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  1. Doves are one per Colette activation, as is the same name ability in the tree doves you can use only ones. Isnt it?
  2. If you take off the buryd, you have to put Colette in the middle of the enemy band, distract, stunned, and stay there and pray to survive. With a focus you cancel serene, she have 10 wd only , no armor, no shield, no protective, df 4, wp 5, only stone like every master and doves one per turn. If you take off buryd you have to change all the mechanic off Colette, make her full new, because it’s not and option to leave her in the middle of every one. I think it’s more dificult to kill dreamer serene, protected, incorporeal, diversion (ups Colette can’t damage him), df5, wp6. And he is not a melee master. Colette don’t shoot any thing. Ok take off “buryd” and “false reatity” and “sword trick” and put on her an 10” 4/6/8 shoot ignore HTW and give her protected dove and a easy summon dove, I saw the battle reports and she don’t win always , the crew it’s not over, von schill know is a must second master, buff every one whith equip, 14” 2/4/5 ignore HTW, armor, blast resistant, survivalist, df6 wp7 hi is not a melee master. Almost all the masters in M2e were very dificult to kill or much off them imposible. I don’t understand what’s the problem with Colette. Tray to kill collodi at M2e. If the stratagem is kill the master, take another one. That is what I do M2e and some times I won.
  3. I’m not sure seamus needs a “10” 4/6/8 ignore HTW” attack or Dreamer has protective or his crew use lucid dream or yadunori cost is only 10 or tara and others can hit buryd miniatures or big jake come back in turn 5 or von schill do all the things hi do, kill and give items. The thematic of Colette is the Mirrow and smoke, is logic the buryd. She don’t kill , she don’t summon, she don’t buff performers but she have to be very near the enemy, she have to be god at some thing, Let her be. I now, I repeat my self. But every its traing to make Colette useless.
  4. There are a lot of masters dificult to kill. Dreamer whith “protected (nightmare)”. Only one card, and a very easy summon minion. You cant touch him. Serene countenance. Incorporeal. Yes he is very easy to kill!!!. Protected is not a trigger(stund dont afect), two summoned daydream whithin 2”. Collodi armor 2, killing puppets(whith shielded +2) or leveticus... I dont understand why everyone whants to kill colette easily. Know there are a lot of ways to kill her, one stunned, indirect damage, attack to WP(she needs tome kill dove), if she is not in the table cause is burid she dont give support or if you make focus on her in last turn she cant bury becouse if she is burid at the end off the game she is dead. As “fetid” said, This is a thinking game. Think what can you do to kill or cancel her, not Pray to make her much killable. She have to play very near and dont hit so hard and only ones, not as seamus (10” 4/6/8 ignore HTW, tree times) a bit over?, performers dont kill well except duet, she dont summon, she dont have anunció buff area for the performer, she have to be good in some thing. the burid thematic to scape is nice, she is all move, position, nerff enemy and love. Leave her be.
  5. Its look a bit over. Very long range And damage
  6. This its only a wish. Colette dont have any option out of her crew And faction, excepto ice dance. In M2e oiran(actualy kunoichi) were perfomance to. My wish it will be that kunoichi, kabuki or geisha will be performer to, becouse they are suppose to be artists. And they use the distract thematic to. What do you think?
  7. I dont understand why yasunori costa its still 10ss And rider's are now 11ss. Df6 Wp7, HTW, reduce damage, 4 attacks, + flip attacks, 9w, mv 6. Seriusly. Then you say about Colette. I Think he is still a bit over
  8. Not all faction have to have the same things equaly. That is the fun thing of factions. And that makes johan be special and more expensive, there are not Much ways to take off conditions.
  9. Please, look at yasunori, it cost is 10. Tell me your opinion comparing with duet
  10. Why they didnt give hamelin a bonus action?
  11. I need an opinion of Nix, I have cateline box and I love schrodinger miniature ( alt nix). I couldnt play Whith it but I saw in the BattleReports that they dont use him. What is wrong in him? what could you fin only him to make it a great hechman and opition for hamelin?
  12. I dont like aether the dual masters. And I think if they take off the bury deffence, at list put some thing with more sinergy or control, the old pront or recover Stones, becouse she is going to lose the way to put the distract and stund in close game, that is a very nice game
  13. The real problema is that For People Its better to read And make theorifaux, And its eassier to nerf her isntead of thinking how to play against her. I didnt see amost battlerepot off Colette, but every body is speaking. In m2e was a lo of masters impossible to kill. The only thing was not to take the killing máster mission. A good selection of mission is another way to play agaist her And to play Malifaux. Not only killing masters.
  14. I repeat my self, changing annoying from "declares a táctic action" to "declares action". At least his sacrifice will do some thing. He doesnt, engagement. And they can kill him so easy that is better make him overheat. What I mean is that "annoying" is in my opinion a useless hability.
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