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  1. Malifauxmart

    Getting started in Ressers

    Thanks for the advise. Another question for things to buy, which upgrade decks are best to get hold of. Got wave 2 arsenal deck. Obviously wave 1 is out of print, and I'd have to print from the books to use these models, but is the broken promises upgrade deck worth it? And what does it contain?
  2. Malifauxmart

    Getting started in Ressers

    Hi all. It's been a while since I looked at Malifaux! I used to play Outcasts, but have really fallen in love with the resser minis. I bought myself Seamus' box and my friend sold me a bunch of 1e minis. I only like to play with painted minis and will have to travel to play, so my question to you is; out of the below minis, where would you start painting with a view to playing? Nurse x3 Punk zombie x3 Ikiryo Seishin Lost Love Dead Rider Jaakuna Ubume Zombie Chihuahua Flesh construct Sebastian Onryu x2 Bette noir x2 Datsue-ba (missing lantern) Carrion effigy Grave Spirit Nico Mortimer Kirai Mcmourning Shikome Vulture Any help you guys can give me would be awesome. And I look forward to playing with some UK players hopefully very soon
  3. Malifauxmart

    MalifauxMart's Plog II

    After a couple of weeks off for a lovely holiday to Marrakech, I've been back on the painting. Finished 3 models last night: Parker Viktoria And Doc Mitchell Let me know what you think
  4. Malifauxmart

    MalifauxMart's Plog II

    And here's what I did this morning
  5. Malifauxmart

    MalifauxMart's Plog II

    Hi all once again, so last year I started collecting Malifaux minis, and painted a few up. Then for one reason or another everyone at my local club stopped playing. So the Outcasts sat on a shelf. But now they're back! Here's a refresher of what I had already finished... Sorry for the amount of photos
  6. Malifauxmart

    Malifauxmart's plog- outcasts

    Not yet a close up but here's what I've painted so far and some WIP models in the back
  7. Malifauxmart

    Malifauxmart's plog- outcasts

    Thank you I'll take some closer up shots when the lighting is good for it. In the meantime I took a break from painting the swords to hone some skills. Here's a convict gunslinger.
  8. Malifauxmart

    Any method for replacement parts?

    Get your vacuum cleaner and rubber band some lady's tights/ stocking to the metal nozzle. I've lost many a mini part to the bedroom floor. And my carpet is grey!
  9. Malifauxmart

    Malifauxmart's plog- outcasts

    Did a bit more painting yesterday. 3rd Ronin. Just experimenting with colour choices here. And the first Viktoria. Just the master left to do now
  10. Malifauxmart

    Malifauxmart's plog- outcasts

    I went with blue... 3rd and final ronin up next Group shot of what I've got painted so far
  11. Malifauxmart

    Malifauxmart's plog- outcasts

    Thanks very much I think Taelor is a little darker, but I took those pictures at night time. I'll get a group shot of what I've done later today... I agree with needing a break from painting every now and again. Luckily the models in Malifaux are so different from one another, and the crews are so small I know I'll be more interested in painting them than say 100 space marines or whatever. I finished another model, so here's my student of conflict. I'm also having difficulty coming up for a dress colour for my second Ronin. Any suggestions?
  12. Malifauxmart

    Malifauxmart's plog- outcasts

    Finished Taelor today. Quick paint job to get her table top ready.
  13. Malifauxmart

    Malifauxmart's plog- outcasts

    Hey all, I never paint any models for anything I do, so to inspire myself, I'm going to do a plog of what I do for my crews. First model I have done is a Ronin. Girlfriend mentioned she looked a little like Harley Quinn.
  14. Malifauxmart

    Can I buy Malifaux in Newcastle Upon Tyne?

    Rats. Looks like I'll have to get what I want online :/
  15. Not sure if this is in the right place. So I've picked up my first crew box (Hired Sworss) and I'm looking to expand on it in the near future (essentially payday on Friday). I'm currently in Corfu until Friday and I'm flying back to Newcastle airport, with some time to kill in the town centre before my ride picks me up. Is there anywhere in Newcastle that sells Malifaux at all? I'd ask about Corfu but I've not seen anywhere that looks like it would sell any minis at all! Cheers. Mart