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  1. I am due to begin testing Pandora this weekend - I have Lynch crew, Pandora Crew, Widow Weaver, Doppelganger, Mr Graves, Depleted and Tots to use so I think I can easily pull a good crew from this. Though I never have used her and I have only used lynch once. I recommend listening to Schemes and Stones podcast too - they have some awesome tips. My main opponent is Shen Long with the Toshiro/Punk Zombie combo at his forefront. I am thinking of using Brawler Pandora on a charge and on their activation (hopefully) winning/cheating to win a duel to push out of range. I have no idea if this will work but I am excited to try it!! And then try to think of how to stop condition removal!! - I assume I could make him use all his AP removing paralyzed with a different build - but then both masters AP just get wasted and the crews move as if little has happened (apart from possibly an Incited model)..... tough decisions to be made...
  2. Thank you all, I am definitely picking up Ramos for now and some Arachnids and then picking what I prefer from the rest. I also want to pick up Ironsides (for the Captain and mages).... Eventually I may end up with them all. Ha ha. Thanks again.
  3. I have read a few of the noob lists / please help sections on here but I just wanted to ask a quick question for a new player that doesn't seem mentioned a lot (or I haven't read every 'please help post'). Ramos and Mei Feng mixed crews. I am considering purchasing two crew boxes and the Arcanist variation (so hard to choose with so many models available) that I think should work would be Ramos box set and Mei Feng box set. My reason being that both benefit well from each others models - Rail workers are quite hardy and still count as a construct so would be good for Ramos movement/summoning shenanigans - good for tying up points. Joss and Howard - just because - these have been gone over so many times that I don't need to mention anything here. Kang - hardy but situational I assume (ressers/arcanist) Essence of power rather than either provided Totem Spiders - summoned in Ramos / Stared in Mei Feng for schemes This should allow Ramos to move around with his magnetism as all models are constructs and Mei to jump all over the place for the same reason. Does this seem like a good list building purchase considering I can only afford two crew boxes? (Can stretch to a box for spiders for Ramos too). As a side mention I already own December Acolytes with a Raspy crew I already own but am not getting on with. Nothing wrong with her, just not keen on the mechanics. Thanks in advance.
  4. That's fine - I didn't mean to sound picky - so hard to convey exact thoughts when typing - this is such a friendly forum with people giving up their time to help that I would never mean anything to sound out of line. I am genuinely thankful for your response - mostly because you are right! :-)
  5. Thanks both, I understand I understand and hear what you are both saying - maybe a conversation for a different thread (or multiple already raised I am sure). I agree it is down to skill and yes Adran, mostly my kill sprees are shut down turn two to a better opponent and I kind of watch the game drift away. You are right Myyra, it is down to skill and I will lack that at the start but a game should always be fun - no matter the skill set of the individuals playing. That's not a dig at you in any way but if this wasn't fun - why would anyone continue? Thanks for your responses, much appreciated. :-)
  6. I realise that this is a massively subjective thread based on how you perceive 'fun' but I am interested in this thread as a new player. I picked up Rasputina as my first box, got some Acolytes and set to my early games... four games in and I don't enjoy playing her at all!! I'm not a great player by any stretch but I am entering this to err on the side of fun. Is it wrong to want to laugh my way through games whilst dishing out damage and maybe even winning some games? Or has my brain slid too far into an Anime villain perception. Want my cake and eat it?..... So for a new player the essence of fun would be different I guess, we want a master that won't punish us too much but also not make our opponents groan before the game begins!! I don't know if suggestions for this are even possible (multiple new player threads on each faction thread anyway).....
  7. I am definitely interested in a Zoraida list like this!! Plus I love the MacTavish model so its an excuse to use him if nothing else... I also really need to add Iggy!!
  8. Thank you all for your amazing insight!! I feel better prepared to take on the Thunders now. Appreciated.
  9. It certainly does - that's brilliant thank you.
  10. Whilst I don't want to steal this thread I would be interested to know the Nicodem suggestions if that is OK. What would be you suggested purchases for starting out be based on a budget that would be Crew Box + 2 blister boxes + 1 Character model box? (I hope that makes sense).
  11. Piggy-backing slightly on this I am interested In Zoraida and her swampfiend's, I have enjoyed reading and it seems like she could be a good Master for a multitude of schemes - I really like the idea of messing up your opponents plans so it seems Neverborn might be the faction for me - Clockwork_Fish - I would be interested to see what your average 50ss crew would include?
  12. Thank you for your reply. They are brilliant tips and you are right - I need to concentrate on the scheme at hand rather than chasing down an illusive character. Assasinate probably not the mission for me! I love the Shikome models so I will be picking some of them up definitely!! Thanks again.
  13. Should probably add that Shen is my current regularly opponent - I haven't singled him out specifically for poisoning!!
  14. Hey, I am new to the forum and to Malifaux and have a couple of 'noobs' questions. First off my first foray into Ressurectionist is going to be McMouring because I love the model and the theme of his crew. However my opponent is Shen Long and his condition attrition!! I will have th following items at my disposal (due to funding) McMourning crew set. Canine remains additional box. Guild Autopsy box Rafkin What is the best way to deal with Shen and, by extension, other condition removal models? I could probably add another single box (approx £10) due to budget. Can't wait to join the Ressurectionist surge (resurgence?). Any help would be appreciated.
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