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  1. Mah’s Wooden Spoon

    Malifaux Demos in Hurstville, NSW

    Might try to make it for a game this thursday mate.
  2. Mah’s Wooden Spoon

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    What i dislike about an edition change in any game is all the speculation that is accepted as fact. Nothing wrong with speculation but it is just that. Lets wait and see whats in store, we don't know definitively a vast majority yet. I understand some are afraid their favourite faction/ character/ interaction may get changed but we must wait and see. myself i cant wait for the new edition Im tired of having to have an encyclopedic knowledge of every interaction in the game (which i dont) and then seeing the same combos over and over anyway. My greatest hope is that all of the keyword models cover everything you need without having to go out of keyword. Wouldnt it be great to see Guild crews without Francisco and Phiona unless its their themed faction? Not Belles in every resser list? etc etc.
  3. Mah’s Wooden Spoon

    Nightmares and Teddy Bears - The Dreamer Tactica

    I have just picked up the dreamer box and I wish to get my head around him. What’s the simplest way to play a crew lead by him? What models does he need?
  4. Mah’s Wooden Spoon

    Nicodem - Post Nerf

    That’s the way I run Nicodem. Undead crowning means undead in his bubble gets positive flips to ca, df, ml and wound flips. summoning is just a bonus for me and I bring elements I need to runs the strats and schemes. Not optimal but I enjoy it. Usually I bring a beater, Phillip and the nanny and some belles and necropunks. I still take undertaker mainly for patchwork but the card draw is now a bonus rather than the main reason to take it. Izamu still works well as a the beater and I find myself summoning punk zombies mainly.
  5. Mah’s Wooden Spoon

    Who is the best Grem master vs Neverborn?

    I have a mate who exclusively plays neverborn. I have been using my ressers against him but now i want to use my Gremlins. Which Grem master struggles against NB and who is good? Generically and master specific discussion welcome. he literally plays every single NB master no anyone could turn up.
  6. Mah’s Wooden Spoon

    Who is the tankiest master now?

    So who do you think can tank the best in the current state of the game? What tech is needed with them?
  7. Mah’s Wooden Spoon

    Alternative ways to play masters?

    @Boomstick tell me more, I like the sound of that!
  8. Mah’s Wooden Spoon

    Is it worth learning new masters now?

    I am very keen for 3e and I still am loving 2e but is it worth learning a new master now? Should i just concentrate on the masters i know and play now to see 2e out?
  9. Mah’s Wooden Spoon

    Alternative ways to play masters?

    So we all see that masters are built to play a certain way which becomes the accepted norm across metas. Have you come up with alt ways t play certain masters that is if not as competitive as the accepted at least competitive. Mine is Nicodem. I have played him for the past few years not primarily as a summoner but as a buffer who can summon as well. I take the one with undead crowning and give all att and cast actions in his bubble postiive flips. I take belles to lure a model per turn over to me and then hit it with a big hitter like RN or Izamu. I also take Bete to be a nuisance. I dont bother with Mortimer or getting a summoning engine on line as usually im more concerned with getting the kill off first. It works well. I take a mix of necropunks and belles depending on the schemes and strats. As a result the Nico nerf hasnt effected me too much, for sure its a pain but when i bring a crew to do the job I can concentrate on getting quality summons in where needed. Anyone else have ways of playing masters out of the normal?
  10. Mah’s Wooden Spoon

    Why gremlins are fun and fun lists can work in tournaments

    Been a while since i have played malifaux and im just gettng back in with Gremlins big time. Whats Somers new upgrade? @Wildcard626 you are an inspiration sir!!!!!!!
  11. Mah’s Wooden Spoon

    Somer Gremlin spam- thoughts?

    I am currently building and painting my three Gremlins masters to take to a tournament in october. Mah and Ulix are done and Im about to start on Somer. I was thinking about this all comers list. Boring or fun? Somer-family tree, dirty cheater and show off cache of 5 2 skeeters gremlin crier slop hauler the sow 4 bayou gremlins banjonista lucky effigy I just love the sow and put her in all of my lists. i dont care if she dies too fast cause in some games she goes hog wild!. Should i maybe put pork whispering on crier to help with any piglets the sow spits out?
  12. Mah’s Wooden Spoon

    3rd ed Masters (everyone has an opinion edition)

    I like the idea of a new faction. Maybe in the future. Who knows?
  13. Mah’s Wooden Spoon

    Wanted:translucent Kirai box

    Hi there. I’m after the translucent Kirai box. Postage to Australia. Assembled or unassembled doesn’t matter.
  14. Mah’s Wooden Spoon

    Buying 1ed metal Perdita, Zoraida avatar.

    I have the Zoraida avatar mint in box. Pm me. I am in Australia though
  15. Mah’s Wooden Spoon

    Upgrades for Ulix?

    Got my Ulix crew painted and I’m ready to give them try. What are the typical upgrades people take on him nowadays?