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  1. I totally missed that. Maybe adding a Pale Rider or Lone Marshal might be good in this case.
  2. I feel like Lucius with an off crew Perdita could be interesting in regard to hand manipulation. Little crew means often lots of cards (+ Arcane Reservoir) for discarding pass tokens, bad cards getting cycled with Perditas (0) seems incredible resource wise, especially while penalizing others for cheating fate. And copying her shooting 7 with Doppelgaenger/Agent 46 sounds nice too. Scribe giving her Focus. One of the first things I will brew around with.
  3. Is it just me or is impossible to kill handed out a bit too often lately. The model looks great though.
  4. Even though I like the models a lot, I feel like Wyrd shuffles the theme of the factions a bit too much with a resiliant and very healthy neverborn and a fast, hard hitting melee-resser. But maybe it's just me and we get a guild hardcore summoner next. Excitement!!!
  5. I dont't like wardens that much. I tried one today and figured out that the high rams I need desperatly are rare resources that are often required elsewere (Issue Command/hidden Sniper/Horror Duels). The damage track is ok. But just for 1 Stone on top, a Hunter will be much less card hungry and more reliably handing out slow. Maybe running one as a tank to bind hard-hitters. 2 Wardens seem to be a fairly bad idea because I will rarely have two high rams left and if I run Dashel for the cheap focus I tend to get out activated which imo simply kills their whole mechanic. Just my very slim experience.
  6. I think the Elite Training is a little bit confusing. A training that suddenly disappears once the masters isn't by your side any more seems a bit inefficent ( just for the wording). Also similar bubbles ( Nicodem ...) have a significant higher range which would synergize better with his mobility. I agree for Issue command for Austringers would be good and not at all OP option as Austringers can, if i remember correctly, also profit from McCabes Badge of Speed which grants Nimble and a possibility to reactivate. Equally efficent and in my mind easier to pull off. I would greatly appreciate him to have at least two good options for (0) Actions, maybe making what lackeys are for a (0) and remove the suit requirement of hidden sniper.
  7. I guess Francisco and Papa are both solid additions to Lucius. Frank ist the No. 1 bodyguard and can Companion Flurry after swaped in with "What Lakys are for". Same for Papa who can blow up in the enemys face after companioning in the same way. I don't like the Judge as you won't have that much use for his movement trick and he is very pricy, even for his resilience. Austringers seem nice in general but won't profit that much from the Lucius support and fill gaps that the crew of a support master is not supposed to have (pushing other models + interacting). Of course the ridiculous sniping is always great. I feel hounds could be great due to the fact that they are guardsmen which synergizes quite nice with dashel/sniper. A doppelgaenger is awesome but i wouldn't take the upgrade just for that model without any other synergy/mimic like graves/tannen. I personally will try him without the neverborn even though the upgrades, primordial magic and illuminated seem pretty jucy for him. Hoffmanns box seem great too as it brings you several minions like the hunters, the guardian and the watcher that all like additional AP in their very specific role. P.S. Sorry for the bad writing. Mistakes are intentional for entertaining.
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