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  1. Hans becomes really shining in M3E. But I don't like Warning Shot and Reference The Field Guide. Hans's Clockwork Rifle is almost a better choice in every shot. I prefer to see Reference The Field Guide in Abilities than in Acttions.
  2. What a nice masked assassin! But I want to complain one thing. Some questions about the stat card. Does Following Orders can only be used once per turn? Do 5DF and 6WP might be a little bit high on a Stealth model? Plus, I suggest to design a Token for Analyze Weakness. This can help memorize.
  3. Love this new model, but the Slop Haulers feel sad about losing their old job.😂 I wonder why SMACK WITH A ROASTED PIG doesn’t have TN. Because this action can heal the friendly models.🤔 Last, I really dislike to see the Bayou Gremilins cost 2ss. 😫 They should cost higher than either living or undead piglets.
  4. In my opinion, how about "You must use at least two actions to paralyze a single model"? M3E has increased the models which can remove the Condition. Is Paralyzed really a hindrance?
  5. There are many places in PDF files of factions which need to be corrected. So I only ask some focusing quesiotns about the main keywords. 1. I am so confused with Shockwave and . I can understand affects by LOS in M3E. But how does Shockwave and markers place in M3E? 2. Destructible is the new trait of Terrain. Love this idea.😀 But I don't think players might need Blow It to Hell to counter this. 3. Some summon actions acquire (Summon) Upgrade to attach, but there is still some don't. Will the summon rules uniform? 4. Staggered, Burning and Poison has changed a lot since first impression.🙄 Except, there is a special situation I want to figure out. For example, the Brewmaster versus McMourning, when the opposed crews focu on the same Condition, how does it act in M3E? 5. May Shielded and Armor can affect at once? It seems too powerful. 6. Though Stunned is a decent Condition, it can't replace Paralyzed. I still don't understand why remove Paralyzed fully.
  6. Yeah! Can’t wait for Rasputina versus Europides.
  7. I have read this Chronicle. But I still don’t understand why 39 is the last one.
  8. Though the Emissaries become normal in M3E, they are still great in your crews. Carrion Emissary have two powerful attack actions, one blocks/zombies summoning action, and double useful auras! I can’t wait to see Lucky! Helping Hand and Effigy of Fate provide Effigies a new unique stage, which I hadn’t expected ever before.
  9. Are the Hucksters Outcasts?
  10. I was so shock when I noticed this thread a few hours ago. Though I don't understand how the board game designer's life is, may I expect Aaron leaves for a different large project?
  11. Maybe this Gator Rider can replace McTavish. Other riders might have their place in Malifaux too. Plus, I wish Waldgeist Rider can be a new Minion.😋 But what Gremlins win from last grobal event should not be included in Bayou Bash. They are two different subjects.
  12. Though I have not played Darkness Comes Rattling before, I still want to know what can be awaited from War of the Spirits, new rules especially.
  13. Oops, I mistook the one holding gas for Popcorn Turner. Cooper Jones is much more conspicuous than her Boss. Brewmaster and Zipp are the most benefited from Backdraft.
  14. Every Factions should own their mascot. Neverborn has Cupido. Arcanists has Automatons. Now, Gremlins has Whiskey Gamins!
  15. After watching Black Panther, I think Kassa is the best African women I have ever seen in Fantasy.
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