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  1. Hamelins crew still needs a punch but I dont think they do anything.
  2. For me Rats are amost Ok, the Only thing I will put Demise: card + blingth to kill ( melé) or stealth. That way you can use them to replace in to ratking, explode whith hamelin, intimidate un base contac. Becouse know for 2 Ss dont do any thing by it self. Dont resist, dont engange, dont Hit (stat 3 an 0"), no damage 0/1/1 blingth, for other 2 Rats +1 to damage ( its asumed its good, its not easy to have three Rats in base contact) Dove cost 1, infinitely better (Ok its a tótem) Ashen core 2ss. Armor 2, HTW, 6 health... Ok... Stole 1ss ( Ok tótem) Stuffed piglet 2ss : bacon boomb ( very nice) have attacks that push an heal, irreductible damage. Clockwork tramo 2ss armor 2. Enemy must discart a card to desingange. Attacks damage 1/2/3 staggered, push, And push whith bonus There are a lot of 2ss model that do things. If there were easier to summon they May be good but they still need some els if they have to be the center of the temathic of the crew. give hamelin Demise ( stolen heal 5 And Rats 1). Rats will be a great instrument.
  3. Today I plaid two times whith hamelin, Until turn 3 you don’t kill any one and don’t make amost damage, blingth is very slow to put on, effective turn 3 whith out Benny is imposible to summon rats and forget of kings. Much models have to play for him droping schemes to summon Rats, that make the crew explemely slow. If in the First turn you use the fulla crew for him you can summon 2 ratkings, that is great, but you sacrifice the hold turn. Nix is a great tank . But have to be in first line to compense so die fast. Please give him vermin. Winged suicidal only, “festering wounds” inútil if is not a bonus (blingth its gold, you would not take two off a model for a scheme, very circunstancial, take it off And live it in 3ss or take off only one) . He is very slow only 5 mv, stat 4 don’t hit anyone. Only one thing good, vermin ( need a 10 for stolen to take fast). Dont get focus from hamelin whith "unclean influencia". ratking is normal, only worth if summon, only able to summon whith Benny. Not cristal cannon only espume gun. They dont take focus from unclean influence triguer. hamelin great to buff vermin, vermin are not very god And they have to be near him . Very great at 6” canceling trigger (discarding blingth if it have). Depends a lot to survive on the Stolen, no stolen dies very easy. “He don’t summon rats” only in melé only trigger tome not impressed. 😳 (benny is the real flautist). bleending for turn 3. Very good lure 👍🏻 Obedient. Like him very mucho, great cost, usefull. stolen. good support for vermin, vermin not very good. Good tótem. Prospecto. I love it. Versatyl usefull. Rat. Suicidal. Only to summon ratking ( you need benny), esplode by hamelin. Very very Easy to kill, not engange, stat 3 imposible to hit anyone. I Think hamelins crew its not finished. It look like he do things but it is not great at nothing. If you want to play whith a plague crew you dont have enough tools. They start to late to be effective, blingth grows to slowly until turn 3 or 4, its a summoner rat crew that dont summon Rats (only whith benny), its'nt resistent or runner (only vermin can be fast, only near hamelin an stolen). I hope they look at it only a bit before closing the beta becouse its very dificult to play whith it.
  4. no Change for hamelin? This sunday I'm going to tray it againg. Let see if its true that it dont need help. 🤷‍♂️
  5. I think there is some thing wrong when I look at other crews and I will pay one more SS to hired it in my crew, but will you pay one more SS to hired plague or vermin in other keyboard?. I will pay mare for blessed if December, I will pay more to hire student of conflict or even taelor, but wouldn’t pay one SS for any plague or vermin. Why?. If there will have a great sinergy with his own crew there will be fine, vermin are good, you can give them fast, push + action, make them explode. Rat king can move 28” in a turn ( Mv x 2, gnaw, fast, unclean influence) winged and rats 23”, it’s not bad, but they die very easy, and the rest nix, Benny, catcher, stolen, obedient, hamelin are off of sinergy and I wouldn’t pay more to hired them in other crews.
  6. I’m reading the post “would you take this master into...” in outcast. Here you can see the problem of hamelin’s crew, nobody know what schemes or strategy are good for. It’s mechanics looks good but don’t help the crew to solved the important this, not kill, not control, not tank or move. The important thing are the schemes and strategy. And it looks like it don’t have a difinite paper, it’s in the middle of everything but define nothing. What do you think?
  7. Widge plague: needs some thing malifaux rat: stealth or evasive or blingth to the rat killer in MI attack nix: vermin taelor: change hard to kill for hard to wound malifaux child: copy actions not only tactic action Hannah: copy not only freicorps Johan: final rest- can distribute the heals as you like, not only one for ich. Versatility. Gunslinger: 7ss
  8. stevenlance

    Coryphee duet

    That’s why duet cost 12, I think it’s a great cost comparing
  9. stevenlance

    Coryphee duet

    Comparing, 10 yasunori can do very easily 4 attacks whith + and 2/4/5 12 duet can do 2 attacks replace and attack 1 , replace and attack whith duet again, 4 attack 2/4/5 to, but while you replace and hit you are vulnerable whith Two coryphe whith 5 wd. So it’s not so indestructible, you only have now when to hit it. 7 Ss Blessed hard to wound, Heals, 2/4/6 can do 4 attack, can move 20” in a turn. This is a must autoincluid not the duet. I will pay 8 or 9 for another keyboard. It’s super versatility. I think a 12ss should be able to kill and tank. I think it’s not so over.
  10. stevenlance

    Coryphee duet

    Everyone wants the nerf of duet when it’s the more expensive model in the game, it’s god, yes but very expensive. If you whant more nerf it please make it cheaper to. I don’t see anyone complaining for the 7ss blessed of December (it’s very very over for that cost), or yasunori . So please wen you ask for a nerf do it to put it cheaper to.
  11. I don’t whant the crew broken but I’ll like it competitive. I have cateline miniatures (I love them) and I would not like them in to the showcase like in M2e, yes I Know, in M2e it was very god whith “nothing beast” ash’n Dust” and “montresor”. But that is not play whith hamelin, I whant “plague” crew working alone and some times put a Marlena or emmisary or ash’n dust. I think hamelin is lame now, not very bad but needs a little push, that’s why I’m asking.
  12. So: Nix: vermin (movility or punch support to the crew) Rat: Demise card + blingth killer in melé Winged : +1 Mv This realy helps the crew? It to powerfull? What will you do?
  13. Compare nix 8ss whith blessed of december 7ss He is fast he can mové 20" per turn, hits 2/4/6 repet attacks or aunment damage very good, Hard to wound And heals killing And eating corps. More health And Df. He dont need to be hechman but if you want more he can use Ss whith the upgrade. 🤷‍♂️ why?
  14. Hamelins crew needs to be very near the enemy And compact, plague keyboard is useless there is no sinergy, nix is expensive for his uses, the bleeding disease is a great ability in turn 3 or 4 were you can kill well if they didnt kill you yet. The crew is moveless thats why Nix And ratking will be vermin. Windge arent a great option to schemes runner, they are born for the suicide. Blingth tokes dont grow fo fast as you think, thas why Rat "MI" killer will take it. I plaid some times whith hammelin, he is not bad but hi need a little buff. Not a lot, but a bit of punch or move
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