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  1. Wasn't sure where to put this. But it's Malifaux. And it's an outcast model. So it's going here: There's a space missing between 'to' and 'have' in Pride's Consumed by Pride ability. Just... FYI. This is on the PDF card from the website, which I downloaded today so I assume they're the most recent set.
  2. How exactly does it interact with Threaten? I don't see it. Neither on the stat card nor in the rulebook.
  3. Drawn to Betrayal would sort-of work wouldn't it? If Stalker is out of LoS with JD but in sight of the target? Not really something I'd get overly excited about. Monty has an ability which targets tormented models too.
  4. Hi all, So I'm nearly finished painting up the stuff I have for Jack and I'm looking for a second outcast master to cover some of the bases that he doesn't. I have yet to get a game with him but I don't like having an empty painting table when I'm on a roll. Current outcast stuff I have is: JD's crew box Ama No Zako Hodgepodge Emissary Hodgepodge Effigy Johan Malifaux child My favourite of the remaining masters in the faction are Tara and Levi but I'm not sure if they're going to perform well in the things that Jack isn't great at. I've also been looking at Parker and Von Schill (who has a great box from what I've read to flesh out the faction). Viks are okay, I don't love the model for Blood or the Ronin, Hamelin I like and dislike depending on the weather (today I don't like him, go figure), and Misaki I'm just not that keen on (she seems like a T10 master more than an outcast one). Tara has the minor advantage that Karina can summon the Drowned I own. The argument I have for Levi is I played Arcanists a bit before switching to the correct faction so I have Joss, Howard, Steambugs, Large Arachnid, Mobile Toolkit, Rail Golem and probably something I'm forgetting. I also have the Seamus box, dead doxies and bete noire. Drowned and Hanged are also there who I got for JD really. So there's some stuff to use with his Pariah upgrades lying around. Not necessarily the top-end stuff with lots of synergy but it's there. So where would you suggest I turn my attention to next? Doesn't need to be my two favourites, the margins between all of these are pretty slim. Also what would you suggest as a good way to expand on that master's crew box?
  5. This looks like a super cool idea, there are some features on this I wouldn't even have thought of. Good job, need to try it out
  6. Mei Feng's Railwalker action with the Express Line trigger can carry on until you run out of 7s Steam Arachnid Swarm with the Overwhelm trigger lets it take some more attacks (3 per ap I think) Toni's attacks chain into each other so long as you have enough adrenaline Bishop (he's a merc, it counts) with fast can double flurry (for 6 attacks)
  7. This is dirty. And I like it. On topic: I would avoid Jack in a demo myself, he uses some funny mechanics and he works on limiting the opponent's choice and can be frustrating (which you don't want). Marcus (depending on build) or Raspy would be my choices. Ramos isn't too bad but summoning can unbalance low SS games. Viks might be good if you want to show off more Outcast stuff
  8. This is basically why I don't have rail workers. I mean, even The Guilty (who I can't imagine without Daw) have a box o.O And who wants 6? But Rail Workers, guardians and watchers I could see outside their boxed crew
  9. Really love these articles, I'll need to go over them properly (particularly for the factions I don't play). It's nice having a quick guide to things without getting bogged down in the fine print.
  10. I can give some time up if you still need help with the transfer. Looking forward to when things are a bit more settled with the site and I'm happy to help fix some of the sad sections that were/are on the wiki.
  11. Hello all, The title pretty much says it all. I've had a hunt on the forums/google/webstore etc. but nowhere seems to say which updated stat cards are in the Shifting Loyalties campaign deck (someone mentioned Blessed of December but that's it). Cheers!
  12. Nearly had a rant but seeing as it's compatible with the expansions, I'm all for it. I'm looking forward to seeing the new pursuits and it's good to see some love for the pioneer. Hope that magic has had a good speaking to since that is so open to abuse in the current system (though erratas have helped). Plus you know... hard backed....
  13. Hi there, I'm currently planning a Quarantine Zone terrain set and I'm lacking ideas for soft cover. The ideas so far are fences, hedges (which I don't like the idea of) and 'greenery' in the form of a small circular garden (like an English roundabout) but those would be dense as well so I'd like something more scattery. Any help would be great
  14. Had a search but couldn't see anything in the forum or books. If you have a starting pursuit where you begin the game with "any melee weapon and armor of a combined value of 25s", does that mean a single piece of each (sword and duster), or a combination of anything in those two areas (sword, knife, duster, gloves) up to that value?
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