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  1. Old Major

    Nicodem woes.

    I love the look on opponents faces as they nervously glance at the model sitting on his card waiting to unbury....its same look I get when I face him! lol....... @Kadeton whats your thoughts on Bete Noire then?
  2. Old Major

    Nicodem woes.

    So something like Nico- necrotic King, Maniacal Laugh and Undertaker Sybelle- not too banged up and bleeding tongue Izamu- decaying aura 3 belles Necropunk Forget about summoning until some corpse markers appear. What about the Vulture to go out and grab corpse markers and bring them back to Nicodem? Thanks guys....you have re-energised me!
  3. Old Major

    Nicodem woes.

    @Kadeton Love it....i really want to try something different! So no corpse bloat or markers to start the game? Whats your thoughts on killjoy? I love the big fatman....expensive but he reminds me of WoW abominations
  4. So you declare ressers and so does your opponent. Who is the best anti -resser resser?
  5. I hear very little about this little guy and admit I myself dont even own him even though i have 90% of the Resser faction painted. Does anyone use him? What is he good for? Any particular master he is good with?
  6. Old Major

    Bitefaux on Madaxeman.com

    Very entertaining thanks for sharing.
  7. Old Major

    Advice for a tournament?

    Yin is great with Seamus. With rasing more Belle's and or Doxies your list is great.
  8. Old Major

    Nicodem Starting Guide / Tactics

    Interesting...I have been thinking about Datsue Bae in my Nicodem crew.....be interested to see peoples experiences
  9. Old Major

    Nicodem Newbie Needs Advice

    Looks pretty good....if thats too much you could get by without the Molly box for now....i used to use the crooligans all the time but i love necropunks now and to be honest i hardly ever can fit Phillip in...i like Sybelle as a second henchwoman....or Sebastian if you go down the Poison Nico route
  10. Old Major

    Gunline Somer- whats involved?

    So i am thinking about Gunline Somer just for something different to my other crews. What does his crew look like in this? Any advice on using it would be appreciated as well
  11. Old Major

    Gunline Somer- whats involved?

    Thanks guys. Much appreciated.
  12. Old Major

    Nicodem Starting Guide / Tactics

    My experiences thus far with Nicodem. I have come back to him after making a Yan Lo and then Ramos detour and I am convinced that he can act in a way that is similar to Ramos in some games and more traditionally in others. Is Mortimer a road block to trying new things? Its seems everyone looks at you strange if you mention not taking Mortimer and perhaps putting Corpse Bloat on someone else maybe even Nicodem himself. I get told not to try to reinvent the wheel and i get that, the whole Morty ripping out a spleen then finding a bone is an efficient way to get the summon machine online but how to play Nico where his summoning is a support thing rather than the central thing he does. Maybe I am just playing it wrong but I get carried away with summoning and forget the strats and schemes
  13. Old Major

    Who is the best anti-resser resser?

    OK so what is the best resser counter to Reva then? Apart from Reva....McMOurning?
  14. Old Major

    Nicodem Newbie Needs Advice

    Nico was my first master and my favourite. I went crazy and bought pretty much the whole faction but barely use a third of it. Auto includes for me are a nurse and Mortimer. Then a beat stick. I love killjoy but he is very expensive and Izamu has some good synergy with :positive flip. I'm in two minds on the whole net wisdom of only hiring what you can't raise. I think it is imperative that you hire a scheme runner if the pool needs one. The later you get going on schemes I find the harder they are to finish. Necropunks are a good tough scheme runners.
  15. People tell me not to use Bete with Nico as he wants to use that 10 she needs. So I am wondering what masters is she best with? Are there any that have a certain synergy with Bete?
  16. Old Major

    Forgotten Marshall

    Its still a viable tactic but its situational and takes a bit to set up. I look forward to trying him out.
  17. Old Major

    Best beatstick with Nicodem

    I havent got Datsue Ba but i will purchase her this week...sounds like fun
  18. Old Major

    Help Pick Colette or Ramos

    I'd go Ramos. A little more straight forward than Colette i think. I have been playing Ramos for a few months and he is good. Summon spiders support other models. Joss and Howard are great.
  19. Old Major

    Carrion Effigy- anyone use him?

    Shame...i love all the effigy models
  20. Old Major

    Are all the avatars count as Emissary?

    THank you....I intend to get the real TT emissary for when she plays TT because Dragon !
  21. I have just picked up the Ramos and Rasputina Avatars. They are nice models and I would like to use them. Can they both count as the emissary? I would like to use raspies in her crew and Ramos in Mei Fengs crew (kind get Ramos in both crews that way!)
  22. Is anyone using the thrall and if so what are they using to proxy him?
  23. Im jumping into a 35ss game next week and i have to paint up the crew. I have Daws box but can also access anything else the starts and schemes are Deployment:Corner Strat: Extraction Schemes: Convict labour, Show of force, Hunting Party, Covert Breakthrough, Catch and Release. I was wondering if anyone could suggest a crew and whats schemes to take this will be my first ever game with Jack Daw.
  24. Im jumping into a slow grow league week two and the second week is a master lead 35ss crew. I am thinking about either jack daw or sonnia . The strats and schemes are Deployment:Corner Strat: Extraction Schemes: Convict labour, Show of force, Hunting Party, Covert Breakthrough, Catch and Release. I was thinking about this list Sonnia with badge of office and cherufe's imprint, Ryle with a debt to the guild, a witchling handler and 2 witchling stalkers. Probably take hunting party and not sure on second scheme Any advice for me please?
  25. Hi there, I would love to get a hold of the translucent Tara and Lynch crews. I am also desperately wanting the Dark Carnivals crew in any condition (apart from wrecked). If anyone has them and wishes to sell let me know!