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  1. Doctor Dave


    Definitely happening. Will chase the store to update the Facebook page etc. Likewise dunno numbers but I strongly suspect that there will be more than 4 players, since none of our locals are on that list Will chase up and get back to you.
  2. Doctor Dave


  3. Doctor Dave


    A 50SS gaining grounds tournament held at Bag of Holding in Bournemouth. This will be a 16 player, 3 round, ranked, gaining grounds tournament with prizes based on number of participants and including a wyrd 16 player prize pack as support For further details please see the stores web page at https://www.facebook.com/events/1474717115931411/ Any questions, give me a yell
  4. Doctor Dave

    Iron Painter 2017

    I'm In!
  5. Doctor Dave

    Bag Of Malifaux 29th July

    Your VERY pink Emmisary is banned in the painting contest. We've talked about this.
  6. Doctor Dave

    Bag of Malifaux, 29th July 2017

    Thanks for letting me know. Having had family circumstances myself I totally understand.
  7. Doctor Dave

    Bag of Malifaux, 29th July 2017

    We've sold 10 I think, not including regulars who have said they are, but haven't actually paid yet (hint hint), so we have plenty of tickets left
  8. Doctor Dave

    Bag of Malifaux, 29th July 2017

    OK, so I have just been in discussion with the store manager, and they have agreed to add store credit to the prize pack, meaning that there are now even more reasons to come along.
  9. Doctor Dave

    Bag of Malifaux, 29th July 2017

    32 player Prize pack now ordered
  10. Doctor Dave

    Bag of Malifaux, 29th July 2017

    Following on from the success of May-Lifaux, we are holding another Malifaux Tournament, this time at Bag of Holding This will be a 50SS Fixed Faction, 4 round ranked tournament, Limited to 26 players (Unless they build me more tables) I have learned from the feedback I have received from the last event, and hopefully we will have sorted the terrain issue. Nevertheless, if players wanted to bring a table of terrain with them, we are negotiating with the store to see if we can get some sort of incentive organised. In the meantime, tickets are £10 available from the link below. Registration is from 9.30, with the first game scheduled for 10. Any questions, please let me know. Dave Tournament Pack https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6mfT3zGtOatV2JIa0o0aW9UQTA/view?usp=sharing Ticket Link http://www.bagofholding.co.uk/event/malifaux-gaining-grounds-2017/?instance_id=6806
  11. Doctor Dave

    Bournemouth Malifaux 27th May 2017

    Final Standings 1 Kendall McKenzie Gremlins 9 15 23 2 George Hollingdale Arcanists 9 13 23 3 Matt Lewin Guild 6 12 24 4 Jonathon Stokes Arcanists 6 9 22 5 Liam Coupland Guild 6 3 21 6 Daniel Mitchell Outcasts 6 2 15 7 Richard Beams Gremlins 6 1 21 8 Ben Leslie Gremlins 6 1 17 9 Adam Perry TenThunders 6 0 21 10 Andres Gonzalez Arcanists 3 -1 23 11 Ben Sime Arcanists 3 -1 15 12 Tobias Dracup Resurrectionists 3 -2 20 13 Andy Thorngate Gremlins 3 -3 22 14 Oz Goff TenThunders 3 -5 18 15 Sean Wheeliker Neverborn 3 -5 15 16 Shaunie Red Neverborn 3 -13 12 17 Elliot House Neverborn 0 -11 15
  12. Doctor Dave

    Bournemouth Malifaux 27th May 2017

    Plenty of side roads
  13. Doctor Dave

    Bournemouth Malifaux 27th May 2017

    New tickets are now up. Also, this is happening on Saturday. Big ask, but if anyone were able to bring scenario for a table, that would make my life easier. Thanks in advance people. Cheers
  14. Doctor Dave

    Bournemouth Malifaux 27th May 2017

    New tickets are now up.
  15. Doctor Dave

    Bournemouth Malifaux 27th May 2017

    We can fit 2 or 3 more in. Need to get them added to the website though, which I'll get done this afternoon