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    How to differentiate war pigs?

    I have two war pigs to put together and I am wondering how to differentiate them. Has anyone some to show?
  2. Old Major

    How to differentiate war pigs?

    Bit more sculpting to do to make it flow better
  3. Old Major

    How to differentiate war pigs?

    think i solved it....meet Conan the war pig
  4. Greetings, I find it hard to find a a good use for Anna. is there a particular crew she is good with? What is she good for?
  5. Old Major

    Sandeep experiences so far?

    I put my Sandeep crew together today and undercoated them. So whats the verdict thus far? What does his crew look like normally? What is the theoryfaux at the moment about him? Im thinking about a gunline of oxfordian mages with the captain and some wind gamin to run schemes. I would be very interested to hear others ideas
  6. Old Major

    Speeding up game play

    Hmm tricky....all you can do is play your activations as fast as you can...if you feel an opponent is going too slow you can always have a chat to the TO....
  7. Old Major

    Somers many styles?

    What styles of crew can Somer play and what do these crews comprise of? I know he can play summon and gun line but what else?
  8. Old Major

    Nicodem woes.

    Having some troubles with Nicodem at the moment. I get a bit flustered and cant work out what to buy in the crew to start with and when to summon what. I find i am trying to summon hanged early but am i better waiting? I also feel like my positioning is wrong. Where do you put your Nico and how does the crew look like on setup? Is it worth hiring in some condition removal? he is my first and most loved master so i would like to take him as much as i can.
  9. Playing around with my lists and I thought about the fact that I always look to get a henchman in. is it necessary? can you survive with just and enforcer? Whats your experience been? I dropped Mortimer from my Nico crew and have been playing competitively and enjoying it. I have been using Sybelle with some Belles but in all honesty I could do without her and thought maybe a couple of enforcers would be better....
  10. Old Major

    Nicodem woes.

    @Kadeton @Vorschlag @DefyingReality @LordZombie Ran the crew today in a small 3 game touney and won it! First game- Had a very schemey pool against gremlins first game. Took Nico with necrotic king, maniacal laugh and undertaker. Sybelle and her two upgrades. Bête noire 3 belles and 2 necro punks Somer summoned gremlins and I lured them over to me to get some corpse markers. Summoned hanged and whispers somer. Then lure him over and finished with punk zombie. Got detonate and leave your mark with necros and extraction was easy bête took Burt Jebsen out in one flurry. 10 -3 to me 2nd game-against Reva. Headhunter and show of force and quick murder. Replaced the necropunks with killjoy. Big bash up in the middle I kept meuhaha corpse markers so Reva couldn't do as much Killed the budgie early with bête kept getting show of force and headhunter was pretty good but very close. Last game against Lucius with blind deployment. Ran out of time with collect the bounty, marked for death and neutralise the leader. Only got to turn 3 but Lucius was almost dead....killed dashel turn 2 so got a few points. Overall fun and I'm enjoying my crew. Still lots to learn
  11. Old Major

    Must-have models for Kirai

    Izamu, Datsue Ba, Shikome and the Goryo when they are released. Summmon in hanged too always hanged!
  12. Does anyone hire any of the mercenaries in their crews? I have considered Johan once or twice....even though Chiaki can do the condition removal Johan can fight a bit too. What about hiring Taelor against Kirai to bash that Ikyro good? Trappers? I have hired Killjoy lots but as he is undead it feels like it doesn't count
  13. Old Major

    Dead Rider- thoughts?

    I have never seen a resser player take the dead rider including myself. I have heard fellow ressers say that he is "crap". Maybe in comparison to the mech rider he is inferior. Does a nyone use him and what sort of crews is he good in?
  14. Old Major

    Izamu or Rogue Necro?

    I am enjoying my current run with Nicodem and I have been using Izamu. I am thinking about giving the RN a go. Who do you prefer? I have found Izamu great but he seems to be lacking something in the punch stakes at times. What's your experiences and who do you prefer?
  15. Old Major

    Nicodem woes.

