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  1. Hey guys I had a quick question concerning Bad Juju's Eternal Fiend upgrade in a shifting loyalties campaign. I'm curious if the death replacement effect from Eternal Fiend means I wouldn't need to make a finished off flip or if the shifting loyalties rules overwrite that. Bad Juju: Eternal Fiend: "When this model is killed (not sacrificed), it is not killed. Instead, bury this model." Shifting Loyalties (pg 13): A model only ever flips to be Finished Off the first time it is killed or sacrificed, even if it has some unusual way of coming back. Models which are buried when the game ends count as killed and therefore flip to be Finished Off as normal (cheating is allowed from any cards the player had in their hand at the end of the game). It looks like RAW Bad Juju wouldn't have to make the finished off flip, but going by RAI I could see the part about "unusual way of coming back" including Eternal Fiend so he'd have to make the flip. Thanks ahead of time for your input!
  2. Hey all, I had a quick question as to how the general Outcast upgrade "I Pay Better" works. This model gains the following ability: LFN: Friendly Mercenary models within 10 (Aura) may discard a card at the start of their activation to gain the Focused +1 condition. My question is if you can only do this once at the beginning of your model's activation, or if you can do it multiple times. E.G. Discard 3 cards to give the model Focused +3 As this is a 1 cost general upgrade the second option makes this upgrade seems significantly more powerful than any of the other 1 cost general outcast upgrades. The only 2 cost upgrade being Scramble. Thanks for all the help!
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