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  1. ageofegos

    Black Friday & Birthday Sale is Live!

    Reva is not adding to the order when you break 150 FYI
  2. Have: LE Barbaros $$$ Want: Crossroads Seven Curiosity Killed the Cat (And any of the supplemental models) Location United States
  3. ageofegos

    W: Metal Snowstorm H: $$

    Won't lie, looking at your title Rules Lawyer with your response made me chuckle Ok--the mostly resin/partly metal Snowstorm
  4. ageofegos

    W: Metal Snowstorm H: $$

    US based Want the original metal Snowstorm Have $$
  5. ageofegos

    Please delete this

    Paid for a Dark Carnival Coryphee model---in less than 24 hours my model was in the mail and scheduled to be delivered this Thursday. Fastest shipper I've dealt with on any Trading Forum--so far--so great! Thanks!
  6. As title, looking for the Dark Carnival box set and the flying monkey Coryphee. Have $$, thanks.
  7. ageofegos

    Dreamer Damage before Chompy pops out?

    Oh damn, well I played that part wrong--I took the damage but we halved it for Incorporeal. Oops!
  8. ageofegos

    Dreamer Damage before Chompy pops out?

    Terrific, that's how we played it but was unsure--thank you!
  9. Scenario: Dreamer is at Waking Condition 3 with Restless Dreamers/Tantrum upgrades He shoots a model, raising his Waking to 4 The model he attacks has a Trigger that does 4 damage to the target that damaged it Both Chompy Summoning and the Damage Trigger hurting Dreamer happen "After resolving damage" Option A: Dreamer takes the damage, then Chompy pops out Option B: Active player chooses whether to have Dreamer take damage first or Chompy Summoning to go off first Option C: Chompy pops out, then takes 4 damage--no choice by any player Thanks!
  10. Tried searching for this and can't find it--where do you pick up that Hare/Tortoise box set?
  11. Metal Carver is first priority, Nightmare Teddy is second priority. Have $$. Location US--will accept international shipments but please track (and will pay for tracking)