    I do have the Reva box so ill give them a try sometime but not in the Necrotic King setup....I am trying to make sure the crew is all undead......the standard crew I have been using and it seems to be able to cover most strats and schemes Nicodem- Undertaker, Maniacal Laugh an Necrotic King Madame Sybelle- Not too banged up and Bleeding tongue Izamu- Decaying Aura 3 Belles Necropunk The necropunk has been so good getting me anywhere from 3-6 points most games. Its the strats I am having problems with. Guard the stash has been quite hard s I don't like to split up the crew.
  16. Old Major

    Izamu or Rogue Necro?

    Ill persevere with Izamu at the moment Yes to all of that.....except the graveyard spirit....I might be able to find the points to include him...cheers
  17. Old Major

    Nicodem woes.

    Reactivate being the reason i guess? what else can they add to the crew? Are you thinking tank?
  18. So I am putting my Ulix crew together and it seems a waste to leave these guys on the sprue. Under what circumstances are they useful? I would love to give them a go....then what do i drop? At the moment I have planned to take Ulix, Old Major, Merris, Old Cranky, The Sow and a slop hauler. feels a bit thin on the ground but i guess Piglets will be coming in as fast as I can at first.
  19. Old Major

    Nicodem woes.

    @Kadeton Well I tried it out today. I played against a mates Dreamer crew. He is very experienced and has played the game for a while, i have never beaten him. I took Nicodem- Necrotic King, Maniacal Laughter and Undertaker. Sybelle with Not too Banged up and Bleeder lash. Izamu with decaying aura, 3 belles and a necro punk Strat was headhunter and schemes where convict, hunting party, show of force, covert breakthrough and detonate the charges. I took hunting party and covert breakthrough. I should have taken detonate instead of Hunting Party. He had Dreamer, Nekima, Teddy, some daydreams and widow weaver. Highlights of the game- first turn belle lure of widow weaver across the board to be bashed by Izamu. Nekima whispered by a summoned hanged and then lured into Izamu to finish her. Sybelle tanked the Teddy and killed him. Necropunk went off and got me covert. All of those positive flips form Nicodem was incredible. Belles luring with positive flips!! I didnt play as well as I could have I kept forgetting to Mwuhahahaha and so missed out on the card draws all game , lesson learned for next time. I ended up winning 7-5 missing out on the damn hunting party! I really need to think about my schemes more. My opponent loved my list and thought i played it better than i have since beginning my addiction. A few tweaks and remembering other things and I feel good about the list. Im taking it to a one day tourney on the weekend. Thank you Kadeton and all who have contributed!
  20. Im coming back to my first master having played a good variety of masters over a few months (still havent been playing for six months!) Now that i know the game better i really want to have a good run with Nicodem. First thing i am wondering is what is the best beater for Nicodem? I played a fair bot of Ramos and i liked having Hank. Im thinking I would probably enjoy Killjoy. I ahve -played a bot of Yan Lo and like Izamu too. Rogue Necro looks like fun. Which beater do you use with Nicodem?
  21. Old Major

    Best beatstick with Nicodem

    Im thinking the on Belles lures will make them even more broken........not to mention Hanged
  22. Old Major

    Nicodem woes.

    So assuming i take Sybelle who do you recommend as my beater? I like Izamu and i havent been able to get the Valedictorian to work for me.
  23. Old Major

    Nicodem woes.

    I love the look on opponents faces as they nervously glance at the model sitting on his card waiting to unbury....its same look I get when I face him! lol....... @Kadeton whats your thoughts on Bete Noire then?
  24. Old Major

    Nicodem woes.

    So something like Nico- necrotic King, Maniacal Laugh and Undertaker Sybelle- not too banged up and bleeding tongue Izamu- decaying aura 3 belles Necropunk Forget about summoning until some corpse markers appear. What about the Vulture to go out and grab corpse markers and bring them back to Nicodem? Thanks guys....you have re-energised me!
  25. Old Major

    Nicodem woes.

    @Kadeton Love it....i really want to try something different! So no corpse bloat or markers to start the game? Whats your thoughts on killjoy? I love the big fatman....expensive but he reminds me of WoW abominations