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  1. Monototus

    Demos, demos everywhere!

    No es tan lejos. Si vacacionas por acá, seguro que podemos ocuparnos de que pases un par de semanas a puro Malifaux!!!
  2. Monototus

    Demos, demos everywhere!

    Saludos Franchute, y disculpa la demora! Queda en Buenos Aires, Capital! Podés encontrarlo por Facebook o buscándolo en Google! Gracias por interesarte
  3. Monototus

    June Community Contest

    Greetings, gentleman. I'm new in the town of Malifaux, and after several hardships and missfortune I write to you so you can know what I've just learned. This handfull information to all that would be necromancers... I've come from distant lands, so my language is not the best, but I pray you patience and to pay heed to my words. Because my face is not well known in the city, my recent employer had me infiltrate in the crew of the famous undertaker Nicodem. My education lead me to the darker paths, so luckly I got in the crew and started to work under the vigilance of Mortimer, the lawful henchman of the greatest necromancer in the city. Only after several weeks of hard work digging up corpses and cutting throats in the darker alleys of Malifaux I had the chance to meet with my new "leader" Nicodem found in me, not an apprentice, but a servant. A peon if you will. And after some encounters with other crews, I gained trust enough to reach his private quarters for a few minutes. There, I found his new research... and that's what I'm now sharing with you. The Necrotic Parasite, is some sort of lamprey found in the bayou outside the city, and the sewers within. It attaches to recent deads and leeches out the last of their living energy, storing it in the bulb on his forehead. That's what they eat, the remains of the living energy of the deceased. When the parasite has grown enough, it develops four small tentacles, that can insert in the spine of a recently deceased. Once it has done so, it can control the dead, and uses it to kill other living beigns, in order to have more cadavers to feed. Obviously, the parasites can store the living energy for some time, making them invaluable for those who study the dark arts. So... the next time you're buying some moonshine from the gremlins, or fishing your meal in the sewers of Malifaux and see one of these leachlike creatures. Cage it quickly... They could have some worth for a few people. I've carried with me the only page that I could wrip from the grimoire before I was caught, so look well, my friends...
  4. Monototus

    Demos, demos everywhere!

    Excelente, Luis! Te esperamos cuando quieras! =D
  5. Monototus

    Demos, demos everywhere!

    Hi to all! So, I wanted you to know, we're performing demos of Malifaux almost every Saturday in La Cueva del Enano! So, if you're in Buenos Aires and you want to meet the local community or you're just starting with the game and want to learn more, please drop by! Send me a message and we'll meet! We're there from noon until 8pm playing, chatting and having a great time. See you soon!!!
  6. Monototus

    Grand Malifaux League

    So! First mini-update! The first turn of the campaign is still raging on and a lot of the players have already engaged in therir first game. We're wating for a few that still did not play, until Sunday 26. Until now a lot of crews have received injuries. Most of the players refuse to use the Strategic Withdrawal and instead they get pretty banged up by the other player. Nevertheless, Scrip is also flowing in, in almost every crew. The event that came up for this week is A Lucrative Offer, and I must say that almost every crew seized the opportunity to gain some aditional Scrip. Probably, on Monday 27 we will have a LOT more of information for you! So keep reading us!
  7. Monototus

    Grand Malifaux League

    Hi! Just passing by to tell you that here in Argentina we've got together almos every gaming group and organized an escalating league using the Shifting Loyalties manual!!! During this last week of May and first one of June all the players will submit their starting arsenal and we will begin the first round. Each "week" is planned to last two weeks in real time, so every player can make the time to actually play (most of us work a lot, and since we're from different parts of Buenos Aires, sometimes it gets complicated to play) Stay tunned for photos and some feedback every two weeks, starting June 13!!!!
  8. Monototus

    Introductions Forum

    Hi people! My name is Jeremías, but you can call me Monototus, or Totus. I'm from Argentina, and I'm 29 yers old. I play MF since six or eight months now, being McMourning my favourite leader, soon to be replaced by Lilith if things carry on the way they are. So, I hope to discuss a lot of topics regarding Malifaux, gaming and painting in general. Hopefully we will chat arround! Have a good one! Totus =)