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  1. I think Titania is our most powerful master in M3 due to how good shooting/focus seems to be. She can at least mitigate the attack to a straight flip with her trees and most of her crew is HTW so usually keeps the damage flip at a negative. She is one the best ways to deal with HTK and can pretty easily move a model 4 inches in a turn if she stones for (or has) a high crow on her attack. Her attack is pretty nuts at range and she has that great "Never a severe" aura as well. She actually makes our Emissary work and really most stuff in her keyword is just plain good (Rougarou with Inhuman Reflexes). I think she's quite strong unless it's a corner deployment, you need speed type of scenario.
  2. I don't use Bandersnatch with her. By turn 3 you have 3 webs on the board and can go anywhere you like. She is usually what I call 'a bully scheme runner', as in she can scheme crazy good with her webs....yet will not die (and will kill) most any other scheme runner. Her webs are difficult to over value, you really need to proxy and put her on the board a few times to get an understanding how strong they are with schemes. She also has a really great summon (It's easier for her to summon Stitched than Dreamer!). You can turn your own Wicked Dolls into Stitched or if you're really lucky, they brought constructs for scheme running or near her to bring late game stitched in. Or you picked up a Stuffing Token earlier in the game. She's just good. As far as surviving, yeah against a gunline she'll struggle (But I don't bring Dreamer against guns). Against anything else though, between Terrifying 12, stones and the fact you can port away using your webs...she's fine. Terrifying 12 is pretty strong in M3 with the change to Terrifying now (test per action). If you really are nervous though, you can always put Inhuman on her so they'll only get one punch...which you can stone to neg damage flip....stone to heal....then move away. I took Dreamer/Titania to MuseCon and got 2nd overall (3-0 for the day). Two of the three games I played were with Dreamer and each time, Widow Weaver did a ton of heavy lifting for the crew. She's legit (She might even be a legit Master).
  3. Widow Weaver for sure. Serena is good and all...but she wouldn't be my second pick up if I were starting over. Teddy or Hooded Rider should be your second pick up. Hooded Rider (hell all riders to be honest) are crazy good in M3.
  4. Widow Weaver is nuts in M3, she makes every Dreamer crew I make. She can scheme, kill, push and has crazy mobility. Definitely pick her up.
  5. So we tried our first game last night (yeah I understand only 1 game experience but we've played a lot of mini games over a lot of years as we're old men!). Main concern I had was 'clumping up' seemed like a natural progression of the game due to the size of the bases. Due to disengagement being so harsh outside of spending a token, it seems like it will become a series of mosh pits. I'm just not sure if I'm sold on those big chunky bases (GH player with a lot of 40mm groupings to be fair). What is everyone's experience with that? And to give a hug as well, main thing I loved was how models were removed/reinforced. It gives a big battle feel without having a tote full of models and movements to worry about. Which ironically is due to the base/fireteam system as well :). So maybe the fleas come with the dog in this case?
  6. I really wish they'd put this to bed and say "no, there was some scaling issues among individual models but in general, our scale is staying the same" There are members of my group (me included) that are holding off buying anything because we spend a lot of time painting it--and don't want to repaint a bulkier miniature in the future. It's one thing if it's just a nice/newer sculpt but still in scale--as then it's really a choice. However, if the scale creeps up and something looks 'wrong' on the table--that's another thing.
  7. Reva is not adding to the order when you break 150 FYI
  8. Have: LE Barbaros $$$ Want: Crossroads Seven Curiosity Killed the Cat (And any of the supplemental models) Location United States
  9. Won't lie, looking at your title Rules Lawyer with your response made me chuckle Ok--the mostly resin/partly metal Snowstorm
  10. US based Want the original metal Snowstorm Have $$
  11. Paid for a Dark Carnival Coryphee model---in less than 24 hours my model was in the mail and scheduled to be delivered this Thursday. Fastest shipper I've dealt with on any Trading Forum--so far--so great! Thanks!
  12. As title, looking for the Dark Carnival box set and the flying monkey Coryphee. Have $$, thanks.
  13. Oh damn, well I played that part wrong--I took the damage but we halved it for Incorporeal. Oops!
  14. Terrific, that's how we played it but was unsure--thank you!
  15. Scenario: Dreamer is at Waking Condition 3 with Restless Dreamers/Tantrum upgrades He shoots a model, raising his Waking to 4 The model he attacks has a Trigger that does 4 damage to the target that damaged it Both Chompy Summoning and the Damage Trigger hurting Dreamer happen "After resolving damage" Option A: Dreamer takes the damage, then Chompy pops out Option B: Active player chooses whether to have Dreamer take damage first or Chompy Summoning to go off first Option C: Chompy pops out, then takes 4 damage--no choice by any player Thanks!
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