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  1. Yeah I wouldn't make the duet in this list
  2. Neverborn, 50 SS Beta version 3.22.19 Soul Stone Cache: 3 [Henchmen] - Hinamatsu, Leader + Inhuman Reflexes - Widow Weaver [Enforcers] - Vasilisa [Minions] - Stitched Together - Coryphee - Coryphee + Ancient Pact - Wicked Doll - Wicked Doll - Wicked Doll I'm really considering putting Vasilisa and some Dolls as a package in other crews. Cheap, great scheme runners that auto ping when she's on the board and stagger everywhere. Are the Dolls the best scheme runners in Neverborn now and finally displaced the fish? Stealth Can drop two schemes Tosses out adversary with Vasilisa auto pings for one and can slip a 4 damage in Can be constructed by Vasilisa and Widow Weaver on a 6 of masks.. For 3 points.... Hinamatsu will have 4 pos flip attacks, with a possible 8 if you really went stone crazy or had the masks (and had beefy models to kill). She charges from 9" if Vasilisa is close and Armor 2/butterfly for defense. Thoughts?
  3. In my experience (even as a Master), he under performs in offense. You essentially 'always' take the Ram trigger else he punches like a Minion, which makes his other triggers pretty useless (Unless your opponent actually didn't plan for execute)
  4. I played him as a Master and as a normal Hench many times during closed and open beta. He's weak for 10 SS as is and will only get taken by people who just like the model (which is fine but he's not worth 10 SS). Make his damage spread 3/3/4 base and lose crit strike so he can actually declare other triggers without being a minion puncher.
  5. So we tried our first game last night (yeah I understand only 1 game experience but we've played a lot of mini games over a lot of years as we're old men!). Main concern I had was 'clumping up' seemed like a natural progression of the game due to the size of the bases. Due to disengagement being so harsh outside of spending a token, it seems like it will become a series of mosh pits. I'm just not sure if I'm sold on those big chunky bases (GH player with a lot of 40mm groupings to be fair). What is everyone's experience with that? And to give a hug as well, main thing I loved was how models were removed/reinforced. It gives a big battle feel without having a tote full of models and movements to worry about. Which ironically is due to the base/fireteam system as well :). So maybe the fleas come with the dog in this case?
  6. I really wish they'd put this to bed and say "no, there was some scaling issues among individual models but in general, our scale is staying the same" There are members of my group (me included) that are holding off buying anything because we spend a lot of time painting it--and don't want to repaint a bulkier miniature in the future. It's one thing if it's just a nice/newer sculpt but still in scale--as then it's really a choice. However, if the scale creeps up and something looks 'wrong' on the table--that's another thing.
  7. Actually, at first I didn't think that was an issue...but it could actually be cleaned up. It should (likely) state "No other friendly models may Unbury as a result of that failed Wp duel". Right now, the OP is probably right by RAW. Model fails a WP duel Triggers the Waking Dream effect First model in base contact with the enemy model This triggers the "No other friendly models may Unbury in base contact with the enemy model" step The model cannot be placed in base contact, even though the enemy model failed a Wp duel to trigger the unbury. So then the Bury core rule kicks in.... "A buried model can only be returned to the table via an Unbury effect. When Unburying a model, the controller of the Unbury effect places the model back on the table as described by the effect. If the model cannot be Placed, the owner of the model instead places it anywhere inside their Deployment Zone" Emphasis mine. Either it's intent I missed or the language of Waking Dream needs cleaned up.
  8. Dreamer Crew with Pandora and Max Insid Madness when they provided a Negative to WP duels. Games ended Turn 2
  9. I'm not sure I agree but I'd like to leave it as a "Maybe they should clarify" rather than parse it out anymore :). Like I said earlier, Diving Charge appears to be so rare it really doesn't compute much into the issue (I don't think.)
  10. Rng 2 Melee is pretty rare in M3. In Closed Beta we would usually declare "I'm moving exactly within 1" of the wall" as it usually granted Shadow and made you nonchargeable by most models in the game.
  11. That's a good point katadder and perhaps it will come down to that. I am worried that the boards will end up looking very Warmachine like (Open section in the middle, some surrounding terrain, pretty barren). I admit I'm not a fan of that, as I think part of the aesthetic of Malifaux is the deep inner city, small engagement, attention to detail style terrain. I could be the minority though :).
  12. As I understand it, Diving Charge does not ignore the Push restriction during a charge. Ignoring Terrain states you never have to spend any additional movement to move vertically along Climbable Terrain. Pushing States: All Pushing is horizontal (though models may change elevation if they Push horizontally along a staircase) So while you are not paying the cost to change elevation when climbing up a hill, over an obstacle/fence/wall, you are still changing elevation and I think the Push rule would then still apply. I could be wrong here though. Regardless of the above, I'm not sure how wide spread Diving Charge is. I think in Neverborn it's only an upgrade 2 (and then only if it's a Minion model carrying the upgrade)
  13. Yeah I'm a MK1 vet. I do like your comment regarding the ranged an extra turn, however I'm not sure if the Wall analogy lines up. Walls could be overcome with Pathfinder which was aplenty in most factions due to spells granting, ancillary models granting or Warlocks granting. Usually there was only one linear obstacle on a board as well (ROW aside) and didn't include Hills. Disengagement was a much riskier proposition in Warmahordes as well (in addition to being more difficult) so ranged could get clamped down pretty hard. In M3, with Disengagement, pushes and Lures...not so much. Also, a great deal of M3 isn't a true projectile. You could also charge up to a Wall and still fight over it (as most weapons had 2" and you had to be within an 1" of a wall to benefit for cover". Lastly, Charges were Spd + 3 in Warmachine which meant ranged could get pressured a bit quicker with melee.
  14. Yeah in the closed beta, I had a few games where by turn 2 my deck was pretty strong. There were other games were I had pressure early in the game and couldn't just burn AP removing them either. Your opponents learn to not sit back and let you play card carousel after a few games. Blast can make you pretty nervous too when you start dinging yourself across the board for free the first few turns. Daydreams become vulnerable to min damage from pretty much any model in the game once they Lucid Dream one time. After two Lucids, any blast will kill them too. It can swing, give it a week or two of playing.
  15. Push: If a movement effect indicates that it is a Push, the movement must be in a straight line and may not be broken up into smaller horizontal segments. All Pushing is horizontal (though models may change elevation if they Push horizontally along a staircase; see pg. @@ for more details) Charge: Once per Activation. Cannot be declared while engaged. Push this model up to its Mv in inches. It may then take a melee action that does not count against it's Action limit. This means you cannot charge across (As they all have the Height X characteristic and require elevation change); Hills Obstacles Fences Walls ....which are the most common scatter terrain LGS and players own. In the Closed Beta, what this usually ended up being was; We ignored the rules and made up our own rule. We counted obstacles/scatter terrain as a piece of terrain that just granted Cover, ignored height/shadow. This made scatter terrain still important but not detrimental. We used the Beta rules and models ended up sitting behind obstacles slinging spells at each other until they absolutely had to go in for scenario. If someone did take the "I'll walk for 1, charge for 2' option to get around an obstacle (Provided they could walk over an obstacle to get a charge in the first place without engaging another model during the 1st action)...usually the charged model would take the (much easier) disengage move as they were likely still alive after 1 melee attack. Then shoot/spell sling the model again. Proposal: You should be able to charge over obstacles/fences/walls/up hills subtracting the height of the object from your push.
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