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  1. Hej If you have a spell-like manifested power and a grimoire, can you add the immutos from the grimoire to the manifested power when casting it? And if you have the mastered immuto talent, can your add that immuto to your manifested power when casting it? Thanks
  2. Okay The whisper theory let your add immutos your manifested powers. It was that, there got me to ask
  3. Hej 2 questions there have come up in our gruop. 1: If a player raise a undead, and then the undead is kill. Can the player raise a new undead from its corps? 2: As a Fatemaster, how much will your let the players subordinate characters do on their own hand. Fx. Will your let a player send his subordinate Thug out and get protections money, and possibly beat up some body?
  4. And how do your normaly handle subordinate characters in dramatic time? Will your let them stand still, if the player doenst use any order action on them, or will your let the fate master control them, if they dont get any orders from the play?
  5. Thanks So your will play subordinate character like fate master characters. And play them after thier intellect and cunning score
  6. Dnic

    Mage - New manifestation

    Thanks, that was also the way we understood it
  7. Hey When a Mage create his manifested power, can the player choose the skill, aspect and suit of his power?
  8. Dnic

    Distance in Maliaux

    Hey Is there anyone who knows how far there are between the different things outside Malifaux city? And how long does it take by train from Malifaux station to other stations outside the city?