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  1. Maybe the umbrella is a sheath as well? Is this a ten thunder model?
  2. Thanks for uploading the new promotion! I noticed in the form that you can only select the December promotion in the field "Promotion". Is it better to wait until that is fixed?
  3. I understand that they have a lot of work right now with the other side. I just want to spend my dollars as soon as I can so I can start building those minis
  4. I am quite excited about the Febuary promotion, as I've saved up some money to buy more minis. Can't wait to see the update. Anyone know already what it is and what the purchase limit is?
  5. I have no idea what you guys talking about. My Lazarus a.k.a. Monkeybots quite the mobile model. After all, everyone knows that the Guild Guard that has been sacrificed in project lazarus was a capoeira master now imprisoned in this banana-fueled death machine, leading to a peculiar combat technique of spinning around in the air while firing his gatling gun.
  6. Anyone know how long we'll have to wait for the december promotion? I've got an itch to buy lots if minis, but the unknown promo is holding me back
  7. I'd say so as well, making Solkans paradox argument invalid as it doesn't lead to any paradox if you increase/decrease the damage on all models affected by the action.
  8. For completion sake: A similar Situation for calculating damage on blast markers would be Wong's Explosive Solutions Upgrade on p. 267 Crossroads: "BWHAM!: After succeeding, all Blast Markers placed as a result of this Action deal +1 damage."
  9. I have to disagree. Solkans argument of why it should be played like that is only one way to interprate the rules, but is not RAW. The RAW is confusing and can lead to different interpretations that make sense to the players and tournament organisers. That is why I think that Tris' asking for an official clarification is justified.
  10. I still haven't got any answers for my follow up questions.
  11. Thanks! That helps two ways as I've been trying to find seishin proxys Also, job well done on those minis!
  12. I just won a purple dayglow lynch crew on a tournament! Yay! I feel like they need a different approach than grey plastic, but don't know how. One idea is to matt varnish them and then apply blue wash all over it and maybe highlight one piece of the model with a different color. Does anyone have examples of how they can be painted or shaded and based to look good?
  13. Thanks for the answers. @Solkan: In your case of taking it too literally: Does that mean that I can choose which damage gets reduced then? What if two figures would get caught in one blast token, does only one get reduced? Thanks for the clarification on the phrasing as well. English not being my mother language creates problems like this sometimes. Edit: From a fluff perspective, I do not see a problem that the rail worker tanks away blast damage as well. I can imagine them absorbing the damage into their metal.
  14. Rasputina attacks a Rail Worker with her December Curse dealing severe damage which pulls off a 4 blast as well. The targeted Rail Worker triggers his defense trigger: Reduce the damage caused by an Attack Action by 2, to a minimum of 1. A second Rail worker is caught in the blast 4 blast. Would the targeted rail worker's trigger effect the blast damage, because it reduces the damage of the whole action? -> Second Rail Workers damage calculation 4 damage -2 from trigger -1 from armor = 1 damage or 4 damage -1 from armor = 3 damage
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