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  1. I feel like I would always take a Tanuki over a brother as I feel like the Tanuki are just better and cheaper, I think if the brother would be better one stone cheaper or give them something on the heal maybe, I feel like a lot of the other stuff in TT is in a good place, I do feel like some stuff needs working but we all need to playtest more stuff in the long run.
  2. ill be game for this and to kick some butt
  3. Oi that pot noddle is mine not yours, as long as it isnt mac and cheese lol ill be there to kick some ass lol
  4. SirPerryBerry

    IW Henchmen Hardcore

    i will be there and hopefully i wont come last this time haha!
  5. I will be there but with no tophat yet lol
  6. I will be there with my crew to kick some ass! or get my ass kicked.
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