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  1. I'd rather have to summon be limited to a range (say 6" or whatever) then have them only be significant when near Asura. That way you don't have to clump together but they can still go off and do things, but don't get the advantage of popping in wherever. I haven't had a chance to use her yet, but I would pass if they were only significant around her.
  2. I looked at the new rules for the first time in a few months just yesterday and was pretty happy with most of the changes, that was one of the few that really stood out. I was getting ready to paint mine but now I don't think I'll bother, it is most definitely something I would never personally take as it stands. Grit is truly terrible on the thing.
  3. Could someone direct me to any reference about the condition summoned models get? I believe it's called "Unplanned". I found a few mentions of it but I can't find it in any official Wyrd document. This is likely me looking directly at it and not seeing it. Any help is muchly appreciated.
  4. I actually think Swordfighter is quite a bit stronger than Do You Know Who I Am. Admittedly I have only played against Lady Justice a handful of times and don't have her stats readily available, but every time I was able to win using her slow speed against her. This upgrade seems to shore up her biggest weakness whereas Do You Know Who I Am doubles down on what he is already good at. Both are amazing but if I had to pick an upgrade which I thought was stronger, I'd give it to Swordfighter.
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