 i had killed collodi and hooded rider his only two big models. I took Reva, carrion emissary, Phillip and the nanny, lampad, necro punk and two belles. Belles did great work pulling stuff away or closer to corpse markers. the emissary is so good with Reva which makes me happy as its a model I love and never seem to find room for it with my other masters. As it was my first game with her i feel i will improve my positioning of her and get to know the synergies better. Im thinking about taking 2 shield bearers and one belle instead of the necro and two belles. I get too hung up on the card draw by Philip and the nanny and don't use the model to its best i feel.
  6. Saucy Jack

    Couple of Reva questions

    Greetings I am finally playing Reva this week and i have a few questions. Her trigger on ethereal reaping says if she discards a corpse marker within 3" of the target she gets +1 damage. Can she discard a corpse marker she has just used via strength of the fallen? The final veil says when another non-peon model is killed within 8 she heals 1 damage. I assume this means enemy models as well? Both Ethereal reaping and life drain are useable through Strength of the fallen? if you were taking her in this scheme pool what your crew look like? Ours, Guarded treasure, Dig their graves, undercover entourage, take prisoner and recover evidence.
  7. Saucy Jack

    Need help with Molly

    Great beginning and good crew. Need some punk zombies for summoning!
  8. Saucy Jack

    Molly Crew thoughts and advice.

    Great stuff and good luck!
  9. Saucy Jack

    Molly Crew thoughts and advice.

    Good solid list. Does the normal Molly stuff. Get Molly in their face ASAP and summon those punks. Beware of anything that turns off triggers, Molly needs to be able to discard damage to survive. Sybelle is good to call belle if Molly needs to be pulled out of trouble. Good luck!
  10. Saucy Jack

    Need help with Molly

    Belles bring so very much to any crew. If you really don’t want Seamus then buy the belle box.
  11. Saucy Jack

    Need help with Molly

    Definitely pick up the Seamus box. Sybelle is good with molly. Depending on which way you want to go with her you need punk zombies to summon. if you want overlap with Kirai then go spirit molly and get Datsue Bae. She is good on both Kirai and Molly crews. Izamu is also a good pick up for spirit Molly. hanged are a must have to summon for spirit Molly i think. It all comes down to how you want to play her, horror or spirit?
  12. The horsemen will probably be versatile i think?
  13. Saucy Jack

    Best spam lists?

    What are the better spam lists that actually compete. I’m thinking Somer with 7gremlins and 4 piglets type lists. Anyone else?
  14. Saucy Jack

    Starting Ophelia

    Are people taking one or two ironskeeters?
  15. Saucy Jack

    Malifaux at Moab

    Paid too. Looking forward to it