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    Malipho'enix Somer vs. Ramos

    Great report!...Both Masters I am planning to play next year so it was fun to read. More reports please!!!!!
  2. Anung Un Rama

    kasual's Battle Report 01 Somer vs. Nico 50ss GG16

    Great report...really enjoyed it...post some more!!!!
  3. Painted up Vincent and Reva and now to finish the box. In the meantime does Vincent have any synergy with other masters that you can tell? Extra cards with Nicodem means getting a big hand and running through cards. Any other ideas?
  4. Anung Un Rama

    Brutal Emissary-"Back in the Box" question

    Thank you....as i thought
  5. The ability says "Unbury the target in base contact with this model or any Scheme Marker in LOS at the end of this model's next activation or when this model leaves play." My question is is it ANY scheme marker including enemies?
  6. Anung Un Rama

    Yan Lo and Jorogumo- worthy combo?

    So I have been enjoying my Yan Lo games and I am thinking about taking him into TenThunders...my question is - Is there any synergy bewteen Yan Lo and the Jorogumo? Realy i just want an excuse to field one!
  7. Anung Un Rama

    Is Tara really that bad?

    is Tara really that bad? I keep hearing that she is crap and a real sub optimal choice. Is it people dont know how to play her properly is she in fact a crap choice?
  8. Anung Un Rama

    Fixed lists

    My main concern with netlists is that it gets pretty friggin boring playing the same list over and over. Having said that as a new player of a few months I have asked that dreaded question about a list in my early days and was quickly told they don't exist. This can be overwhelming to a new player, so many options etc. I am a firm believer in taking a limited pool of figures that I know and am confident in using. I like themey lists and really dislike taking model x because you should. At the same time I know that means I wont be ultra competitive. I prefer to take models I like the look of rather than what's the most effective if those intersect then happy days. I made the mistake of buying models that I was told were the bees knees and a must take only to not enjoy them because I didn't like the model or conversely not taking a model that I like because it is suboptimal. Prime example is Santiago, everyone says he is not an optimal choice but bugger it I want as many Ortega's in my list as I can and I love the sculpt! I bought Iggy and Insidious madness for my Pandora crew because everyone said they were great, crew is still unassembled on the shelf because I am not inspired to use it. I have an idea for a Shenlong list I am going to try which doesn't take the recommended picks just because I like the models. Shenlong, Yu, Izamu (using Genbu the tortoise), Mr Graves, Shadow effigy and 2 Komainu. I love every single model. I have ideas and plans for every type of scheme and strat and while it wont be really utra competitive I will have fun. The other thing is when faced by the ultra abusive lists I know I will lose so I just set myself little goals and try to survive the battle while killing a few of my opponents. I don't care about winning tournaments, I never will even though it would be cool. Im just not that competent a player that "gets" the synergies on my own. I rely on discussion with opponents, friends and forums like this one to help hone my basic game. So to answer the original question fixed lists-ok by me but netlists get pretty boring and in many cases unenjoyable for one player. My biggest gripe in Malifaux as a newbie is that I feel like everyone wants to noob stomp without a thought for the consequences. Lucky for me I have thick skin and like this game a lot otherwise I would have walked away after all the gotcha moments and destruction. Its not fun being beaten by a gimmick you had no idea about rather than true skill. I have faced Sonnia with papa box and it wasn't pretty and I didn't enjoy the game as I was just removing models. Sure taught me a few lessons but some softer opponents of similar skill level and /or attitude to the game would be a better experience. Sorry for the rambling rant.
  9. Very helpful thanks! Whats your normal list outside of Shenlong, Peasant, Yu, Emissary and MLR?
  10. Great report! Love to see the different tactical decisions made with Shelong turn by turn as to style taken etc.....im sold. Going to pick up the Shenlong box this afternoon.
  11. Anung Un Rama

