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  1. Hey all, So as the heading states what are you opinions on our former ultra beat stick, Yas. I used him a fair bit in M2E and was gold, but haven't had a chance to use him in M3E yet. On paper he looks good but I'm not completely sold. What do you think?
  2. Viks where the first master I picked way back in 1st Ed and I still love the blending duo. I do thing HtK on them is worth it though it would have been nice if it was only 1ss. Taelor is pretty solid and can punish a crew who is not ready for her, just don't over extend her. Vanessa is great and works well in her ranged/support role with the Viks. I haven't really played the Student in M3E, not sure if it is worth it yet. Bishop has always been a model that I really want to rate well (cause I like his backstory) but I just always find him to be situational at best. As stated earlier he is a so
  3. I feel that this issue will turn on the nuance of the terms used on each card. I think MythicFox gave a very good break down but it does raise the question what happens when a card effect states that armour can not be ignored and another card states that damaged is irreducible. Where I think that the nuance comes in is that the terms seem to be very specific. Armour reduces damage, ‘armour piercing’ (whatever the effect is called) effects negate the armour and armour can not be ignored prevents the ‘armour piercing’ effect. The point I’m trying to make is that irreducible damage or damage
  4. Hey all, back into malifaux after a very long break. Some very interesting changes in M3E. So in Outcasts would you play a double master list and which combos would you use?
  5. Gnomezilla, if those are options then you're speaking my language. This edition will get spicy. Though I am very (VERY) glad to see the removal of the paralysed condition. Bad times
  6. Right so in game soul stone generation is a thing now,how very interesting. While the miner (and the likes) aren't doning everthing the ability to have an activation, generate SS (so needing a smaller starting amount) and the versatility of other actions with the model does seem strong. Looking forward to giving it a go
  7. Hi all, I've been out of malifaux for a while now (mid way through M2E) and keen to get back in. I've read a bit on the game testing rounds. For anyone who was involved or simply wiser than I am, if the miner is as good as you say (and he looks really good) then how did it get through the play teating? Or do the other factions have access to similar mechanics?
  8. Thank a lot for all your replies. I've got a game lined up in a couple of day so will test out Yu. I agree that playing games is the best way to learn but just wanted to know if I was on the right track, so cheers for the wisdom and I'll see how I go.
  9. Hi all, I'll be having my first Shenlong game in a couple of weeks and as I'm a bit out of my depth with TT I thought I'd turn to you all for advice. As the title says, who would you take in a Shenlong crew Yu or Kang. I'll be playing a couple of games on the day so faction could vary but I know one will be Guild. Thanks for your advice
  10. Munindk I've recently painted up Lazarus but I haven't played him yet. On face value his damage output seems a little limited for 10ss. I was wondering what your experiences have been like with him and how would you play him to get the best out of him?
  11. I don't disagree with your assessment of the models, Taelor is amazing and for me my favourite model in the game. However, to leave all the heavy lifting to Taelor and Blood (while effective) can leave you in a dicey situation is one of them is killed. A couple of my regular opponents run pretty armour heavy lists ad having another model that can be a threat while your cheap scheme runners do their thing has been quite helpful. The last game I played my Ronin killed a Peacekeeper almost single handedly. Now granted she got some lucky flips and Ronin should not be expected to do this every game
  12. Also I know it's a little off topoc as you wanted which models to add, but the Ronin are great and when i run Viks I really leave malifaux city without at least one of them. Check them out on pullmyfinger and almost an auto include when facing Guild or expecting armour
  13. I find Vanessa to be a versatile model. With some good positioning she is an average of 4 damage (which is nothing to sneeze at especially against incaporial models) but with better positioning she is a Ca 9Tomes (yep and wow) which means her arcane staff is really difficult to defend against (that is almost double what most minions and enforecers Df is) but it also has a baked in blast on moderate and severe and a surge trigger (draw a card). Also makes her healing go off on a 4 of anything with a 2/3/4 spread. Granted its a 2 action but if you cast it on Ashes with survivalist on you'll get
  14. I started with the Viks in 1st ed and they are still my favourite masters. I've found Vanessa to be a great model who is capable at range and melee (I've suprised a few opponents with her). Other than the Von Schill box that has already been mentioned, I've found Bishop to be good and is quite versatile, Convict Gunslinger can be quite good against certain crews especially with his trigger to get additional shots and his Df trigger to punish opponents who miss (with the correct suit of course). Void Wetch's make good scheme runners and Big Jake is great at recon strat. My biggest tip wit
  15. Thanks everyone for your advise. I've got 2 snipers now (just in case i feel that way inclined) and Izamu on the way. If im not taking monks (or only one of them) what would you recommend. Ten Thunders Brothers look good. And tengu are great scheme runners
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