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  1. Though the Emissaries become normal in M3E, they are still great in your crews. Carrion Emissary have two powerful attack actions, one blocks/zombies summoning action, and double useful auras! I can’t wait to see Lucky! Helping Hand and Effigy of Fate provide Effigies a new unique stage, which I hadn’t expected ever before.
  2. Goodtest

    Monday Preview - Hucksters

    Are the Hucksters Outcasts?
  3. Goodtest

    Carry on My Ten Thunders Son

    I was so shock when I noticed this thread a few hours ago. Though I don't understand how the board game designer's life is, may I expect Aaron leaves for a different large project?
  4. Goodtest

    Monday Preview - A Mysterious Surprise

    Maybe this Gator Rider can replace McTavish. Other riders might have their place in Malifaux too. Plus, I wish Waldgeist Rider can be a new Minion.😋 But what Gremlins win from last grobal event should not be included in Bayou Bash. They are two different subjects.
  5. Goodtest

    Monday Preview - War of the Spirits

    Though I have not played Darkness Comes Rattling before, I still want to know what can be awaited from War of the Spirits, new rules especially.
  6. Oops, I mistook the one holding gas for Popcorn Turner. Cooper Jones is much more conspicuous than her Boss. Brewmaster and Zipp are the most benefited from Backdraft.
  7. Goodtest

    Monday Preview - Whiskey Gamin

    Every Factions should own their mascot. Neverborn has Cupido. Arcanists has Automatons. Now, Gremlins has Whiskey Gamins!
  8. Goodtest

    Friday Preview - Kassa Okoye

    After watching Black Panther, I think Kassa is the best African women I have ever seen in Fantasy.
  9. Goodtest

    Friday Preview - Immolated Rhino

    Their background is simple and funny. Mutant Rhino!
  10. Goodtest

    Friday Preview - Mechanized Infantry

    More giant robots, more money.
  11. Goodtest

    Monday Preview - Wanyudo

    Lucky Emissary wants a competition against Wanyudo .
  12. Goodtest

    Monday Preview - Grave Golem

    So Grave Golem derives from Mire Golems. Does Grave Golem have Swampfiend?
  13. Goodtest

    Monday Preview - The Undying Pt. 2

    The Undying reminds me of the Starter Set. This new versus pack looks better than last one in every way. There should be a part 3 next Monday, which introduces the Grave Golem and the Katashiro. I hope the preview of Bayou Bash can be relaunch the third next Monday.
  14. Cool! The Rooster Rider is better than I had imaged. No feathers
  15. Goodtest

    Monday Preview - Waldgeist Rider

    I wood! Though I have to check out my wallet. May Waldgeist Rider be used in Malifaux?