    I want to make my own Resser Fate Deck

    Love it...go with the carrion emissary for the RJ and the effigy for the BJ.....I would go with Nico on the crows myself.....where is the website you can get them made through?
  12. I have been eyeing off Shen Long for weeks and i finally decided to bite the bullet and go for it going to buy his box and the effigy becasue i love the effigies models. Now i already have models from my Ressers that i can use with him temporarily until i can afford to get some more figures. So with Yan Lo one of favourite resser masters I have Yin, Toshiro, Izamu, Chiaki and Komainu I can use in TT. I am thinking Izamu and the Komainu for now. I would steer away from Toshiro but Yin Is a possibility. So the questions are they ok to play a games and learn Shen Long? Why dont people rate the monks that come in his box? If you had to choice between the Tengu and TTB for the next box which one would you go? Im thinking : Shenlong with low river style Peasant Yu with promising disciple Izamu with recalled training Shadow effigy 2 Komainu Any help would appreciated.
  13. Anung Un Rama

    Learning Malifaux via Vassal

    I would love some games...all these time zones confuse me though! :).....On Sydney Australia time I can do most nights from about 7 pm...also always happy ot play a game in a few parts over a few days...Great idea @Bazlord_Prime
  14. Anung Un Rama

    Release question

    My question is when do they appear Wyrds webstore....waiting for Anna Lovelace!
  15. Played my first game of Malifaux just under two months ago. Proud to say this is my ressers collection. All assembled and painted by me except for Seamus,cck, Sybelle and two Belle's. Almost completed the ressers, in the background is some drowned almost finished and the students half done. Reva's crew is undercoated and Kirai's crew is assembled......a few more boxes to buy and my goal of owning an painting all the ressers is in sight! At some point i will get the new Seamus box and paint all of them up! I have never been so productive and played so many games or painted so many models! Malifaux has hit something in me like no game has!
  16. Love my punk zombies...fun models to paint and to use!
  17. My painting is table top but im happy with it and it stands the 3 foot rule....but i have been so motivated to paint. Painting has always been a chore with other games but with Malifaux its a pleasure.
  18. I'm trying out my Ulix crew tomorrow which will be my first as a gremlin! My crew will be Ulix, old major, old cranky, merris, slop hauler and a piglet. Not sure of strats or schemes yet and I haven't finalised the upgrades. whats best upgrade for Merris? what tips can you give me? Probably facing guild
  19. Anung Un Rama

    First game with Ulix tomorrow, looking for advice.

    I have got vassal on my pc but being in Australia means it can be hard to tee up a game with the time difference....message me and lets see if we can get something sorted!
  20. So looking at most factions it would seem that to be truly competitive as a player you need to have a few masters to choose form and mix and match according to strats and schemes and even opponent.....but what if you were an unusual Malifaux player and not plasticrack addicted or could only afford one master in your faction or just wanted to play the one at a tourney. In each faction who is a master that can do it all to at least be competitive and not getting smashed all day?
  21. Anung Un Rama

    S.o.S - The Sow

    I love the sow but she is a glass cannon.....against a mates one the other night he got her into a pile of my guys and the punk zombie quickly killed her off...in my game with Ulix I managed to get her up into some orderlies faces then due to terrifying survived an attempted lobotomy due to terrifying tests failed....she paralysed everyone in contact with her and managed to gobble up Dr Grimwell.....so she is hit or miss.....she does need Ulix or Somer and other pigs around her....also your opponent will always fear her for her potential....use that to your advantage
  22. I m one always drawn to the underdog. What master (apart from the new ones who we obviously haven't seen much of) have you seen little of in Malifaux? Why do you think that is and what does their crew normally look like? I think this could be really fascinating.
  23. Tell us more about your style with him.....whats his crew look like? What does your typical crew contain?
  24. Anung Un Rama

    Who do you think is the most rare master?

    Nico was my first master...I just concentrated on a small pool to begin with...made it easier to know him....as I got more models I only played with painted models...made learning him better...
  25. I have nearly finished my three crooked men and i love the models....has anyone used them and do they have any synergy with any crews? I think they would be ok with Belles luring people on to the scheme markers that have been shafted. Anything else?